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  1. Thanks Karl.  That's a great summation for the 4CM and the POD HD.


    Here's my problem with it (not you, with Line 6).  Your input configuration can no longer be global (if you like to use the POD to practice with headphones or any other mode) and you have set every preset this way if you are using the 4CM.  That's a pain.


    Why is the amp model disabled and in the "Pre" position?  Can't you just choose "no amp?"

  2. I think in trying to give the consumers everything, they went too far.  The internal signal path is too complicated.  Most people don't notice it, but when using the 4CM method it causes problems.


    I do want an update with more amps.  Fixing the EQs and maybe the choruses.  That would be enough to finish off the product and move on to the next one.


    The next floor unit should have more footswitches, multiple routing choices that are simplified, better outputs (so you can run to an amp and to PA at the same time).


    I know you can't please everyone, but I think they didn't need a 300,400, 500, bean, and Pro.  Or they could have made them more different from each other to better satisfy consumer needs.


    I love my POD HD 500 but I sometimes wish I had the simplicity of the XT back.

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  3. This is what has been missing from the POD HD series in my opinion.  They have classic rock covered with the Park and Marshall Plexi models and also have Metal covered with the Angelball and Uberschall models but the in between models (like the JCM 800) sound like crap to me.  I have done as much tweaking as I can to the Elektrik model to get it to sound good, but it is not good enough.  I've been hoping for an update with a 5150, Friedman, or especially an Ecstacy model to round out what is available.


    I had the red pedal, and it was awesome.  I sold it to get the 5150 III 50 watt head and 2x12 cab.  I am much happier using the POD HD for headphones practice and FX only through the 5150.


    The main reasons I like the POD HD 500 over other products is as follows:

    ABCD mode and 4 additional switches for FX

    Floorboard and "master mind" in one box - no rack mount + pedal controller (extra cable and stuff to lug around)

    Decent enough sounds for the price.

    FX are pretty spot on when AB'd to real thing.


    There are lots of things I also dislike about the POD HD but I will refrain for now.

  4. Hi, everyone. 

    I just wanted to share a couple videos I made using the 5150 III 50 watt head with my POD HD 500.

    The first one is showing how the 4 cable method (4CM) works and trying to help people with common problems.


    The second is how to use the MIDI channel switching. 


    Please feel free to leave comments on YouTube and let me know if any other videos are wanted.

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  5. Hello everyone,


    Here is a video I did of me explaining the 4CM.  I am planning a follow up video to answer all the questions that are sure to follow.  I will also be doing a follow up video on how to use the MIDI on the 5150 III with the POD HD 500.



    Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and questions.


    I don't claim to be an expert in any way.  I'm just sharing my 25+ years of experience in hopes of helping people.

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  6. I have a 5150 III 50 watt head and I use the 4 cable method so I can use pre and post effects in the POD.  Through experimenting I found that I needed to boost the volume on the FX send just as indicated in the document above but I did it differently.


    I put the FX loop after the mixer and boost the volume A and B to +12.0dB.  This way I'm not using up any FX spaces.  To reach equal volume in the FX loop of the amp the Master volume on the POD should be all the way up.


    If you ping me I can send you a preset.  

  7. It depends on where the noise gate is in your signal, but you still have a stereo signal.  The noisegate is summing the stereo signal and causing the signal to be louder when it's engaged.  This is my best guess since you didn't provide the full signal.


    I would not worry about setting input 2 to Variax.  I run mono and I set input 2 to "same".  But do what sounds right.

  8. The Last update for the HD500 was October 16, 2012 (added Soldano amps and a couple Line 6 amps) before that was April 4, 2012 (adding plexis and bass amp). Feb 14 was the one before that and Nov 11 of 2011 was the one before that.  May 12, 2011 was a signifigant update with added amps also.


    At this point, I highly doubt there will be any further updates.  There have been no new products besides the PA speakers and no updates to anything in the last year except for the recent variax update.


    I was hoping for add ons and was willing to pay for them, along with many other people.


    Don't hold your breath.


    Most likely scenario is a new product at the end of this year.  Line 6 have been very quiet at the last few NAMM shows except for the PA stuff.

  9. I got my Bogner Red for $225 used, shipped and Pay Pal'd.  Yes, it's expensive but it sounds amazing into every amp I have tried.  It also has lot's of options, some which are subtle and some are not.  


    Every pedal I have except the whammy 5 was purchased used.  If I ever need to, I can sell them and get back what I paid for them.  Pedals don't usually just break on their own and I'm not rough on mine so I don't have to have everything brand new.  Plus they have character.


    I justify that pedal purchase because it's MY TONE.  I feel like whatever I plug into I sound like ME.  My dream amp is a Bogner XTC.  Those are $3700 plus a cab that is probably about $1200.  I love the POD HD for what it does, but for me to use it more it needs more amps (or at least the amps I want to use).


    There are several amps that have been on previous versions that are ommited from the HD and people have been screaming for.  5150 (or 6505) and the 5150 III, Deizel VH4, Bogner XTC, Plexi Variac'd, and the Roland Jazz Chorus.

  10. In my opinion, the FX in the HD are great.  I can get them to sound pretty much just like my analog pedals.  I have yet to find the perfect amp in the HD.  My favorites are the Elektrik and the Plexi.  I'm not saying they aren't great amps, they are just not my flavor.  I want a hot-rodded Marshall sound and there is not one in the HD.  My preference would be a Bogner Ecstasy with blue and red channels.  Line 6 has been slow in adding new amps and although they added the much wanted plexis they did not add the amps that everyone is asking for (IMHO).


    Anyway, I use the HD for practicing but for jamming with people and a live band I like my pedalboard.  The main reason is because setting the HD up for different configuration is a PITA.  Do you use pre amp or full amp?  Cab or no cab? Mic or no mic?  What output mode to use?  What am I going to be plugging into?  

    With my pedalboard I just need to plug into any clean amp and I can get my sound.  I have a Bogner Red pedal and it sounds awesome.... It's MY TONE.


    I may start using the POD HD for post Fx in the amp loop (reverb, delay, pitch shifting, chorus, noise gate).  But I have pedals to do this too.  I like being able to turn knobs on the fly.  


    The situation I think about comes from a conversation I read with EVH.  He basically said that since each room is so different you have to be able to adjust things on the fly in order to get your sound in that room.  If you have several presets in the HD then if you adjust the treble and bass in one amp you are probably going to have to do it for every preset.  If I just use the HD with some different delay settings for presets, then I still have control over my main tone on the amp and the dirt pedal.


    Everyone is different, this is just what works for me.  And..... next week I may change.

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