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  1. @rd2rk Thanks so much, can I PM you in the future when I get those cables and hum eliminator?
  2. @rd2rk, what I mean is while using the outputs on the mixer, they only work via speaker cable, which is 2 wires running parallel to each other, an instrument cable is 1 wire wrapped with a ground. The difference in this case is (im guessing) that the mixer prefers power and impedance that a speaker cable can support. Also i am not using the helix as my interface as I have other things that i like to use through my interface (mics keyboards etc) and I also use the computer for other things. I also was told that you cant have it both ways where you use it as an interface AND use the mixer/monitors. I will try the USB suggestion. Thanks! EDIT: Your theory about the USB cable is correct and solved my problem. This still means that whenever I have the helix AND the interface plugged into the computer I will get this noise and have to unplug the helix's USB, so it doesn't matter if i buy the Stereo cables to use my mixer, however buying said cables will give me back the extra block that is being used by the effect loop. Thanks again!
  3. So let me preface this by saying I have my setup somewhat jerry rigged, so my problem probably lies somewhere along the way, however I thought It couldn't hurt to get some other opinions. I have a HX stomp, I am running my guitar through some pedals (volume, compressor, dirt) then into the left (mono) input on my helix. I am then running my left and right outputs to a vintage yamaha mixer, left going into one channel, right going into another. For each of the channels I am running a speaker cable with a 1/4 inch on one side (that plugs into the mixer) and exposed wire on the other side (to connect to the terminals on my vintage EV monitors). It sounds heavenly and I have had little to no issues thus far. Now is where things get tricky. I wanted to be able to get audio out to my audio interface so I can record on my computer, but the mixer doesn't like instrument cables, and I am forced to use a speaker cable with the fat 1/4 inch jack on it. I dont have 2 of these cables so I figured until I can grab some, I will just use the stereo send on the helix with a Tip Ring y cable. When I run the cable to my interface from the helix after adding the stereo send block, I can get sound out to my interface and it sounds good but I also get this constant high pitch filtery hum. I don't know what is causing it and would like to try to get rid of it, or at least understand why I am getting this sound. I'll do my best to answer any questions that could help solve the issue. Thanks! (The mixer is a Yamaha 150 II) (The EV monitors are TL series) (The Interface is a Scarlett 2i2) (The Computer is a Mac Pro) Below is a not so great recording of what the sound is, I turned my volume way up so it can be heard better, but it is always noticable. Odd Helix Noise.m4a
  4. First off I would like to say how difficult it was to navigate this website. I am by no means a newbie to forums and it probably took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post a question. With that being said, here I am. Here's the deal, I have an amp with an effects loop, a few pedals, and a studio setup with monitors and an audio interface (Scarlett 2i2). What I would like to do is use my amp with the 4 cable method AND have left and right output from everything (amp, pedals, helix) going into the front of my interface. I haven't been able to find any guide or resources on how to do so. At the very least I would like to know how to set up the helix with my workstation without having to reconnect my monitors to the helix as it is massively impractical. Also I am confused on how the edit software works when using 4 cable method, Do I need to go into every single preset and add the effect loops block? Is there some sort of master setting I can switch so I don't have to manually go through and set everything? This hardware and software seem like extremely powerful tools but there is a massive learning curve that is discouraging and frustrating, so I'm sure you all can understand my annoyance. Thanks in advance.
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