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  1. I got my G10 transmitter and receiver for Christmas 2018 and after the recent safety update it went from being able to do 2 hour gigs to lasting about 10 minutes. It was outside of the warranty so after much forum reading I decided to fix it myself and now it's back to how it was since I first got it for the price of a new battery. All I needed was: New battery Soldering iron Solder Sandpaper (for roughing up the battery ends to get the solder to stick) This is the Olight battery I bought for £4.95 plus shipping - it's very similar to the original but slightly longer (because it has short circuit and overcharge protection) so you'll have to do some trimming on the inside and desolder and then resolder two wires, not a big deal really! https://www.torchdirect.co.uk/olight-batteries-chargers/olight-14500-37-v-750-mah-li-ion-protected-battery.html 1. Lift the sticker on the top and use a Torx size 7 to remove the screw that holds the end cap on. 2. Slide the outer sleeve off and use a Torx 4 to open the inner sleeve. 3. Here's the battery I used to replace the original. 4. Peel off the thin plastic wrap around the original battery. 5. Here you can see the orignal is the same as the one I bought to replace it, 3.7v and 600ma. 6. The new one is slightly longer so you'll need to trim off with a dremel (or in my case melt off with a soldering iron) the extra plastic bits on the inside to make room. None of them are needed as the metal Line6 labelled sleeve holds it all together anyway! 7. Solder the wires to the new battery, reassemble and rock on! If you can't get the solder to stick to the battery ends, rough them up a bit with a file or piece of sandpaper.
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