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  1. On 4/24/2019 at 6:57 PM, rd2rk said:



    Like I said......

     Unfortunately this didn't solve my issue. The HX stomp adds a big amount of noise when connected through the USB to my Mac. Makes it impossible to record high quality audio. Had to return it, sadly...

  2. Sorry I express myself uncorrectly. The noise is always there, it's just lower because it's lower the overall input signal. Yes in both cases the stomp is connected to the Duet. In the following screenshots there is the noise generated when I use the HX stomp as input (-66.4 db) and then the noise generated using the Duet as input (-51 db). There is a decrease of 15.6 db from the Duet to the HX but still the nosie is there in both cases! I added another screenshot avoiding the HX stomp and connecting my pedalboard (with the overdrive, reverb and booster on) straight to the Apogee. As you can see there is barely noise even with all the effects turned on (-72.3 db). Therefore I won't attribute the cause to my electrical implants.

    Guitar straight.png


    Hx Stomp.png

  3. The level in the preset is on 0 db. I definitely don't want to increase it as the noise exponentially increase also.

    Unfortunately apart from the low volume I have this constant ground noise that is clearly hearable in the recording. I'll send you a screenshot of my DAW.

    Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 18.17.24.png

  4. I have the level knob all the way up on my hx stomp and the input signal I receive in my DAW is very low, which requires me to increase it by 15 db to reach a decent waveform. I think it's really a lot to increase a recordings by more than 3-4 db's. 

    I just found out that the power adaptor of the HX stomp is not grounded. Could be that the reason of my annoying ground noise? If so, (apart from wondering why Line 6 engineers did not thought of a grounded power adapter) which power adapter I could buy to solve the issue? Furthermore, could I solve the problem by buying a filtered power strip?

  5. Do you guys experience the same? Because I could also just use the internal HX soundcard to record which seems to be good quality. However there is a huge difference in volume when I use my Apogee Duet preamps compared to the HX stomp internal ones. The input signal is really low making the recordings not optimal. On the other hand when I use the Apogee Duet and the USB connection of the stomp there is always this small incoming signal which is definitely not good for a perfect rec session. I tried to use a different USB cable but nothing changes. 

    Just wanted to make sure that the problem is not of the HX itself otherwise I have to return it.

  6. Hello,

    I just bought my first Line 6 product: the HX stomp. I am having an issue and I'd like to know if I am doing something wrong or if it's a defect of my unit so I could eventually return it.

    I connected the HX stomp through my Apogee Duet input in order to record to my DAW (and also to play through my speakers using the amp simulations and the IR's I bought). As soon as I connect the USB of my HX stomp to my Mac (because I want to edit presets with HX editor) I get an annoying ground noise. If I unplug the power cable of my Mac the noise it's reduced a bit but not entirely which makes it impossible to record high quality sounds. This only happens as soon as I connect the USB (included in the HX stomp) to my Mac. On the other hand, If I select on my DAW the HX stomp as input (other than the apogee duet) the noise is gone. I would like to use the Apogee Duet sound quality for recording, rather than the HX stomp internal audio card. The only solution seems to disconnect the USB cable to get rid of the gnd noise.

    Anyone is experiencing the same problem?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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