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  1. To be honest its the pod, Ive never got used to it or into it. I like the smaller footprint of stomp and the go (and would still use them at home through a monitor). Both have better amp sims which I am looking into for gigging instead of analogue pedals through an amp. I like not having a lot of gear to take to gigs and so these would do the job for me. I dont use a tonne of effects anyway so weighing up the stomp and go as viable rigs for my needs. The pod has more than I need. The monitor option is really instead of having a big amp at home which I'm not too bothered about for practicing.

  2. Thanks for all the replies! The more time I spend with the HD500X the less I think it is for me and what I need. I think I am leaning more towards the pod go or helix stomp now as I like smaller pedalboards (the helix stomp + expression pedal) that ts020572 mentioned was an option I had thought about. I don't use a lot of effects really and like this smaller footprint of the stomp. I will look more into the stomp and go before deciding and might be back for some more info! Thanks again for all the replies, appreciate them!

  3. Thanks! Hadn't taken that into consideration. Completely new to using a monitor for playing. I always used am amp and then boss micro BR with headphones (which was great because of new baby). When i tried the HD500X after that I wasn't too happy with it but maybe need (even) more time with it  was hoping a monitor would be the answer. Might look into the larger monitor now.

  4. Apologies if this is a stupid question but would I run the risk of blowing a speaker like this at bedroom volumes? I have a little one and won't be playing anything too loud. Part of the reason for wanting a monitor is to stop using headphones for practice later at night.


    I don't mean that I want a louder volume but I mean clarity through the high gain amp sims/sounds on the HD500X at bedroom levels. There is a 6 and 8 inch version but was looking for something smaller and hoped the 5 inch version would work well, it has good reviews despite being a budget monitor. 

  5. Hi,


    I was going to use my Pod HD500X through an active speaker for home use only. I have been looking at a JBL 305p mk II and was hoping that this would bring the unit to life, as I struggled to dial in a good tone and have just not used it for a while as a result. I have never been confident to use it live in case I couldn't get a usable sound during a short sound checks. 


    I play heavier music, Metallica/Pantera, so I need a good clear high gain tone. So the questions I have are:


    - What is your experience of using the HD500X through an active monitor playing with high gain sounds at home? (I have read that this was not advised in the link below but had hoped this would be a gd space saving option https://www.axedr.com/pod-hd500x-complete-review)


    - Any tips to dialling in a good tone if you have had success?


    Also, to go off on a tangent, I have considered buying the pod go or helix stomp (with external footswitch/expression pedal) as a grab and go solution for gigs. Has anyone upgraded to pod HD500X to either?


    Thanks in advance for any replies. 

  6. Nice one! I'll have a look at those setting as I have just been dialling in tones and not really focused on that side of things! 


    I got it to gig with after hearing some really good tones from other heavier bands. I'm now concerned with what it will sound through different amps or through a PA (besides finding a tone to begin with) as I don't have a PA to test it out through but been reading about that being a good way to use it! Just looking for a good metal tone and for consistency. Who knows, I'll keep at it for now and thanks for the tips, appreciate it!

  7. Ye thanks, was just eager to get a good tone from it but didn't have the manuals handy unfortunately. 


    TBH feel a bit underwhelmed with it so far. Feel like I am spending so much time dialling in a tone that I am not even practicing! Seen people using cab sims after it to improve the sound but by the same token I have played with others who have used it on its own (for metal) and they sounded really really good! Maybe need some more tweaking so I'll stick with it for now. 

  8. "We can't expect you to do something"? Is there a thread that can make sense of that sentence? Do you devise useless and discouraging posts with others or are you being a rascal and speaking for all forum users? 


    What you could do is not be that person who snuffs people with (evidently) far less experience of line 6 gear and the forum, this being my first ever post. 


    You seem it....thanks for all your super niceness, I'm convinced.



  9. Had a bit of spare time and don't have the manuals to hand. I know, I know, I could have looked them up and searched through but I thought a post here would be quicker as the forums are filled with much more experienced users who could help provide an informative answer. 


    I knew I would run the risk of a sad case sitting at the ready for a new post who would spend more time writing an utterly useless response (within 8 minutes of it being posted) than being of any use what so ever. A simple 'yes you can load IR's' or 'no you can't' would have been less time and energy for you...and me (by in writing this) and would have been helpful. If you have nothing worth while saying then don't. Unless you are serious in your reply...in which case please accept my most sincerest of apologies and thanks! As I said mine are not to hand :-)



  10. Hey everyone, I recently got a pod HD500X and after sitting with it for quite some time I was wondering if I can improve tones by loading custom IR's into the unit. I have been searching for information but not sure I have found the answer.


    Is it possible to load custom IR's (as is the case with the mooer radar for example) or would the use of custom IR's only be possible with a dedicated unit such as the radar or 2 notes torpedo after the pod HD500X (from what I have gathered this seems to be the case but not 100% sure)? Thanks in advance!

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