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  1. On 11/19/2021 at 12:43 PM, andywasa said:

    I have the Vetta II and I still use it.  It delivers incredible sounds.  I also, have AmpliFi 150 and I really like the patch sharing community but I am not impressed with whats flying around.  I know the modeling technology is advancing but do you think the Helix provides significant improvements over all their legacy products enough to upgrade?  Thoughts? 

    There's a youtuber that thinks the Spider V 240HC is an updated version of the Vetta II.  The algorithms might be better in the Spider V, but the components and materials of the Vetta II are more on the premium side compared to those in a Spider V.  Would love to hear them side to side.


    The Catalyst on the other hand, has Helix algorithms in it.  Worth a try!

  2. The Vetta II technology has been time-tested and is still well respected today.  Sure, the Helix has been our flagship technology for the last five years, but I'm curious to hear if Line 6 plans to keep building products based on the Vetta II technology.  Amongst other products, the PodXT, the Amplify and the Spider V all share the same Vetta II algorithms.  But there's features unique to a PODX3 that cannot be replicated in a Spider V and viceversa.  Would a stereo version of the Spider Jam --perhaps featuring dual signals-- sell well these days?  I really think it would --at the right price!  Thoughts?

  3. The Spark competes more with Amplifi than with the Spider V.  The Amplifi --just like any Bluetooth device-- has the same issues with Bluetooth connectivity that the Spark has.  I also prefer the wired (no latency) connection of the Spider V for Spider Remote.  I think most of the G10T users have no issues with it.  I charge mine every two weeks and I practice --at least-- 30 minutes per day.  And the FBV3 footswitch makes using the Spider V so much fun.


    There's plenty of youtube videos with blind tests in which people cannot tell the difference between a Spider V amp and a much more epensive piece of gear.  And once mixed or play live, people cannot tell the difference.

  4. On 1/7/2021 at 2:17 PM, TyeSooty said:

    Hello, I'm new to guitar playing and the line 6 spider v 60 amp. I'm following the Fender Play online lessons and the first song is, I can't get no satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. 


    Is there a setting in the 60 amp which will sound like the stones sound please?

    Select the Line 6 Fuzz amp.  From another thread:

    Line 6 Fuzz - Although not technically an amp, we loved the unique tonal qualities of the classic 1960’s Arbiter® Fuzz Face enough to base a special amp model on it. This fuzz box used broad frequency, transistor-based clipping. The result is a buzzing kind of distortion that has become popular again with the alternative and grunge set. Jimi Hendrix was among the guitarists to popularize the Fuzz Face in the States, but our model is considerably dirtier than the tones found on “Are You Experienced.” Try playing “Satisfaction” by the Stones, or the lead from “American Woman” by The Guess Who. Liberal use of the Bass, Mid, and Treble controls will let you go beyond the tones that the Fuzz Face could deliver, enabling you to discover your own unique recipe for those elusive fuzz tones in your head. Just a note: when recording Purple Haze, Jimi didn’t even use an amp - he just went straight from a Fuzz Face to an Orange® power amp to a 4x12 cabinet. Which is the same sort of tone you get here...

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