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How You Can Fix A Snagged Thread?


As a seamstress, things may panic us out easily in the project and we may fear if our whole hard work is going to waste. But hey, we are here to help you out if you are even worried. You can tell us about your problems and we can write something for your help. Today, I am writing about something which is a common concern of every seamstress/tailor and that is a snagged thread.


A snagged thread may be seen as a fault in the sewing and many people view it as an unprofessional work. Mistakes may happen and sometimes in the confusion of cutting the thread, you may create a snagged thread. There are several reasons but the question is how you can solve it? We are telling you about the solution so you don’t have to worry again.


With the help of best sewing machine for beginners making clothes now, you can overcome this issue and it will be fine. You can visit CraftsSelection.com for more information about the beginner sewing machine.



How You Can Fix A Snagged Thread


Tools You Need:


If you are the one who is panicking just because of a snagged thread then after today this is not going to be a big problem for you. Next time whenever you are going to see a snagged thread you will understand how to solve it instead of getting afraid from the result. So let me tell you what tools you need to fix the snagged thread in just a few minutes.


You need a sewing needle, scissors, thread which should be of the same color as fabric and thimble to protect your fingers from getting injured. You can leave the thimble part if you know how to sew by hand without injuring yourself. Now insert the thread into the needle without tying the knot at the end of the thread. Keep it simple.


A Loop:


Now let the thread pass through the snagged thread and pull it until it comes out as a circle. Pull it till the end make a loop of the thread. Now tie a knot of the thread with the snagged thread so they both can connect with each other. Make sure that the thread is of the same color so there must be no different colors in the fabric or else it may look repaired.


Don’t exert pressure on the loop or on the snagged thread as it can get broken easily with the little pressure and then your fabric won’t get fixed. Try to sew it with the light hand to complete the work in no time.


Close to the Base:


At this step, you have to pay focus to your sewing. Now start inserting the needle into the fabric and it must be close to the base because in another case, this will look messy. You can use a magnifying glass to see the base of the snagged thread and to fix it. Now start doing it one by one and don’t pull it harshly because it can get broken or loop can be broken in the middle of the stitching.


If you are a pro then you can do the same work with the help of best cheap sewing machine for beginners which you can find here https://www.flickr.com/people/bestsewingmachineforbeginners/. All you need is the same color thread or you can use decorative stitches to make some design on it.



Sewing clothes on a basic sewing machine


When you are doing everything by hand then, of course, you have to pay whole attention to the sewing and your every moment which must be close to the base.


From the Wrong Side:


Now what you have to do is to pull the thread from the wrong side but don’t be too harsh on the thread because if you will pull it with the pressure then the more snag thread will be out and you have to spend more time in fixing that. Keep your hand light and soft when sewing snagged thread back into the fabric.


Once you have to pull the thread from the wrong side of the fabric, now tie the knot in a way that is should not be in the front. It’s time to trim the thread with the scissors. It must not look like from the front side that you have repaired it and there are several knots. Always use the wrong side for the knot and front must be close to the base. At the time of trimming, make sure you are not cutting the loop.


A little Stretching:


I hope you would have an idea just with the heading what I am trying to say. Once your snagged thread is inside the fabric and you are done with the loop thing, stretch a fabric little from the snagged place so it can be adjusted and mixed into the other threads. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the place instead try to make a space inside the fabric for the snagged thread.


A little stretching is going to make a place inside the dress or whatever you are working on and don’t forget to press it. You can use different pressing tools or press it with the help of an iron. The pressing technique is going to adjust the snagged thread and it will not look like an odd area. Pressing will make work easier for you and nobody can actually identify where you have fixed it.




Braaaavoo...!! You have fixed the snagged thread successfully and you must be feeling amazing right now. This is one of the most amazing and favorite technique to fix the snagged thread and now you can easily fix it without panicking. Some things are more like a headache to the seamstress but there is nothing without a solution.


With the snagged thread if you are also confused about what kind of machine you should go for then read How To Find The Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners - Buyer's Guide And Reviews for the ultimate guide about the machine and to know about the different models.

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