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  1. On 1/3/2020 at 12:37 PM, codamedia said:

    @Line6Nelson and @rwhite137 

    Great info provided from both of you.... thanks for the insight.


    One Last Update from my end for this thread.

    I opened the OP's original preset once again for some more tests based on this more recent information about the Texas Cali Amps....

    • When I raised the bass to just 0.1.... the preset DID NOT fade away after 3 hours (I actually let it run for 6 to test)
    • When I lowered the bass on the amp back to 0... the preset FADED around the 3 hour mark as it had previously.
    • With the preset producing zero volume.... all I did was raise the bass to 0.1 and it brought the preset back to life... just like reloading the preset. 

    @havkayak ... Please read the very helpful posts provided about the Texas Cali amp, and please see my findings in this post.


    If you re-submit your problem (and preset) to Line 6, and get them to focus on the "Texas Cali Amp" with "Bass at 0"... I am sure they will take it seriously and try to find a fix. In the meantime, I can't see how raising the bass to 0.1 would effect the tone of your preset... surely you can put the unit through it's paces at rehearsal and hopefully gain back the confidence to take it to the stage. 


    I did have the same problem on 2.82 with my patches ...suddenly when bass i changed from 0.1 to some value ...all sound has changed :((

    Cannot reproduce it :(

  2. On 9/13/2017 at 2:16 PM, Paulzx said:

    This thread alone sums up my like and not so much like of the Helix!


    Whilst I think it's great that we can get all these sounds easily, for me at least, the never ending possibilities over complicate it a little bit. It turns us all into tinkerers.

    I swear I have spent more time editing tones on my Helix than actually playing through it, because once you know the variables, you start to obsess with changing stuff,

    and do we ever end up being 100% satisfied with the sound?


    For me personally, I want a great bit of kit like the Helix, but I want easy solutions, I just want to set up quickly, get great tones and just play my guitars.

    When I heard the IR's against the in built cabs...the tinkering started all over again! Where does it end lol?

    Exactly :)

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