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  1. Sorry guys, I messed it up exactly as csantost wrote.

    I used snapshot mode before 3.0 and forgot that I dont do now.


    The point is to use snapshots and specific presets combined with one switch of a button.

    Anyway, perhaps one can use this, too.

    I do and appreciate command center for this so much.


    I had no limit when choosing.

    But I changed the preset counting:

    Global settings/preferences/preset number 》 000-125


  2. Ok, here we go.


    1) Import the attached files to your stomp or whatever helix: "R-ACOUSTIC-S" (Preset 106) and "ACOUSTIC_12" (Preset 109)

    (If you place the files to other preset numbers you have to change the preset numbers in command center)


    2) Do this settings in command center for preset 106:



    (If you don´t need to go back to preset 106 you can stop here, otherwise go on...)


    3) Do this settings in command center for preset 109:



    On the display you see that I am in snapshotmode (camera signs visible) with blue led rings.

    You also see the inserted "Preset-number-switch" with a red led ring.




    Now you can easily switch forth and back with one press of a switch from snapshotmode to a specific preset.


    For those who are interested in my HX-Stomp workflow:

    I have some snapshotmode-presets for different songs.

    All of them look like this:

    switch 1: Rythm

    switch 3: Solo

    switch 2: different sounds I can tweak with the same amp/chain/fx-chain within this snapshot-mode-preset.

    But sometimes I need a total different amp/chain/fx-chain like Synth, Acoustic-sim, whatever and for this I switch to another preset.

    And the "another preset" has a "go back to earlier preset" switch defined. So it´s handy to switch back in the song while playing guitar.

    Of course you can save to which snapshot it should go back. For this  just choose the specific snapshot and save the preset.

    And In one preset i have a momentary switch define to "switch 3: SOLO" for short lead licks. That´s very nice as well.

    (Just choose latch instead of momentary and define to which snapshot it should go back when releasing the button. But this is off topic now).


    Btw: To switch up and down presets for different songs I use a 2-buttons-footswitch.

    And my guitar-wireless-receiver has a tuner.



    Alright, I hope you guys get it done!!!









    R - ACOUSTIC - S.hlxACOUSTIC _ 12.hlx

  3. When using a clean tone then it´s ok to deactivate  the cab (please use a b).

    You will get a more accoustic-guitar-like tone. If you prefer this sound, go for it.


    When using a distorted sound just use a cab and it´s fine.

    Distorted tones without a cab sound nasty and scratchy, icepicky.




  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes, you can do this in SNAPSHOT mode! :-)

    I am not at home at the moment, but I try to explain.

    It´s super simple.

    When you are in snapshot mode, just set within command center the command "preset" to any switch of choice and type in the preset number you wish to go to.

    This switch turns red then. (All other switches in snapshot mode are blue). This looks so cool btw.

    And don´t forget to save this snapshot mode preset before you switch the "red preset button" or this command settings are gone.

    Try again!

    If needed I send you my preset.

    I use this since 3.0 and all my HX-Stomp-switching-dreams came true since then.

  5. Thank you so much for your effort!!!

    This fixed it: "When you SAVE 99, make sure you're on Snapshot 1."

    Had to do it for all switches.

    (Apart from that i had everything set up like in your presets.)

    I was happy enough with my stomp.

    But with command center this little box is even more incredible.

    Snapshots/presets back and forth with help of a dual switcher (for presets).



  6. Hello,


    I set up a "snapshot/preset"-preset with command center.
    And I guess there is a bug. But maybe the fault is on me.


    Preset 99
    Fooswitch 1: Snapshot 1 (Snapshot 3 when pressed, Snapshot 1 when released...for short soloing)
    Footswitch 2: Preset 106
    Footswitch 3: Snapshot 3 (not relevant here)


    Preset 106
    Footswitch 1: Preset 99
    Footswitch 2: Preset 99
    Footswitch 3: Preset 99


    What I do with this:
    Preset 99: Snapshot 1 is my rythm tone. When I press and hold Footswitch 1 I get my solo tone (Snapshot 3), When I release it switches back to my rythm tone.
    So far so good.
    Now I press Footswitch 2 and switch to preset 106 (which has a complete different signal chain).
    All Footswitches (1,2,3) of preset 106 lead back to preset 99.
    When I am back on preset 99 (snapshot 1) then snapshot 3 is activatet. But it should be snaphot 1.
    I only get back to snaphot 1 when I activate it in HX editor. When done this it works properly again: Footswitch 1 is always snaphot 1 when switchin back and forth within this preset (and snaphot 3 is only activated when pressed and holded).


