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  1. On 3/10/2021 at 11:13 PM, hideout said:

    If a simple LFO causes DSP usage to "go through the roof" there is something very very wrong indeed.


    Just took a Zoia (HolY MoTheR Of GoD what a blast!!!!), and LFO does take 0.3% of DSP powa. I'd really love to see LFOs, ADSR, Random and other controllers, available in the Helix. Would bring the device into another level.

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  2. On 3/13/2021 at 2:42 PM, datacommando said:

    The next firmware update, expected soon, should have some improvements to to the modelling engine. If that is simply making the code and processing more efficient, we don’t know, and to make it more intriguing this is a quote from Digital Igloo over on TGP earlier this week.


    It affects most (but not all) models to a differing degree and can literally be explained in a few words, so don't expect a holy grail or nothin'.

    The day 3.10 drops:

    • XX% of users: "I can't tell a difference! Bunch of worthless hype, Line 6!"
    • XX% of users: "I can totally tell a difference! Thanks, Line 6!"

    Clear as mud, eh?


    Hope this helps/makes sense.


    First thing I thought when I heard this, was "Ok, they're gonna introduce the mic/speaker cone offset to the previous algorithm". This is the only change I can think of, which is not breaking old models (where default would sound as before, I guess perfect centered), and also which would probably fit (almost) all amps, again - assuming they are using the correct math instead arbitrary numbers in arbitrary equations (which is not, afaik)


    Wild speculation, but would make sense to me...

  3. Helix Native 3.0.1


    Seems the block Shuffling Looper isn't fully deactivated in Native, so when you import an hardware preset from Rack/Floor/Whatever, that has a Shuffling Looper in the chain, it will still work in Native, which would be great if totally unlocked, but this way you have no control on it, so it does its glitchy things even if virtually bypassed.


    I'd say, since I believe this would work fine in Native, just unlock it. :)


  4. What I hope for an Helix 2, other than just more DSP powa, is a profiling feature, similar to the one used by the TH-U (they call it Rig Models). The best sounding profiler on the market at the moment, IMHO. (well, as good as the Kemper, but way less expensive).

  5. BT is fine for wireless midi, as doesn't need drivers and it's not OS dependent. I do love BT Midi. If you don't have a too busy MIDI data flow, it will work flawless.


    On the other hand, BT for editing pesets can be a PITA, because soon or later the editing app will stop running (or crash, or just being unstable) on new smartphones with new iOS (that are products with a WAY faster development because of the market request). You don't want this with pro hardware, believe me. Helix is great because you can easily edit everything from it's huge display, so on paper you don't even need a computer. That's just a plus for me. 

    Firehawk, for example, was a good product and I still have one, but editing was for me totally unusable for more than a year, when the editing app stopped working properly because apple introduced a new iOS with new libraries. Editing firehawk from the display isn't any fun....


    Why do I love my 20/30 years old pro gear? Because you can still use it, you don't need a 1980 personal boat anchor computer to editing its presets, or to flash its firmware. They just works the same as when they have been introduced.

  6. 2 hours ago, Svenisak said:

    I can control mixers, HD/SSD recorders, lights and other stuff wirelessly, so why not the Helix. Controlling the Helix, wirelessly, with a laptop (using the HX Edit app) or an iPad (with an iOS version of HX Edit) would be a killer feature.


    Data stream for editing is too big for BT, that's why we have no editors for tablets or smartphones. This is what a dev said about the subject.

  7. 9 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    The clipping indicator on Helix does NOT reflect when the Input on the Powercab is clipping.



    ?? Thought the guy was asking if there is a clip indicator on the helix, and I replied. Didnt get he's asking for a powercab clip indicator on the helix, this would indeed make no sense.



    The Powercab Input will clip WAY before the Helix does.


    Not sure what you mean here. Powercab is active, so it does clip when input level is too high (it could be after, or before), doesn't matter if gain staging on the source is good or bad. This means it won't clip at all, even if the Helix is stuck on reds, until you raise the PC volume at a level that it will clip its own signal. 

