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  1. THAT was the connection I wasn't making. I had seen demos with the brackets thing, but had not seen anyone state what you just said clearly. Thanks for the assist!
  2. Ok, so I am a noob to Helix, but not a complete noob. I'm a software developer, good with tech. But, I'm seeing some weird behavior with editing snapshots in HX Edit that doesn't seem to match up with how they are supposed to work. Before I dig into this, let me say my global preferences are set to discard changes to snapshots. So, I have to save them or they get discarded. So I have this lead patch, and I want that exact setup for Snapshot 2, but I want to customize Snapshot 1 and save it as a more dialed down sound. Basically 1=rhythm, 2=lead. I bypass a couple of effects, and I make some significant tweaks to parameters on the 10-band EQ. I save the patch (thus saving my snapshot changes), then switch to Snapshot 2. When I do that, the bypassed pedals are no longer bypassed, which is what you would expect. However, the EQ parameters stay the same. They don't bounce back to Snapshot 2 settings. If I now edit them again, save the patch, and go back to Snap1, they are once again NOT restored to Snap1 EQ settings. What gives here? My understanding is it should restore the individual parameters on each block?
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