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  1. That's a really sneaky territory. You know, when it's about describing tone and sound with just words, in the context of subjective hearing spectrum and personal taste, variables are so many that sometimes it's like playing ping pong with 12 balls...


    Anyway, one of the thing to consider when using the Helix, as any other modeler, is that isn't trying to replicate an amp in the room, but a recorded/mic'ed system, to be listened through hi-fi, or FRFR speakers/monitors. This is already throwing into the equation everything above the typical 5.5KHz range of a guitar cab speaker, and sometimes may happen that our ears aren't liking stuff ringing too much above that area. So, first thing I'd try is to shape the high freq range to limit and/or remove stuff in the far right of the spectrum (I'd say above 7Khz you can start dropping, unless you are using Helix with non-guitar instruments, like a synth or similars).


    Also check your guitar signal is robust at the input and first stage of the path, keeping a good amount of headroom. A typical path to tone harshness is when you try to push a weak guitar signal (through gain, or multiple cabs, or doing a bad gain staging) trying to bring back some tone thickness, but there you are also pulling from the floor tons of noise and unpleasant harmonics because of hard clipping.


    My 3C. :)

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  2. 6 hours ago, Wiley316 said:

    I would like to use a external tap tempo with my HX Effects , is this posable or am I limited to the tap tempo button on the HX effects, 


    AFAIK, with HX Effects you can only via MIDI, assigning a footswitch to send a #CC64 with values 64 and 127 for the two Tap impulses.

  3. What pedal are we talking? Many exp pedals have a secondary level trim on the side, to set the min level (like BOSS pedals for example). If you have that trim pot, check it's set to minimum (0).

    Then, in theory, if you unplug the pedal, move the pedal to minimum, then plug again and move the pedal all up/all down, it should auto calibrate.


    Also check the Min value in the Helix volume assignation is set to 0.



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  4. My take on this, from an electronics POV.

    Assuming the HX Stomp has a proper thermal management across the entire device, and I really think so - keeping these kind of electronics up and running for long time might produce less stress, less wear and less strain, then multiple power cycling on top of that same hypothetical timeframe. There is a thing called thermal cycling, which happens every time you turn on an electronic device, as well as when you turn it off. During these cycles, there are materials expansions (ON) and materials contractions (OFF), which will cause and accelerate strain along the time. So yes, during the lifespan of a device, the strain/fatigue curve (from brand new to fracture/cracking in a component/connection/path etc) can be affected by the amount of these cycles, especially if they are very close each other (also ambient temp is in the equation). For example, turning 5 times ON, and 5 times OFF, in an hour - it will cause much more strain and fatigue than leaving the unit ON for the entire hour. You need to find your own balance, avoiding multiple cycles in a short timeframe, and limit those for the long pauses (like overnight, during work, lunch or dinner etc...)

    Said that, in general, you should not worry about a device that goes warm, especially when extremely busy as the HX Stomp is internally. The important factor here is that the engineers did a proper thermal management, so that the heat is well distributed along the entire structure of the device, as happens most of the time with CE marked product.


    Of course, then there is the chapter about power consumption, pollution, electric bill etc....but that's another story. :)

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  5. 3 hours ago, merdenoms74 said:

    Not sure whether this is possible but I thought it was worth asking...


    In Command Centre I have my snapshots assigned to the bottom row of switches. It would be really handy to have a couple of gain blocks set up, one at -2dB and one at +2dB, which I could engage using switches in the top row if I find myself too loud or too quiet in a song. Is it possible to have these independent of their status in the snapshots? For example, let's say I begin the song on my rhythm snapshot and find the drummer starts getting excited (as they do), so I engage the +2dB gain stomp, is there a way to set it up so that it stays on when I switch to another snapshot? I hope that makes sense!



    Yes it's possible. It's a very useful feature, but for some reason not properly placed in the manual (it's kind of buried in a general section, away from the snapshot chapter).

    All you have to do is to select the gain blocks (or whatever block you don't want to be affected by snapshots memory), then press the Action button, then set Snapshot Bypass to Off. This will just ignore the bypass status of the block, so it will stay as  it is when you change snapshot.



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  6. 7 hours ago, phil_m said:

    Seriously, I have two G10II transmitters, and I'm getting way more than two hours with them. I used the one for a two hour rehearsal earlier in the week and then proceeded to play a few hours more at home, and it wasn't dead. I used the other one this morning for a church service, and we had a hour+ rehearsal and then the service. I didn't charge it in between, and I don't believe the battery indicator on the POD Go Wireless was even down to the second bar yet.


    Apart this place, I'm also reading good reviews about the mark II transmitter, so something is odd here.



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  7. I believe you have an offender preset coming from a veeeery old firmware, which is freezing Helix while trying to rebuild it. Maaaany things changed from firmware 1.


    Id try to clean up all the old setlist and restore at the boot.


    To do so, press FS 10 and 11 while booting. Assuming you have a Helix Floor. (in the title you said rack, then floor in the OP)


    • HELIX FLOOR: Erase and restore/reset all factory and user presets: Hold footswitches 10 + 11.
    • HELIX RACK: Erase and restore/reset all factory and user presets: Hold encoders 1 + 3.
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  8. Your Helix only works with TS EXP pedals, and 99% of the market is TRS. 


