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  1. 5 hours ago, ThomThom098 said:

    Hi, got a 250 Ohm DT-770 and to get decent volume I have to increase Output block by ~+12dB (w/ HX Stomp box knob on max). Used to have a 30 Ohm headphone, but very low quality, hence the change and output was on 0dB with ok volume in headset.


    Is it a problem to have to increase output dB like this?


    I do have exactly the same headphones and they works just fine with volume maxed out and no gain. Tons of headroom.


    That 12dB does suggest your signal is probably weak from the start, and I'd rather trying to boost there than pushing the output that way. Might be you have a FX loop somewhere, with mismatched send/return levels?


    Said that, if all presets are asking for 12dB (that's really A LOT), I'd plan for a hearing test/check.

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  2. In my experience the HX Stomp is EXTREMELY sensible to power quality and available mA(when not using its own AC adapter), and the typical result when there is not enough juice - is signal going offline (you can even hear the relay switch off). Unit does stay ON, but audio signal wont be available until you reboot to unlock the relay.



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  3. If this is happening again and again, it's clear they are either doing wrong, or missing the cause. Swapping a PCB downstream doesnt mean solving, if the cause is upstream.



    I would search for a better center for a complete and deeper diagnosis.

  4. 56 minutes ago, claudeu said:

    Hi, thank you for your generous offer to use your programming. I will buy the MIDI Designer Pro 2. Your interface convinces me a lot! I always found it problematic that I could use the Helix edit programme only on the MacBook not on iPad. With your interface I would have access to the most important settings of my Helix Stomp and could leave my MacBook aside. This is essential, especially in the rehearsal room or on stage. In what form could you send me your controller? Would you like to have my e-mail address? Many thanks in advance! And best regards from Berlin to Italy! Claus 



    No problem, I can attach it here. Once you have your Midi Designer Pro installed, you just need to download that file from your ipad browser, then you need the File app for iOS to share that file with Midi Designer Pro. Remember to use the Share function, as it will ping iOS to find the right application for the given file format. Midi Designer Pro will open and it will ask if you want to append, you answer NO to that, as you only want the HX Stomp controller pages. Be aware this is a Dual Page controller (Left Bank Page is main HX Stomp controllers, Right Bank Page are free controllers, that you can assign to whatever you want in your presets). Set up the Midi Channel as is in your Helix. Also be sure to setup your Midi Designer Pro as in the first picture;









    HX Stmp Dual Page.mididesigner

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  5. 2 minutes ago, somebodyelse said:

    Has anyone here ever opened one of these up?

    If I was in this situation AND out of the warranty period, I'd be in there, sniffing around - literally - for failed components.

    Something that would occur to me, assuming there's one in there, would be to remove the battery that is usually present for patch memory retention and give it ten minutes to lose it's memory. Then stick the battery back in.

    Not saying this will make any difference, but it may just be enough to force the unit to do a factory reset?


    It's missing or broken software preventing unit to boot. If you do a reset, the unit still won't boot since there is not a eeprom storing a backup firmware that you can rebuild with a reset. That's more like a broken windows installation preventing you to boot, with no safe partition. :)

  6. Helix with firmware 3.0 and 3.1 is imho like an Helix 2. For me.


    Before that firmware I was selling my rack. With 3.0/3.1 a tons of stuff I was searching for has been added, and now Im keeping it. Also bought a HX stomp just after 3.0 because now it's really a monster in a cigarbox format.


    In all honestly, I only care of sound design and tone. I dont give a rat's a** of how old or new a DSP is. ;)

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  7. 16 minutes ago, trolley said:

    Can I just make clear:

    1) I didn't just buy the Helix - I've had it for 4.5 years.

    2) I have read the manual - on several occasions

    3) I've always done what I said & not had an issue.

    Just to be clear - because clearly I wasn't - On the LHS of the main rack unit are 4 buttons. The Home button currently does nothing when I press it. The Save & the one next to it (to open menu with advanced settings & functions) work OK. The Home button seems to do nothing.

    Line 6 advised to use the Updater to reinstall. Since it gave me the option I regressed to 3.1. Same result.

    The last option offered is to contact their service guys, in case the button's gone dead.

    It seems strange that just one button doesn't work (?) - a bit like me maybe :)


    Again; the home button isn't doing anything because its only function is bring you back to home page, which is the preset view with the path, the blocks etc. That's it.


