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  1. You can go on Mouser, look at spec sheets, and order a large quantity of an already-UL listed supply with appropriate specifications from a reputable company in a mater of minutes. I'm not saying it would be costless, but since when do we not expect companies to make reasonable expenditures to improve products that a lot of people think have significant design flaws? As for not knowing the exact number of complaints Line 6 has received about the power supply, I guess since we don't ever know the exact number of complaints that a company receives about anything we should never conclude based on our reading of (many) threads on (many) forums that many people think something is designed poorly and should be fixed? Given that Line 6 saw fit to add information about alternative power supplies to their FAQ, I think it's safe to say that they're asked about the power supply... well... frequently.
  2. It's kind of crazy (and exceedingly frustrating) that given the number of complaints about it that they have received, Line 6 has not said that they will either develop a better alternative that people can buy or certify some currently available power supply as being compatible. Testing power supplies to ensure that they meet the necessary specs would not be terribly expensive. It's not rocket science. Line 6 could even make money off of it if they offered their own option. Maybe they're thinking that people would demand to see the alternative power supply ship with the HX Stomp moving forward, but that's exactly what should happen anyway.
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