    Easy fix, without modding the pedal;


    Take a TRS cable, then cut or remove one of the jacks, doesnt matter which. On the side where you removed  the TRS jack, find and isolate the ring wire (we dont need that) with electric tape and keep only Tip and Sleeve wires. Now take a TS jack and solder the Tip wire to Tip jack terminal, and Sleeve wire to Sleeve jack terminal. Done.


    Now all you have to do us to plug the TRS side to the pedal, and the TS side to Helix control.


    I do have 5 Exp pedals, all TRS, they all works perfect with these cables.


    That's what you need;





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  9. 8 minutes ago, theElevators said:

    Again. I’m saying what I think Helix will evolve into. Not what I think makes sense per se, what makes it more / less pro gear-like. If every other processor around starts having WiFi, chances are Helix will do the same. If Pod Go now has built in wireless, chances are Helix will also have the same. Call it an educated guess.  
    All companies’ designs start influencing each other.  Things become more and more powerful even if you don’t need it at the moment or think you don’t. Just remember how fast you thought 56 k modems were in 2000, how you thought you’d never need anything faster. 


    Well, I hope not. Especially if this means forcing me to use a specific wireless audio. Just look the terrible story of the G10 device....dont need to say more. (honestly I cant see the point to make the Helix MKII going towards the PodGo market. Doesnt make sense to me, but who knows...)


    Also, WiFi and wirelss audio are not the same thing. So it depends, wireless to do what? WiFi for what? BT for what? BT audio? BT Midi? BT for editor? Wireless Audio? WiFi for editor? What about LAN?


    See, all depends what we are talking about, and what is doing what and why.

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  10. 9 hours ago, theElevators said:

    Hilarious....  Quad cortex is amateur hour karaoke equipment then... with the touch screen... wi-fi... small footprint, and buttons/knobs.  bwaaaaahaaahhahaaa.  Pros only use rack units.. and never ever ever any wireless systems. 


    Not sure if you're trolling or just 15 years old.


    Im sure we will see plenty of paid musicians using QC, as well using any other pedal in the market. This doesnt change the fact there is tour grade and studio grade hardware, and then there is all the rest. Is not a Good vs Bad wannabe contest for kids. Again, doesnt mean Bonamassa wont use a 50$ Boss DD3, or whatever rock god you like wouldnt and shouldnt use anything than tour grade racks. There are iphones, which arent deisgned specifically to make movies, but you can do it. Doesnt tell anything about how good or bad that movie will be, or how good or bad that director is. Maybe they will bring 5 iPhones on the set, as a backup, instead just a Panaflex 35mm, or a RED Dsmc2...but everything is possible with today average quality and standards. Still, the more technology you squeeze into a single small pedal, the more the parts, more the code, more the shortcuts, more the current draw and heat, higher the number of parts that could fail etc... That's it. Is that hard to understand?


    Why people tends to feel so judged for everything? 



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  11. 21 hours ago, kringle said:


    Wow, really a complete jerk-off response, clearly when you lept instantly from birth to seasoned professional the stardom went strait to your head...  you forgot about all us poor sucker amateurish noobs trying to make it or have fun.  Let us all just get out of your way mr. rock god... 


    I must say that with you clearly being a professional... It's intriguing and honoring that you waste your time here with us nobody's on the forum.... so I guess we should say, Thank You?




    Pro grade stuff, doesn't mean you need to be a pro (a paid musician, nothing more than that) to use or want that stuff. In fact, probably more than 90% of customers of these devices are amateurs (a not paid musician, that's it. Not an insult, even if that same word has a pejorative meaning). Now, a paid musician, usually needs stuff he can trust on a stage (yeah, those are the tools of your job) - and things like wireless, BT, touchsceen, rotary footswitch (!) etc... aren't really that friendly sometimes (also the more hi-tech crap you squeeze into a pedal, the more the error/fail probability). 

    Said that, the words amateur and professional, are not synonym of "untalented" and "great musician". It's just terms to separate the hobby from the job. At least I guess this is what Peter meant. 


    Man, I know plenty of obscene guitar players, showing off 20K of rack on stage. Doesn't mean anything really.


    Take care. :) 

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  12. 1 hour ago, SvenJonzy said:

    Hello you lovely lot!

    Well,  I've jumped in and bought a HX Stomp to down size from my existing board for travel purposes. Will be required to fly to gigs and my current board (which I love!) is just too big! :)

    My question as I grapple with getting my head around the mountain of things this box can do, is can I use a 3 button midi controller AND both an external TRS switch plus an expression pedal essentially giving me 8 switches/controllers??

    I have seen many videos reviewing either/or but not both at the same time.

    Is this thing a thing or am I missing a thing?

    Any help hugely appreciated


    Sure you can. This is basically my Stomp setup.

  13. 47 minutes ago, jmarnott said:

    Thanks for the suggestions.


    1) The XLR Out is already set to MIC

    2) The connection is the Left / Mono XLR output.  Results are the same as Right.

    3) The Mixer is expecting a Mic in.  

    4) Phantom Power is Off


    I get noticeable hiss when the Gain is at about 25%


    You need to be a bit more precise, as we have no idea what's your setup, so "gain" doesnt tell us nothing more, if you dont explain what gain, where and - most important - why using that gain.





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