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  1. As it seems the file didn't work for Bishop916, I uploaded the file again with different filename "Spider_V_PresetBundleMkII_2.0.xlsx". It's the new version of Excel-File-Format. Please enjoy. Spider_V_PresetBundleMkII_2.0.xlsx
  2. Guys, I experienced the same issues mentioned. I tried all the suggested solutions. Nothing worked. I opened a ticket with Line6 support (Feb 2020). They made some deeper investigations together with me and confirmed it's a bug to be resolved on their side.
  3. Hi guys, a new Line6 spider V entered my house :-). After first days I started to created a more handy Excel list of the presets for the amp. For your convenience please find here my version of the listSpider_V_PresetBundleMkII_2.0_enhanced.xlsx . I hope it's useful and you like it. Cheers climb4fun
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