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  1. Run the phaser and flanger before the amp.  Distortion in the amp seems to make the sound a little more pronounced.  What phil_m sad above it true.


    For script phase I change the speed to 1.5.  That's all I change and it sounds great.


    For Flanger I set everything at 40% except the Regen I set to 100%.  This is pretty much the exact EVH sound to my ears.

  2. You will get a lot of opinions about what to do but the only way you will know is to try it yourself.


    I was using a 5150 III 50 watt in 4CM and it worked great. I got tired of carrying the extra head and 2x12 cab and I had a great direct tone that I was using to practice at home.  Since I already had two monitors for vocals up front I bought one extra monitor so I could run my guitar in stereo in front of me (bonus!).  I also got a new digital mixer, XR18, that has no moving parts that need to get cleaned.  It also allowed me to have 6 separate monitor mixes.


    I was noticing that with having 4 monitors total that there was a lot of bleed to FOH and it was impacting the sound.  I looked into using IEMs and subsequently went that direction.  I was also able to get my drummer to use IEMs and he has his own stereo feed.  We now only have two monitors on stage for the singer and bass player.


    I highly recommend that you try before you buy if at all possible.  There are such a wide variety of powered speakers out there.  Take your Helix to the store and plug in to as many as they let you.


    I also want to note that I run the sound for our band using a tablet attached to my mic stand.  I haven't relied on a soundman except for maybe 4 times over the last 3 years.  If I was to have a soundman I would just bring one or two of my own EV monitors and use them as the guitar amps for me.

  3. On 10/26/2018 at 1:26 PM, j_hotch said:

    Thanks, j_hotch.  That's my most watched video by far.  For me, to get the most authentic sound you must have the flanger before the amp.  You also have to have enough gain on the amp.  Not too much, but if you don't have enough there is no swoosh.  The other thing is the technique.  The guitar is tuned to drop D and a half step down.  The low string is C# and it's pretty flabby.  I use a 46 gauge.  When you use your pick you need to scrape the string as you do the chugging part.  


    Here are my exact settings:

    Gray Flanger

    Rate 4.0

    Width 4.0

    Manual 4.0

    Regen 10.0

    Mix 50%

    Level 0.0

  4. I was looking into the Classic Pro as well.  My thinking was really only to hide the cables and power supplys under the board.


    I have been using a RoadCases USA 32"x16" case.  I just have to take the lid off and hook up a few cables.  I also attached a railing flange to the bottom and I attach a mic stand to that.  This board is heavy and I think a pedaltrain would be even more weight.  I also don't think I would like the angle of the pedaltrain, especially for using the wah.  I like it flat on the ground.


    pedal board.jpg

  5. On 10/13/2018 at 6:06 PM, duncann said:


    I've pretty much tried all the available combinations between all the parameters and was never really satisfied with it. No matter the settings, the closer I listened to it the more I thought something seemed a little too misplaced and/or artificial. I should note that this is with only studio type work, and headphones. Nothing live. So its deficiencies might vanish under different environmental conditions.


    I feel the same way with the double take.  I use the Mimiq and it sounds amazing.


    I would suggest using a Simple Pitch in a split path (both paths panned hard left and right) and use only 8 cents of pitch adjustment and then add about 20-30 ms of delay (available in the effect itself) and don't forget to turn it to 100% mix.  You may also need to boost the output of the effected path by 2 or 3 dB.

  6. On 9/18/2018 at 5:09 PM, cruisinon2 said:


    Unless it's a typo, he's asking to drop from E down to B... don't think that thing can go any farther than drop D.

    Isn't the title of this "Helix Eb tuning?"  Then it goes in a hundred different directions from there.  Pick one. LOL


    I saw someone else mention it so I chimed in.

  7. The Dark Terror has an FX loop.  Yes, you can use a clean preamp in the Helix and bypass the preamp in the Dark Terror.

    I did the same thing with the 5153 50 watt.

    You will have an FX loop that sends to the input of the amp and the FX send from the amp into the return of the Helix.  When you are using the preamp in the Helix, just turn off the FX loop in the Helix and vice versa.

    Look at the set list made for templates and use the one for 4CM.


  8. You have a set up problem in the patch.  You only need to have one FX send/return loop.  Think of it as the pre-amp in the Orange. Send goes to the input of the amp.  The power amp on the Orange is always at 100%.  The pre-amp in the Orange sends the signal to the FX loop at the level you set the master volume at.  That should be going into the FX return on the HX.  Send a picture of your signal path in HX edit if you want better information.  We are here to help.

  9. It sounds to me like your mix is set at 50% in the whammy but having the volume down on the Helix and still hearing the guitar is strange.  I would try putting a distortion in front of and behind the whammy as well as other places in the signal path.  You will be able to find where the issue is because you can hear how the distortion is effect dry vs. wet signal.  Can you share  a screen shot?  That might help.  Or post the preset.

