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  1. I'm a huge fan of running modelers through a Fryette Power Station /2x12 cab with Vet30's while sending FOH the Amp + IR signal

    Really important to tweak your sounds at the volume you are going to normally play at

    set your low cut 80hz and high cut 12k (lots of possibilities here) prior to sending to your 1/4" out 

    sometimes you might find the preamp version of a specific amp better than the amp + power section of the amp

    if you like the sound of your cab, it should be a reasonably painless process

    what's a simple metal tone? 80's or more modern?



  2. I hate FRFR, it's just not for me, whether I've used an Axe 2, a Kemper or a Helix I'm always running a direct signal with IR's going to FOH and the raw guitar sound going through a guitar cab onstage


    This is not a big deal and I respectfully disagree with most of the opinions posted above


    here is a thread I started about it -


    I also have detailed pics of the process if you like... just hit me at

  3. I love the Power Station... it's incredibly flexible... yes it fits in my front pouch of my Helix bag... it sounds and feels great, it's an amazing guitar tool


    For me the coolest thing is the flexibility... Fryette has a GPDI coming out (basically a one watt amp with multiple uses)... soon I'll be using the Helix just as a pedalboard sometimes via the 4CM, the Power Station will provide 50 watts of oomph for the GPDI (Preamp which is also a standalone recording device AND it can send a signal to FOH with an IR) ... this way I'll have multiple options for recording/live playing, sometimes I can roll in with just my Helix, sometimes Helix and PS and sometimes Helix, PS and GPDI...  at $699 is not the cheapest, but it's worth every penny ... usually you can pick one up over at TGP/Reverb/eBay for $500 which is an incredible deal


    Last but not least the Power Station can attenuate your big amps and help you record them... I just don't have any big amps lying around, but I hope to in the future... did I mention the PS can provide an effects loop for any amp/preamp that might need one as well



  4. the question for me is raw versus recorded, FRFR is traditionally giving you the recorded guitar sound


    the raw guitar sound comes through guitar speakers, is it even possible to make these two different sounds mesh in a way that makes us happy


    OR are they better separate than combined

  5. there is so much info avail on this topic ... use the search function... that's what the internet is for


    1- are you sure you want to use FRFR? do you have any experience with it?


    2- budget?


    3- does your band use IEM's? a PA?


    I'm not trying to be a jerk, but there is so much info avail on your question ... how are a bunch of people you don't know able to make suggestions on a purchase we have know idea you can afford or what your expectations are etc....


    you should do a little reading and at least come back with a more informed question

  6. I think Avatar is a great company, somebody needs to crack the 2x12 or 2x10 cab with FRFR capabilities... is it a viable opportunity?


    I don't know if scientifically this type of cab can produce the level of happiness we think we want/should get from a guitar cab/FRFR solution


    I know Mission has done it but I have not seen great reviews

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  7. here is another killer tutorial on making this happen from RRMark, I have pics that go along with this setup, feel free to message me if you'd like to have access to them, many thanks for the assistance Mark!


    I have accompanying photos/screenshots that illustrate this process, message me for info.


    I have enclosed a helix preset with the following instructions already performed so may be worth saving as a template.
    I put in a dual cab in incase you want stereo to FOH/FRFR but easily changed
    Yellow circles indicate the bit i am talking about.
    Important! Have to do this on the actual Helix
    Image Helix1.
    First i set the output of path 1a to path 2a.
    Image Helix2.
    Put a cab or IR block at the end of path 2a.(Has to be a dual cab block for stereo output to XLR, all IRs are mono)
    Image Helix3.
    Whilst the cab/IR block is selected press the action button and drag it down with the dial to the right of the Helix screen.
    This will create and place it on a parallel path 2b.
    Image Helix4.
    Select the Y-merge where parallel paths 2a and 2b meet.
    Image Helix5.
    Again using the dial, drag it down to path 2b. This will create the separate outputs for 2a and 2b.
    Image Helix6+7
    Change the outputs to 1/4" and XLR
    Image Helix8.
    If you want both outputs to share all blocks (apart from the Cab/IR) this reverb is placed to show the last available position.
  8. what a great thread, another Helix Backpack fan here, my Fryette Power Station fits in the front... incredibly powerful combo


