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  1. On 1/8/2020 at 4:53 PM, silverhead said:


    Can you provide more details on exactly how you would like this delete function to operate?


    Here is the current procedure to replace a preset:

    1) select the replacement preset (in this case, presumably a New Preset)

    2) Click on the Copy button

    3) Select the destination preset (the one you want to replace)

    4) Click on the Paste button

    5) Confirm your intent to replace the preset


    Seems to me that steps 3 through 5 are still necessary for a Delete operation, except the Paste button would be replaced by a new Delete button which would have to be added somewhere to the set of clickable things. A new button is required because you don't want to remove the Copy/Paste function which is useful for more than deleting a preset. So the 'timewaster' is Steps 1 and 2. Essentially you want the Delete operation to automatically load a New Preset in the Paste buffer for you in readiness for the replacement?  Two extra clicks doesn't seem like a big deal to me and not worth the implementation effort, especially when you consider that you can do bulk replacements (select several contiguous New Presets and in one operation Copy/Past them over another set of the same number of existing presets). But feel free to add it to Ideascale.


    What you DON'T want to do is physically delete the preset from the list and start moving other presets around (e.g. to delete preset 1A, have 1B 'move up' into its slot and have everything from 1C to 32D move up with it, creating a New Preset in 32D.


     Hi thanks for replying, I have never used an editing program without a Delete function, not sure why it seems so weird!

    OK, I had all the presets full of different ones I was trying. After this I wanted them gone and blanks in their place, so I found and downloaded a Blank Preset, as I didn't have one saved. That way I know how many empty spaces I have on my HXS, I don't want a load of never used presets around, so yes, like you said I want to Delete a preset and have an empty space there with a new Blank Preset. No I don't want them moving around changing the order.

    Thanks again and I appreciate your thoughts




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