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  1. Hey RD2rk,

    Thanks for the response. The Hot Rod has a poor mans effects loop which I use with my pedal board, using the Pre Amp and power out jacks. With the Helix I just use the input jack of amp coming from the 1/4 out of helix. Ive spent a good amount of time moving effects and splitting the signal, tried what u suggested as well. My end result was staying with original plan. The sound coming from my amp is quite thick an pleasing while the FOH PA sounds same. I did come close to purchasing the power cab 112 to have the monitor behind me but figured the amp would work as same. We have a small venue show next week, will give it shot, worse case is I unplug the 1/4 inch from amp while still maintaining the FOH with my xlrs. The Fender Hot Rod is not too heavy especially when i compare it to my Bogner Shiva combo, THAT THING IS A BEAST. LOL Thanks again for your input. Cheers. 

  2. I use Helix LT mainly with two xlrs to mixer an FOH, soundman controls. I use in IEMS. I would like to use my Fender Hot Rod for some stage volume an back up, however still DI to mixer, (no mic) on Amp. My presets are pretty involved and simulated stereo with Amp models and IRs. My question is do I keep my Amp models since I'm using FOH direct even though I'm listening to fender on stage? Or should I lose the models and/or mic amp? Currently I don't hear much of difference with Amp and di into mixer an FOH. Curious on your inputs. 

    I will add my main setup is board and Bogner Shiva Amp, mic up. Main reason for Helix is smaller venues an lighter load ins. ( My board weighs a ton, (Schmidt array) as does Bogner. The Helix is a God send with load in however I do miss the stage volume even tho I have in ears I still feel it. 

  3. Hello everyone, 

    I had issue with Helix locked up on a specific preset upon startup. No switches or knobs worked, in addition no communication when hooked up to PC for any editing or reinstall. I tried many restarts to no avail, and literally was stuck with no control. 

    I did find after digging through forums on a specific way to reboot the system with several options. hope this helps

    Turn off Helix, the hold desired two button combinations. While holding two buttons power Helix on. The following are the combos for your desired outcome. I used 11  12 since I was stuck on a preset I didnt care for anyways. 

    3 & 4 Test Mode

    5 & 6 Global rest

    7 & 8 Resets setlist to factory, KEEPS IRS

    8 & 9 Rests setlists  to factory, Clears IR's 

    9 & 10 Restss setlists to factory, clears Ir's and Global reset

    10 & 11 Upgrades exisiting presets to latest format. 

    11 & 12 Clears current preset

    5 & 12 return system to default

    6 & 12Safe Boot mode

    Hope this helps. 


    Flyte Band Tampa 

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  4. On 4/15/2020 at 2:54 PM, CraigGT said:


    I'm pretty sure your soundman would tell you if it was too hot.



    Wasn't an issue of too hot per say but rather of tone. I dialed things back providing a nicer blend of the effects an amp.


  5. I reset everything back to original settings, -18 on IRS adjusted to 12 noon for master volume. XLR out to soundboard are mic levels. This seems to work best with board, provides headroom. Im wireless so issues hitting the master by mistake, and my in ears are controlled by soundboard as well, however I have an ipad off to the side, out of view if I need to tweak. Thanks for reply and advice. It helped.

  6. I would have to agree, I seem to place the IRs at -10 to -8 with amps at 7.5 to 8.5 for volume. My Master Volume on helix (big knob) is at 12 oclock. This goes to soundboard for our soundman for FOH. Is this too hot a signal? 

  7. Hello everyone, Im using my helix LT with dual xlr from Helix to Soundmixer FOH to PA, No amp on stage. The manual suggest using XLR to MIC setting, I had it originally on line. What I noticed is a large volume drop on Mic setting. Our soundman can adjust by raising gain and faders however what I was wondering, is there any tone differences? I cannot seem to notice and canto crank up to live volume in my home to expriemnt. I really do not wish wait until show time. Just curious if anyone has any info on this? Thanks in advance.

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