    only time will tell if the backpack is truly a keeper

  9. I'm coming from Kemper land where all I had to do was hit a button and I was able to send the XLR to FOH with cab sims and plug in the Kemper to a cab (no cab sims) and voila!  I heard guitar onstage through my speaker cab and the FOH mixes a cab sim of my amp ... very easy


    I'm not complaining it's not as easy on the Helix,  I'm just curious how most of you that like this setup (helix & cab onstage while sending cab sims to FOH) ... are handling the routing/split/merge etc...


    I've only spent about 2 hrs with the Helix and I'm really, really enjoying it, I feel as though I've given the manual a pretty good reading but I still don't have enough hands on time with it to answer my question and the section on merge/split is not very detailed IMHO


    It seems it should be as simple as guitar - effects - amp (just amp or preamp) - delay - then split to two outputs - one with no cab sims 1/4 inch out and one to XLR with cab sims for FOH


    I have not found an easy way to do this yet, either I'm missing something simple or I don't understand the merge/split rules yet... any help would be greatly appreciated


    OR if I missed a thread that details this greater please direct me... I did do a search

  10. I'm using Windows 10 (64 bit) and I can get the updater and Helix app to work IF I restart my computer with the Helix ON, if the Helix is not ON when the computer restarts then turning the Helix on will crash my computer everytime


    I was able to update and I'm able to use the software but I'm curious if anyone else is having this problem


    Yes I downloaded the Windows driver


    Many thanks

  11. many thanks for the info Ruben40


    I'm a little similar in that onstage I have a guitar cab and I use IEM's ... the IEM's loosely sit in my ears so I still get guitar cab as well, I guess what I listen to is some combination of IR's and live guitar cab, although I think what you have going on would be more hip


    the Mission Gemini is supposed to be a combination of guitar cab and FRFR (kind of what you have going on) but I've never heard it

  12. I love helix preamp blocks into my Mesa 2:90 power amp and Recto 2x12 cab. But that's 2U and heavy like the VHT you don't want. My Mesa 20/20 power amp sounds great too and it's 1U and much lighter. I just like to use the Deep and Modern voicing switches on the 2:90, with I can switch with Helix.


    thanks for the suggestions roscoe, just curious do you send FOH an IR via xlr or something else?  what's the advantage of preamp blocks?


    I've read the manual once, but my Helix doesn't land until Monday

  13. Trying a Helix after being a very-happy-ecstatic Kemper owner for the past year   :unsure:   GAS got ahold of me, I see the Helix as being possibly a little more flexible for me and one less thing to carry than the Kemper setup


    What are you all using for power on gigs??


    I will be running the Helix through a poweramp/guitar cab setup and sending a virtual cab to FOH ... my first choice would be the Fryette Power Station, it looks like the Power Station might even fit in the Helix backpack??
    This would be f*ckin incredible... anybody doing it??

    My second choice would be a Matrix poweramp since the Fryette's are a little pricey right now, I've owned and been happy with a GT800fx... it would suffice

    Do any of you have experience with either of these Poweramps AND the Helix?? Any other power amps you are loving?? The Magnum 44/ISP Stealth are just not enough power, Rocktron/ART SLA's are more sterile than Matrix IMHO and anything big like a VHT two/fifty/two is not an option either... too big

    Lastly, I'll be using Ownhammer IR's for sending to FOH

    Let me know what you are using and how you are enjoying this style of setup, I am NOT interested in hearing any FRFR comparisons

    I have not seen a thread dedicated to the Helix and Poweramp setups, forgive me if I've missed it and direct me to it please

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