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  1. Yes - exactly!  I did the same, bought an adaptor but it was loose so sometimes would turn off in the middle of a set, leaving me waiting for it to power up again...  And it makes the whole assembly big and clunky.


    I have just bought exactly what stevenangier suggested.  Just plugged it in and it seems to be doing the trick, and is quite sturdy and slimline too - perhaps even better than the original, minus the reassuring LED.  Sure I was hoping for an even cheaper solution but $24 aint bad.  Thanks for that stevenangier!

  2. Hi all,


    When I got my HX Stomp it came with a number of attachments for the power supply to work in different countries.  But I left the Australian adaptor behind in some socket somewhere.  


    I wondered - anyone got an Australian one hanging around that they'll never need?  I mean, Australia's not even letting anyone in at the moment so you're not likely to need it anytime soon!  Happy to pay a reasonable price for it.


    Yamaha have said they don't sell them separately and it seems wasteful to buy a whole extra one, or a cumbersome US to Australia adaptor.


    Thanks in advance.

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