  10. Anything in a loop in front of a high gain amp is going to add hiss.  The FX loops in the Helix are OK, but they are not great.  I run a Mimiq in a stereo loop after the amp with no problem.  I had a Freqout for a while and it was fun but I hardly used it.

  11. On 8/27/2018 at 6:12 PM, datacommando said:


    Hi Darth,


    What you have there is old news - Digital Igloo (Eric) posted this way back on 14th Feb.





    Yes, but everytime someone posts about it and I say that ..... they ask for proof.

  12. Frank Ritchotte mentioned it before that Line 6 hires two people specialized in polyphonic pitch programming.  That was all we got.  No idea when we might or even if we will see it in the future.


  13. When using an expression pedal the most important thing you need to do is save the preset/snapshot with the expression pedal at the % you want it to start at.  


    Not sure if this will fix your problem, but because you are saying after a "reset" it works, it sound like this may fix it.


    So make sure the exp pedal is at 100% when you save the preset.  I like mine set at 0% for wah and whammy.  I turn on the whammy via a snapshopt or a stomp button and if it's at the 0% then it's almost like it's off even if the pedal has moved.  I also make sure that put the exp pedals at heel down 0% before I start playing, just in case.


    Hopefully this helps a little.

  14. Unless you're going to run two amps or more pretty much everything before the amp(s) should be mono.  At some point in the chain, if you use a stereo effect you should be stereo after that.  Anything in mono will sum the two side down.  The other thing to remember is that you need something to give you a stereo sound, like a chorus, the double take, ping pong delay, reverb.  I found that using two different amps and/or cabs was not a significant difference in stereo.  You need something more.  The trick I used was a simple pitch shift, only on one side, set at about +/- 8 to 15 cents (to your own taste) AND a delay of about 30ms, mix at 100%.  The delay gives a doubling effect much like the double take or a Mimiq pedal.  I use the Mimiq pedal now and I prefer that until the double take in the Helix is improved, if ever.  Chorus, ping pong or stereo delay, and reverb are other nice ways to give you stereo separation.  Put those as the last thing in your chain.


    If you have specific questions about a patch you are creating, the best thing you can do is load the patch to Custom Tone or at least give us a step by step - effect to effect breakdown of what you are doing.

  15. If it was my rig I would only use the pre-amp in one head.  Unless you're using blue channel of one head and red on the other they are pretty much going to sound the same.  Also, it's a little simpler with the FX going in front of the amp.   Use the Helix to do stereo stuff and then go into the FX return of both amps.  It would be a 5 cable method.  For me, that would just be simpler and I think would sound great.


  16. I was not the first to do this but I thought some people might be interested. 


    Hyperspace Pedal Formula for Helix - Transistor Tape Delay best used in front of the amp. Expression Pedal will control Time, Feedback and Mix. Time (Toe - 50ms / Heal - 600ms), Feedback (Toe - 100% / Heal - 0%), Wow/Fletter - 3.6, Mix (Toe - 100% / Heal 0%), everything else leave the same and I highly recommend leaving Trails Off. Make sure you save the patch or snapshot in heal down. Enjoy!

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    It's the only way you will ever know if you like it.  If the stores in your area don't have to try find someone on this forum or on the FB Helix page that lives in your area.  Find someone that plays the same kind of music as you.


    I sold my 5150 III 50 watt and 2x12 cab and I don't miss it all.  I use two FRFRs for stereo sound and it is great.  Much easier to mix my band now with no guitar amp on stage and there is more room.  The advantages are vast.

  18. I have probably owned over 10 wah pedals in my life.  Morley, Morley Bad Horsie, multiple dunlop wahs, the 535Q, the Zakk Wylde wah, etc.  I really liked the 535Q because it is super versatile but I ended up setting it like Jerry Cantrell's wah.  I would not buy a Morley again.  They were OK but were not very versatile and broke down easily.


    If you want versatility, stick with the Helix.  I use the Mission expression pedal because it has the feel of a wah pedal.  Also, you can order it with a spring so it always goes back to zero.  I don't have the spring setting, but I set my wah to turn on at 1% and I don't have any problems.  Find a wah you like (or an artist who's wah sound you like) and use this chart:  https://www.sweetwater.com/feature/dunlop/wah-pedals/index.php


    If you pick the right inductor and frequency range you should be able to get the Helix to sound like whatever you want.


    To answer your second question go guitar into wah into Helix.  Don't put it in a loop unless you want to add extra noise into the signal.  I only use the loops after the amp.

  19. 35 minutes ago, Thurston9 said:


    Whoa whoa whoa... where did you see this?!!


    I've read it in a couple places.  I think the word was that they hired someone (or more than one) with specific software knowledge on polyphonic pitch shifting.

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