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  1. There seems to be a lot of Helix vs Boss SY vs Midi experience on this trail, so I'll pitch my question and I'd appreciate any suggestions on it please. 


    I use Helix floor, and recently, an additional SY300 in a stereo FX loop from the Helix. Works well to add a subtle pseudo keyboard player or synth lead lines for my covers band.


    So here's the challenge.......In adding a synth pad layer for a new song this week, I also layered in the sequencer on the SY to give it some rhythmic 'movement', but there is a section in the song where I want that sequencer switched off. I've set one of the SY Ctl footswitches to do this, but would much rather control it from a Helix foot switch with a midi message from the control centre, in the same way I have set up patch changes to happen on the SY automatically as I change patches on the Helix (I take a 'patch per song' approach to life...). So, does anyone know the approach I could take in control centre to do this, and also what Midi CC# I might use, if indeed that is the approach, or if this is even possible. The SY change we trying to do here is OSC1 SEQ ON/OFF if that helps.


    Thanks as ever, you wonderful people!

  2. I had a look around the forums, but can't see anything on this what does anyone think or had experience of using an external valve preamp live? Here's the scenario/thought.........pretty normal stuff really, I go out of my Helix floor directly to our Behringer XR18 when I play live, and that's it - simple. What I'm wondering is, if going out to an external generic mic/line valve preamp (such as a Behringer T1953) in our PA rack before hitting the mixer would 'warm' up things a little. It may do nothing, but I wondered if anyone had tried this and if so if they felt it was worth it? 

  3. Came across this searching for some info on Variax and HXFX..........I know it's an old thread, but I wanted to comment. I have Helix floor, and 2 JTV59's, one HB, one P90. Agree no guitar is what you personally want straight off the bat, so they've both been to my local tech for my preferred tweaks, but no messing with pups or anything (I think they're fine) - the only thing I changed was the tuners for lockers, for added stability. So, are the guitar sounds from the Variax perfect? No, they're not, BUT using the Helix floor with a JTV59 is the best thing I have ever found for doing what I do, which is play in a covers band that requires different sounds, different tunings, and different FX, from song to song. The ability change from one construct of all those things to another different one with one foot switch press is second to none in terms of easy on stage tap dancing or twiddling of knobs with an analog board (and I've been there, and still own a fully analog rig, but not for live), no changing guitars "because this one's in open G"........none of that, just ready for the next song in 2 seconds flat, ready to go. So does it matter that's it not perfect? No, not at all, because like most live situations (except maybe for the uber pro), it's a compromise, but a compromise that is 100% worth it. I think the JTV59 is a well made Korean guitar and for me it's a workhorse, not a show piece. I just hope that Line 6 don't leave it out in the cold as the Helix platform continues to develop, but seeing as Boss just released a new synth guitar, I wonder how long before we see Variax re-imagined? In the meantime, this set up is my day to day toolkit, hands down.

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  4. If you're in need of a decent Helix gig bag, and you're in the UK, this is a link to Flightcase Warehouse, who have a case I bought a while ago now, and have gigged and rehearsed with, and found to be a credible and robust (but not too heavy) padded, semi-rigid, wheeled, Helix gigbag...........for a TENNER. I get my Helix floor in it, with cables, in ears, and other bit's n bob's, easy. I am now Mr 'One Trip From The Car' :-) With the high prices you can pay for a decent Helix case, I've found this to be a real bargain so thought I'd share (I have no affiliation with the company). Not sure they've cottoned on to them being Helix sized as they get referred to as a Mixer says 36 left as at time of posting this.



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  5. So I went to look at this to answer your question, and the installer told me an update was available/required. I went to download that, but it tells me that it cannot be installed because it needs updating by the developer. I am on Big that a problem for this in your experience? (FYI, my previous and recent Helix updates all happened successfully on Big Sur, except for the Variax settings per preset being remembered and regenerated on the preset rebuild).

