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  1. I'm sorry about this question, i might just miss something, but I've read the update guide and it didn't really make it clear to me.

    Right now I have Helix LT at 2.30. As title says should i update it straight to 3.00 or extra steps should be taken?


    The reason I ask is because when i had Helix LT back in a day at 2.30 the latest firmware was 2.82. To install this one i had to update to 2.71 first because somehow 2.80 wasn't installing above 2.30.

    So my update steps were 2.30 -> 2.71 -> 2.80 -> 2.82.


    I don't really wanna brick Helix or something, so just to make sure I made a topic here.

    Sorry once again.

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