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  1. On 6/3/2018 at 8:03 PM, pipelineaudio1 said:

    For reaper, assuming windows: (and depends on how you want to monitor, Firehawk drivers are absolute pieces of total crap compared to POD drivers, which aren't great, but are much more functional)

    • Install Firehawk Software
    • Plug your Firehawk outs to your studio monitors
    • Open REAPER, click the sample right indicator at the top right corner (might show "audio device closed" or similar instead of a sample rate, depending)
    • Chose Audio System ASIO
    • Chose ASIO Driver Firehawk ASIO Drivers
    • Close preferences
    • Right click in the left track control panel area (TCP) and chose Insert new Track (or click menu insert new track)
    • Click the round red button (assuming stock theme) in the new track to arm the track.
    • Don't bother turning on the monitoring icon, Firehawk drivers are total crap and won't allow you to disable direct monitoring in the hardware. Get used to the idea that you have no confidence monitoring or the ability to record the unprocessed input while monitoring the DAW's processing
    • Hit record on the transport, upload your hit song to Distrokid and be the envy of your peers

    what do you mean by install the firehawk software, is it the app. Also AS10 Driver Firehawk thing doesn't come up, im totally lost


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