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  1. Hi. 

    The tubes are new Electro Harmonix EL34 with no. on 16 07 both. Mutched. New preamps tube as well. Speaker conected properly and it did not fix the problem. I think it might be a production issues but don't know how to check it. I sent an amp to Amps repair shop. I am based in Scotland and there's not Line6 service hear as far as I know. We'll see

  2. Hi. I bought a faulty DT 50 head. The guy I bought it from said it loses volume while playing doesn't mater if it is on channels AB or A. I thought the problem was in power tubes and changed them but it still loses power after 10 min of playing or when I crank volume a bit up. When I switch the amp off for a few minutes to cool it down it works and trips again. Has anybody had similar problem with DT 50 head or knows what can cause it? 

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