    You said:

    9 hours ago, trolley said:

    last night I tried to change folders using the Home button on the unit & it did nothing. I also tried the folder button - again nothing.



    Home button should not change any folder. If you boot the Helix, there you are in Home Page. If you press the Home button, it will do nothing, since you are already there. Folder button, does not exist. That's the tonestack button, and isn't doing anything with preset navigation.


    To change folder (assuming you means setlist), you need to cick the PRESET rotary knob on the left, and then you use the main Rotary Joystick on the right, to navigate through folders and presets (NAV; UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/CLICK/SCROLL). After that, you either turn back to home page, once you selected/loaded a new preset from the setlist, or you can press Home Button to go back to "home page".

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  8. You need to build a special cable, with TRS on a side and TS on the other side. On the TS side you just keep the ring wire cut and isolated, then you solder sleeve and tip.


    TRS will go to pedal, TS into Helix EXP. Recalibrate and it will work as it should. 

  9. 2 hours ago, trolley said:

    So I updated my Helix rack to 3.11 no probs. But last night I tried to change folders using the Home button on the unit & it did nothing. I also tried the folder button - again nothing.

    TBF I haven't tried using the buttons for a couple of weeks, but the other 2 buttons work fine. Obviously I can switch presets using the software but if I ever get back out rehearsing & playing, that's not an option. The folder button steps through the models in a given preset - which is interesting!

    Anyone else seen this? Or is it just my unit?


    That's not a folder in the button. Is an amp. That button does instantly select amps and cab block in your preset, if present, and give you access to tonestack params for every click of that button. Home button does bring you back to main home/patch screen.


    Preset navigation is page 13 in the manual. You cant buy a device like Helix without reading the manual. :)

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  10. If I may add, try using the shortest USB cable you have there, plus try plugging to a different USB port. If you have 3,4, 6 or more ports, try the same procedure in each oh them...


    I know sounds desperate, but I solved a similar situation once, doing that.

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  11. 1 hour ago, claudeu said:

    Do you know an App for iPad which can send this MIDI CC message (activate the HX stomp tuner!) to my stomp? 

    My ForScore App only sends program change messages.


    For free there is basically nothing good enough imho, even for just few buttons. Lot of free stuff for midi notes, or faders and stuff like that, which isn't good for sending single CC messages to Helix.


    For cheap there is the basic TouchOSC, which is a solid platform to make touch controllers.


    Then there is imho the best, which is Midi Designer Pro, which cost a bit more, but you can build an entire controller for whatever midi device on earth. If you go that route, I can give you a quick controller I did for my Stomp , which is ready to run on Midi Designer Pro, and talk with HX Stomp. That will give you access to 5 footswitches, 3 snapshots, tap tempo and tuner,  looper, exp 1 and exp 2.



  12. Honestly 3 weeks seems fair to me. Not sure its much less than that in US, unless you are lucky enough to have a L6/Yamaha support center in your town.


    Took 6 weeks for me, from Italy to Germany and back...for a damn joystick. That was way too much, but 3 weeks (aka 15 working days) seems good to me. I mean, these are places with walls of crap to fix, they arent scratching their heads, waiting for someone to knock.


    Imho 100% :)

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  13. 6 minutes ago, willjrock said:

    They shouldnt force you to back up before the update. Its pretty much a waste. Whats the first thing we do when theres a new firmware update? We start loading the new models, making changes, building sounds, ect, making changes to what we just backed up.


    No. (a waste of what? Lol)


    What I do just after an update is to reset everything and restore the backup, which means getting my unit setup as it was before. Globals, Preset, favs, defaults, IRs etc..


    That's exactly the point of doing a backup.

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  14. I think the hold and tune is necessary on the Stomp, as it's just 4+1(tap/tune) switch available. Sure, an option to make FS3 just tap or just tune, would be also nice. I wouldnt personally use, as I need Tap, but I see the point.


    Id like the option to split tap and tuner in the Rack control, or in the Floor. That would be cool indeed.


    Ideascale? :)

  15. Didn't know I could use both Stomp and Rack, within two separate Edit sessions, and cross copy/paste what I want from one to the other.


    That's awesome!


    Just saying...:)




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  16. It's interesting, Im reading lot of stories about the HX Effects Loop, and all of them are potentially related to a signal bleed problem, which can be either caused by wrong code, faulty hardware or defective batch.


    I'd contact support asap.

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