    Summary: the problem is when i come back to preset 99 the state of footswitch 1 isn´t snaphot 1 as intended.


    I hope I explained it somehow understandable.


    Thank you

  7. When I activate/deactivate the global eq (high cut at 20k hz!, this gives a very tiny roll off) I can hear this very clearly on my cali rectifier rock preset. Age 44. 

    You can dial in presets with all high nice sparkling shimmery frequency but without fizz. 

    In a recording mix this is what makes the sound alive.

    For a loud pa system one should roll off more to avoid icepicking.

    This is for the "there is nothing pleasant/usefull above 10k guys".

    What is usefull depends strongly on pickups/amp-cab-ir settings.


    To contribute the topic: HX Stomp gives all the way up high frequencies.

  8. Hello, I copied a text that I wrote someone here.



    Once in a while my Stomp also has no Sound.

    Everything else works as it should.

    The first time I was really concerned and checked all other Equipment around.

    Then I simply switched the unit off and on again and it was fixed.

    Now I am used to it and know what to do.

    This is anything but nice.



  9. I have the latest Firmware. 

    But still sometimes my Stomp has no sound.

    But it happens rarely.

    I don't like to send it to service center, I need my Stomp so badly...longest honeymoon ever ♡


  10. Yes, this adapter should be right.

    Barrel/tip of male/female is 1:1 connected.

    I used such one with a Truetone 1 Spot.

    (I bought mine in Germany in a Conrad Elektronik store if this is helpful.)

  11. Hello,


    I tried to power my HX Stomp and Shure GLXD16 (Guitar wireless system/Tuner pedal) via Daisychain with a Truetone 1 Spot power supply. (With an 2,1mm to 2,5mm barrel adapter).
    As assumed there was ground loop noise.
    So now I like to isolate the side of the daisychain that feeds the GLXD16 with a Joyo noise blocker (Isolator adapter).

    1 Spot provides 1700mA/9V
    GLXD16 needs 250mA/9V 》Joyos workingcurrent 800mA
    1450mA/9V left for HX Stomp

    Before I order the 1 Spot (I borrowed one for testing) and Joyo I like to know your thoughts about this.
    Perhaps someone has already tried something like that.

    Thank you


  12. Hello Guys,

    I have some questions to the looper.


    1. Can I use the looper in snapshotmode when I switch the looperfunctions via midi controler cc´s?

    2. When the looper ist playbacking can I switch to another preset without a looper and the playback is still running?


    Thank you!

  13. Once in a while my Stomp also has no Sound.

    Everything else works as it should.

    The first time I was really concerned and checked all other Equipment around.

    Then I simply switched the unit off and on again and it was fixed.

    Now I am used to it and know what to do.

    This is anything but nice.


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  14. Same here, I like to switch this function off. Disabling doesn´t help.

    Does someone know what supposed to happen, when disabling touch?

    Perhaps something else is meant, but I don´t know.

  15. I really don´t get it.

    The "too much gain-phenomenon" no longer occurred the last days.

    Did the software reinstall help delayed?!

    I tried to summon the the disorder to get an information afer which time it happens...but nothing.

    I keep and use my stomp and don´t send it to the service center until it happens again.

    My dealer gives a bonus year of warranty, so in total I have three years.

    That's pretty nice and no need to hurry.

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  16. Update:

    The Line6 Support suggested to reinstall the latest firmware, reset and rebuild the factory presets without restoring my backup and test.

    I did, but same results/failure.

    Now I send my stomp a service center (as suggested when the testing is unsuccessful).

    In europe respectively germany we have 2 years warranty. I forgot about that.

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  17. I already made a full restore and backup restore before I wrote.


    So...yesterday I switched on my Stomp and it had a proper sound again.

    I suppose that my previous repairs had nothing to do with a backup restore.

    I guess it´s a kind of DSP overload or bug caused by tweakings and copying presets and snapshots around and renaming.

    When after this the Stomp is switched off a certain time, the problem is gone (I hope that will be the case in future).

    I can live in peace again when it´s like that.

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