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  1. Chiming to say I have a new HXFX unit and it's on 3.5 and the problem persists.  Really annoying.  Submitting this to Line 6, again:


    So whether it's plugged directly into my brain (RC202) or downstream, my HXFX not only doesn't sync just right to midi, it doesn't even match the tempo of the lights. This is not an issue for my other gear, like my Arturia Keystep, Novation Circuit Tracks, or Roland MC101. It persists with multiple cables.  This is also the second HXFX I've gotten my hand on.  It's on 3.5, but my old HXFX I've had for previous firmwares and still had issues.

    [Recorded into audacity to see how the waveforms are wrong](https://youtu.be/q4j-H_2urNg).

    [Video of my attempting to make the status light match the brain's brain](https://youtu.be/JFsHFfq0iNM).

  2. I used a 5 din midi cable and tested my HXFX slaved to my Boss RC202, Novation Circuit Tracks, and my MC101 and it went off beat with all of them.  The blue light didn't look off.  I even have a mode that makes the blue pulse erratic on my mc101 and I turned it off.  Those three boxes work when chained to each other so I don't think it's them.  I did get this reply from Line 6, which could or could not imply its known about.


  3. On 6/1/2022 at 6:55 PM, phil_m said:

    I wasn’t saying LFO start should necessarily be tied to the tempo, I was saying that stepping on the Tap footswitch should restart the LFO. Beyond that, there isn’t any other way to change when the LFO starts.

    It's not even a problem of the LFO starting at the right time, it's that it doesn't maintain where it starts.  If the LFO of the Tremolo has the volume up on say beat 2 and you leave it on, it'll drift from beat 2 to beat 3 to beat 4 and 1 and back around to 2 if given enough time.


    On 6/2/2022 at 3:23 AM, PierM said:

    I just tried on a HX Stomp, tiding clock from a Zoia to the Stomp (tried with tremolo speed set to 1/4 and 1/8) and seems working as expected. I can input a tempo in the Zoia (via tap or CV) and Stomp is following.

    Depending on the clock source, I've experienced some serious jitter with MIDI clock that Helix in general doesn't really like, maybe that's the problem.

    Was it via a midi cable?  It may be jitter, which I hope not, but the other device listening to the source (which is a Circuit Tracks) is an MC101, and it seems to be fine.  That said, maybe the 101 is really accepting, I'll have to do some experiments, because my RC202 can't take jitter from the Circuit Tracks.  That said, I've asked people more knowledgeable than me if the Tracks has jitter, and I've gotten that *if* it does, it's .1, maybe .2 off.

  4. Hey y'all, I've got my Novation Circuit Tracks sending bpm to my HXFX via midi clock, which it detects— the tap tempo switch turns blue and speeds up/slows down as I mess with the tempo.  When I turn on a tremolo with the rate clicked so it matches to tempo, and 1/8 rate, it goes off.  I want the "on" or "up" part of the tremolo to match to always hit on the downbeat, it is simply not locked.  I've read online other people have experienced similar issues, what gives?

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