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  1. I haven’t changed any of the global settings. In fact, I just received the Stomp XL and have been using it for a day.


    I updated the firmware to the latest and fired up some backing tracks. 

    I’ll be using the Stomp XL primarily for headphone practice. 

    I have:

    Computer > USB > Stomp

    Guitar > Stomp

    Stomp > Headphones


    About as simple as it gets. 


    No matter what I do to the USB trim setting in global settings, Spotify, YouTube, etc comes in at a level that is much too hot. 

    I’m using a stock “Jazz Rivet” preset and haven’t been futzing around with gain settings. Everything is at unity gain. Headphone volume knob is at about noon. 

    It’s weird why it’s not working. 

  2. I play along to YouTube videos from my MacBook, which is connected via USB to my Stomp XL.

    I wear headphones that are connected to the Stomp XL. 

    I always have to remember to set the volume control of the YT video to about 5%, lest I blow out my ears. 

    I was under the impression from the manual that I could attenuate the volume from my laptop’s backing tracks with the global USB 1/2 trim setting. But changing the level there has no effect whatsoever. 

    Am I misunderstanding the function of that USB 1/2 trim setting?

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