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  1. Thanks guys for your help. @Chrisdd0302 Can you provide the link to this post you mentioned. Looks like quite interesting. I would like to learn more about that one.
  2. Dear all, I faced an issue when I wanted to save a tone to "My Tones" with an Android tablet when I was offline. I created a tone on my Android tablet in a room where there is no internet connection. I wanted to save the tone to "My Tones" but when saving it the tablet ran into an endless loop. Later at home I noticed that this must have happened due to the missing internet connection. Unfortunately the tone was not saved and lost :-( When doing the same with my iPhone the app provides a message that my mobile is offline and it saves the tone on my iphome. Later, when I'm online again, the tone is saved to the "My Tones Cloud" an available. No data loss! Is there a lag of functionality in the android app or can I change this behaviour by some setting I did not find yet.. Thanks a lot! Peter
  3. Dear Community, I'm just exploring my new Firehawk and I have a few questions regardig the handling. Question 1: Turn off the FX-Tweak-Parameter Assignment There are factory presets on the firehawk where there is an FX-Tweak-Paramter assigned (e.g. Ambient Delay => Assigned to Mix-Parameter). How can I turn off the assignment without assigning another parameter? Hence, I do not want to reassign another parameter, I want to delete the current assignment. BTW: I'm not talking about the assignment of the pedal, but about the FX-Tweak-parameter Assignment itself Question 2: Two Stomp Effects in Front of the amp I want to insert 2 stomp effects in front of the amp. I want to have an Overdrive effect in front of the amp which is constantly switched on. An for solos I want to insert an additional effect like a second overdrive or a booster in front of the overdrive, just to boost the complete signal chain. But I do not find a way to put the second stomp in front of the Overdrive. If this is not possible: How do you boost for solos? ..... Booster behind the amp? ..... Or a physical pedal in front of the Firehawk? .... Or onyl by volume pedal? .... Question 3: Remote App - Android version I'm facing 2 issues with the Android version. In the "Sound Editor" (iOS version) there is a button in the upper left corner to create a New Tone. Therewith you can start creating a new sound from the scratch. I'm missing this button in the android version. Did I just miss it or is it not available? Once my Android Tablet is connected to the Firehawk the Bluetooth connection is resilient and fine. But any time I switch off either the firehawk and/or the remote app I need to pair the Firehawk with my android tablet. I'm working with many bluetooth devices. And all keep the pairing when switched off, but not the Firehawk. Is this a common issue? If yes, on both versions, Android and iOS? BTW: Which app do you recommend, iOS or Android? Thanks a lot for your answers. Best Regards Peter
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