  6. Hi. I agree a firmware update restores it to a different setting, but I can remember what I did this time seeing as it was last night, and i did the update followed by the factory reset, followed by installing most recent backup. Interestingly, after believing it was all fine last night and shutting down, it did another preset rebuild on boot up this morning, which I thought was weird. Anyway, those steps did not reinstate my preset by preset use of Variax models and tunings.......had to revisit them one at a time, check the alt tuning had been activated and the nob on the guitar was lit, and then save them individually again. I mean, I'm not complaining as such, but it is a pain in the lollipop to have to do, and I wonder why it's not a more robust part of the update given they are family products. I guess I hope someone from line 6 looks at this checks on it as part of the update for future reference.

  7. I'm interested to know if anyone else using a JTV Variax guitar into Helix experiences issues with the Helix 'forgetting' patch information when Helix updates. This has happened to me every time I've done a Helix update, and even again on the 3.10 update this week. I normally use the Variax mags as my preferred pickups, but on occasion for as our setlist requires it, I set up for a drop D or open G tuning or move standard tuning steps up and/or down. The have to be done with Variax guitar models. These patches will also sit alongside patches where I am not using tunings or Variax guitar models. I find I have to go back in to each of these patches and persuade them to remember the Variax aspect of the patch. It particularly seems to affect patches where I have altered tunings. So, I'm interested to see if this is just me, and I'm missing some little trick in my set up, or if others experience the same, and if they do, why can this not be solved as part of the software/firmware update?  

  8. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. The one you just sent still isn't working for me, but the fact that it works on your side tells us something. I've since been reloading a number of previous backups to when I know this was working properly, and still no switching on EXP1 & 2. I think that takes me to the re-install of 3.01 and/or back to factory settings, which I can now try. I'll try to put another post up if this solves it. Thanks again.

  9. Hmm, weird again.......that's not what that preset does my end. When I press FS2 for the Rotary it turns the Rotary on, not off. Even if i progressively remove each asign on the Rotary and try FS2 it won't switch between EXP1 & 2. In fact the toe switch isn't even going between EXP 1& 2 on a completely different preset, or even a preset with nothing in it.  It's beginning to feel like something is awry. What do you think about a backup, then a factory reset, is that pretty straightforward?  Or maybe reinstating an older backup?

  10. Hi rd2rk, thanks for trying to help me out here........I tried your preset and it still isn't switching between EXP's. Even weirder than that is what shows on the screen when switching it, or trying to use the EXP. The speed numbers just go crazy, jumping about all over the place. I can send you a short video if we have a way to do that? Otherwise I'm beginning to think that a backup and factory reset may be required just incase something glitchy has happened with midi. I'm trying to think what I may have done to change this, but nothing springs to mind. The weirdness is only related to the EXP's on the presets trying to achieve this. I'm up to date with 3.01 also.

  11. The solution below is excellent and I have used it on my unit to have separate control of a switchless wah on EXP1 (using a 5% bypass trigger), and then speed control of a Rotary effect on EXP2. Assigning the MidCC59 change in the Command Centre to facilitate button 2 to make the switch on EXP's as well as switching on the Rotary has been a revelation.

  suddenly stopped doing this, and now i don't seem to be able get the Midi command to do what it's supposed to do, and also the toe switch doesn't seem to doing anything either. I've gone back over all the settings and it 'seems' (not withstanding user error :-) that I've got everything as it should be.


    Is anyone, or has anyone experienced any challenges of a similar ilk developing with this solution?


  12. Not long ago I started using the MidiCC59 applied to a foot switch on the control centre to switch between EXP1 and EXP2. This has suddenly stopped doing what I expect it to do, and I can't seem to get into EXP2 either with MidiCC switching or the toe's bending my brain!


    If it helps, i use this because my wah block is set to bypass on EXP1 at 5%, in other words, as a switchless wah. However, I want to also use EXP2 as a min/max speed controller for my Rotary block. I was using MidiCC59 and a short Midi cable from out to in with thru off to enable this Midi switching approach and remove the need for toe switch to be used. It HAD been working perfectly, but now not.........any experts out there?? 

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