  8. 33 minutes ago, ichasedx said:

    Using a Helix floor and PC+...are there any indicators available on the Helix that show then clipping is occurring? Something that mimics the LED on top of the PC+?





    Page 44 of the manual;




  9. On 2/26/2021 at 10:50 AM, Svenisak said:

    I want to see the following improvements.

    a) a newer CPU/DSP.

    b) More RAM.

    c) Blu-tooth connectivity. (Messing with Lighnting or USB cabels in 2021 is, simply, rediculous)


    If you need new and more, every other year, you should buy a new 2021 smartphone with Amplitube, or BiasFX. Professional audio equipment is a different market, thanks god (and still needs cables).



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  10. 11 minutes ago, themetallikid said:

    Its not a meaningless use of a gain block....I need to have a block on path 2b in order for me to have the separate outputs L/R.  There isnt a way to bring the signal path down to get a 2nd output unless you have a block there.  The Gain block is one of the least DSP intensive, so it wins.  I thought as long as I have to have that block down there to split the path....why not use it as well for my Lead boosts.


    I get that 7.5db is 7.5db no matter where it is coming from....but if I had the ability to screen shot the different in using +7.5db in the gain blocks on each path vs +7.5db on the output level for the preset,....there is a difference.  Unless the use of stereo vs. mono blocks is doing something here because the outputs are panned 100% L/R that I'm only getting half the boost i'm seeing in the Gain block setting which would make sense then that the +7.5db in the gain block is equivalent (at my mixers input) of +3.2db on the preset output level.   


    Of course what you are expecting isnt happening because something in that preset needs a change. Hard to tell what it is, just talking about it. We can only guess, like the mono vs stereo gain block, misplaced in a stereo/mono path.


    Post the preset here, so people can tell you what's going on.



  11. +7.5dB are the same, doesnt matter if in a gain block or at the output level. What's change is the tone, IF that gain is placed BEFORE something else (like an amp), or at the very end of a chain. This is because a gain does drive the input of what's coming after, changing its response, while the output level, it's just to set the final output.


    A +7.5dB gain block, placed at the end of a chain, does exactly the same thing as setting +7.5dB at the output level. This is a pretty meaningless use of a gain block.


    Now, the difference in Helix are;


    Volume Block; Does NOT drive anything. It's just a passive volume pedal acting on the passing through signal, fading from 0 to 100%.

    Gain Block; Does boost the signal, in a range from -120 to +12dB

    Output Level; Does set the final output, in a range from -120 to +20dB

  12. 3 hours ago, huzzam said:

    While Live 11 does seem to have slightly higher CPU usage than 10 did, for me it's working fine, and Helix Native in particular doesn't seem any different from under Live 10.


    I was a beta tester for 11, and THAT was pretty bad, with lots of CPU spikes. But under the release version, everything is purring along pretty well here.


    In my case totally the opposite, but as for everything in software developing, with abstraction layers with new hardware vs old, all is still relative to the machines used as a core platform to develope, test and debug. I mean, we build new cars for today roads..


    In my case, my old laptop keeps rocking with previous bumps of DAWs, while starts struggling with latest bumps, to do exactly the same tasks. This is how lollipop software (and hardware) market works....:)

  13. 5 hours ago, soundog said:

    I thought all modern DAWs saved plug-in settings. Logic Pro X saves the Native input and output level settings, along with all of the other settings. Could there be a bug in that version of Live? Maybe others have complained on Ableton forums?


    Live does indeed recall any plugin setup, same for Native. It's just the in/out levels in Native that keeps resetting to 0dB. Everything else does reload as when you saved the session.

  14. 7 hours ago, phil_m said:

    Oh, really? I missed that part. In Reaper they stay where they are when you save the project.


    Yeah, really couldn't find a way to keep that setting.

    Now, wondering if placing a -6dB gain block, as a very first block in my path, is doing the same as reducing at the main input stage.... Tone wise, I couldn't tell the difference between -6B at the input stage, or as a -6dB gain block..... so might be my way to go. (?)

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