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  1. It is not the best but it can be done.  


    Use the Simple Pitch FX.  Put it as the very first thing in your FX chain.  Interval +1 and mix on 100%. Leave everything else at 0.0.


    The Whammy DT pedal is the only polyphonic pedal I know that goes up (most just go down in pitch) but you may want to check out Electro Harmonix pedals.


    Line 6 seemed to hint that they were working on polyphonic pitch shifting but I would not hold my breath.  It couple be a very long time before it becomes a reality.

  2. I was using this stereo like I do the Mimiq.  I even tried adding a delay to the effected side of the Double Take - add 35ms at 100 mix with no regeneration, to try to expand the stereo sound and it still didn't sound like the Mimiq.


    My conclusion is I like the Mimiq much better and will keep using it until the Helix can beat it. 


    It seems like I'm using the Mimiq in a way in which other people are not, so I really like that because it kind of gives me my own sound.

  3. What brand case?  Seems pretty functional.  I like the mic stand mount too, probably find something like that at a hardware store.  Directly bolted to pedal board? 

    Roadcases USA 32"x16".  The mic stand mount is a railing flange from Lowes.  Less than $10.  Yep, bolted to the board.  There is room underneath because I added some rubber feet to the bottom of the board.

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  4. Sounds like a great base tone, but your audio’s all messed up in the left channel so it’s a bit hard to judge the comparison.


    What amp model are you using there? The crunch tone’s lovely!

    The cord from the mixing board to the video camera must have been dirty or something.

    The amp models are a 5150 for the crunch and a US Double Nrm for clean with an Own Hammer 412 MAR EDVH MDRN-06 IR.

  5. My first inclination is to say the power cord where it attaches to the Helix is loose.  If it loses connectivity at all it could cause issues, especially if it reconnects and disconnects before the Helix has a chance to fully boot.  There could definitely be other issues but I would check that first.

  6. I took the carpeting and I attached dual lock to the padding underneath.  The carpeting and Velcro did not stick very well anyway.  I used extra layers of dual lock to raise the Helix up and I did not have to remove the feet.  It also left room for cable to go under the Helix.

  7. I do "ME" the best.


    My cover band plays rock n' roll every weekend.  We play Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Disturbed, Godsmack, Van Halen, Eve 6...... it's a huge variety.


    I use basically two sounds - clean and dirty.  I also only use one guitar all night, it's an EVH Special Stealth with two humbuckers. 


    My philosophy is to match FX to songs as much as possible but I don't worry about amps.  To vary the sound I do choose what pickups work for certain things.  For instance I like using the combo of both humbuckers for acoustic type sounds.


    I feel very strongly that if I was switching between several amps and patches all night that at some times my tone would get lost among the bass and drums.  The core sounds I have blend well with my band.  I'm not saying I wouldn't rule out using something different but that would only be if the guitar just doesn't sound right otherwise.  For example, we are going to be covering a Pantera song and I think it's important that I use a more thick and cutting tone.  When we all get in a room and play though, I may just go back to my core tone.


    I also don't want to spend too much time worrying about the tone, I think it's much more important that my playing be on point.


    Think about it this way, if your drummer had an electric drum set would he change the sound of the set for every song?  


    The last thing I would say is that it never hurts to experiment but make sure you are recording your experiments so you can go back and see what sounds best to you.

  8. Thank you everyone.  The patch is not complicated and I barely changed any of the factory settings for the amp, cab or FX.  


    Special thanks for the compliments on my playing.  I do think the player makes a difference.  


    I made this patch for free and kept it simple hoping to show everyone how it can be done.  You don't need special IRs or to pay for patches.  Those things have there place and I have bought many IRs myself and I love them.


    It makes me very happy that I can help some people.

  9. I had dinner last night at a really nice place that had delicious hummus.


    And it got me reminiscing, as hummus often does (obviously... right...?)


    So I had this pedal in the 70s. It was an Electro Harmonix booster.


    Anyway, it sounded great, but I found out that's because it was broken inside.


    There was a wire loose or something.


    Fast forward years later and I really want to find out who has that pedal.


    So I went back to my home town and asked around but nobody remembered me.


    Or the pedal.


    So I went to the local music store that had closed down and now it was a liquor store.


    I had a few bottles of Thunderbird and slept by the side of the road.


    When I woke up, I had forgotten why I was there, so I checked my phone and sure enough, it was Tuesday.


    So this particular Tuesday I had nachos at lunch.


    The cheese sauce was particularly bad and I think that's what made me sick.


    So I wake up in this hospital in New Jersey and a really big smelly guy is leaning over me with a hypodermic.


    This is when I realized or remember (not sure which) that I was actually an international spy.


    Thinking quickly, I slipped off the side of the bed and clobbered him with the nearest bedpan and ran.


    I ducked out into an alley and borrowed some guys clothes.


    Now I have a rash.


    Thinking back...


    That little knob on the side of my Schwinn bike I had when I was 15.


    What was it for?

    Now that Peter Hamm is here he will be taking over.  Thank you, Peter.

  10. My Helix, and Batman are never in the same room at the same time. 

    My Helix often is hard to find at night, and it comes home with scrapes. 

    Some guy name Lucius Fox keeps leaving messages..

    Could my Helix be Batman?!?

    Helix was invented by Batman.  If you have enough money you too can become Batman and invent something like the Helix but it will never be as good as the Kemper or Axe-FX.

  11. IS line 6 planning on incorporating a power amp stage into the Helix?<br />Seymore Duncans Power Stage (size of a pedal), Blue Guitar Amp, Wampler and others are<br />making pedal platform amps and just seems that a stereo pwr amp of the<br />newer Class D amps would probably fit already or at least Heix "Powered" could be made.<br />The question is I suppose? Will the pedal platform specific amplifier sell? And the real question is;<br />is it needed?<br /><br />

    For twenty years people have been asking Line 6 to launch such a product.  I can tell you that they deffnitely will come out with such a power amp in exactly 20 years from now.

  12. What firmware update will have a model of the "Talent Booster" pedal, and will it be true bypass?

    You are wrong sir.  The Helix 2.3 update contains multiple modeled buffers.  The all digital signal through the Helix needs buffers to help eliminate the fizz.  It won't get rid of all of it, however as mentioned previously.

  13. I ordered the H-DK 2.21 Drone Kit for Helix (to make it fly to my gigs).

    Guess I have to install the self aware update first...

    Any experiences or recommendations?

    Furthermore, I need the WiFi cloud connector (H-WFCC)

    to update Helix anytime and everywhere.

    With H-DK, is it possible to update the firmware

    during the flight (hover mode)?

    Isn't it great that the AxeFX II XL has been outdone by the Helix?  Wait no longer, the "Robot Roadie" is your solution.  Please send $5000 to my paypal account as "gift" and you will receive your customized robot in 4-6 weeks.  Don't worry, your Helix (he's named Jethro by the way) has already given us all of the specifications.

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