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  1. @silverheadWell, dude....that was easy! Thanks for your help. I"m good to go!
  2. Hello all -- I just got my POD GO last week. It is a glorious little beast, and I'm thrilled to actually have a new toy in the midst of a pandemic. I'm trying to use POD GO into Logic Pro X for re-amping purposes. It's not going well. The main issue is my confusion over inputs/outputs. I'm fairly new to Logic as well, but not to using a DAW. Page 36 of the user guide says: Create two new audio tracks in your DAW software: Create one mono track to record the dry DI guitar, and set the track's input to POD Go USB 3 (or 4, doesn't matter). Create one stereo track to record your full, stereo, processed tone and set the track's input to POD Go USB 1/2 Set both tracks' outputs, as well as the DAW Master output to POD Go USB 1/2 to allow all tracks to play back through POD Go I'm getting hung up on "USB" as an input or output. When I create audio tracks, I don't see any USB input/output shown in Logic, even when the POD GO is selected as the audio interface. I'm definitely connected to POD GO via USB, going directly into my Macbook. POD GO Edit is working fine. Any suggestion here? I suspect I'm missing one ingredient. Thanks, and hope everyone is well. Dave
  3. I initially had the same error, but then I found out how to download it. Go here (again) and filter for the software: https://line6.com/software/ Once you've got the Pod Go edit software, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see a button that says "GET DOWNLOAD". Click this and it will take you to the EULA which, once you accept, will initiate the download.
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