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  1. 11 minutes ago, pianoguyy said:

    good. then we know it is not broken. 



    when plugged into the computer. Does Pod sound come out of the computer speakers?


    when plugged into the computer, does computer sound come out of the Pod speakers? 



    *I know that the pod doesn't have speakers. I am referring to amp/speakers that are hooked up to the pod - like headphones or guitar amp. 



    I resolved the issue. Turns out for some reason my security was set so that garageband wouldn't have access to the microphone which also cancels out all USB/External input mics. Now it works.


    However! Oh yes nothing is perfect. Weird clipping/clicking/popping whatever you want to call it is coming out every couple of seconds and it really stands out when you strum a chord. 


    If there is no resolution to this issue I think I'll either wait till I can buy a sound card for normal PL jacks recording or just sell the board.

  2. 4 hours ago, pianoguyy said:


    does the Pod work on its own.... like, let's say, you were going into a guitar amp or a set of headphones? 

    Yes the pod works fine on it's own (plugged using combo and even power amp) I can even plug it into a windows operating system and use the PODHD500X Edit to create presets no problem at all.

  3. Hello, I just recently sold my ZOOM G5 and bought a Line 6 POD HD500X instead. The way that I would record using my ZOOM G5 is I would plug the USB into my macbook pro -> Open Garageband -> Input preference: ZOOM G5 -> Output preference: Built in Speakers.


    I was hoping it would work out the same with the line 6 but all I experienced was errors after errors:

    1) No automatic detection I had to update everything through Monkey in order for the macbook to detect a USB input

    2) Although the Macbook detects the MIC (Input sound of the POD HD500X) Garageband seems to have no signal what so ever, even if I have input set to the POD in preferences

    3) I tried to solely use the POD HD 500X as both input and output and NOT even then the garageband detects the input signal.


    I have Macbook Pro macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (13-inch, Mid 2012) !!!!!!!!POD HD500X Edit is not supported for this OS!!!!!!!!!!!, Processor 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5.


    Please help, I am very frustrated it's been only a few days since I bought this and I'm wishing I never did.



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