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  1. After installing the 3.01 update on my Helix HX, something is off..
    The pedal tends to freeze after a few minutes. 
    Strange also that I do not have all of the new effects. I have the poly delay but that's about it.

    In the editor I can see the new effects, but the letters are grey and I cannot select them...

    Can anybody tell me what is going on?





  2. Okay, so I use the HX Helix Effects.
    So I make my four snapshots with four different sounds within a song and that works just fine.

    However when I want to go to the next song I have to switch from snaphot mode back to bank mode. Next comes the presets mode 
    and then I am back in snapshot mode. 

    Only then can I select the next song .

    It takes forever..Is there an easier way? 

    If so; please let me know.


    Ton E

  3. Hello Phil,
    I think you are right.  The moment/latch switch I find in the Global Settings is the one for the presets.
    The only edit choice for snapshots I can find (in Global Settings) is the one where you choose between recall and discard.




  4. Got the HX Effects a week ago.  Got the latest update, 2.82. Love the sounds! 
    The snapshots, however, give me a hard time....They 'blink' and when I tap them, the HX jumps back to the preset mode.
    Using the edit software on my pc it works just fine.

    I have searched the forums and it has been mentioned here and there, but I haven't found a soltion yet.




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