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  1. Piezo, EXA and MIDI guitar are almost 40 years old, and tech behind these things it's still more or less the same as when I was a kid...


    Apart the Synthaxe and Variax, I cant think of other milestones along these decades.


    Saying that because this market is niche of the niche (which means snail's pace R&D), and as today, Variax is still a thing, with basically no competition.


    Would be great to see a new gen, with same tech, but with much more DSP for better sounds and less latency (especially for low tunings). I wouldnt change anything else honestly. Maybe a revamp of the software UI, which looks a bit rusty in 2021...:P



  2. This is a bug, not sure if in the Helix or in the PCabs. I have the same setup, and I get this when Helix power up BEFORE the two PCs completed their own boot, or when   the last Powercab in the daisy chain, turns ON before the rest of the rig.


    Anyway, try a different boot sequence like (starting with everything OFF);


    1) Powerup the Powercab A (the one receiving link from Helix) - Wait the boot to complete

    2) Powerup the Powercab B (the one receiving link from Powercab A) - Wait the boot to complete

    3) Powerup the Helix


    If doesnt work, try 2), 1), 3).

    If doesnt work  try  3)  1), 2)....


    Point is, test different sequences, 'til you find the one which works for you. (sounds silly, but Ive read people solving with a different sequence than mine, but that wouldnt work for me....)


    Important thing is to just wait for every device to complete its own boot, before powering up the others....


  3. 50 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    @PierM Do you know if it's possible to HOLD a MIDI switch?


    I am currently using my Pageflip Firefly to flip through the songs in OnSong on my iPad,

    but I prefer to start using my Helix LT instead for this, in order to decrease my pedal amount for a gig.


    One of the great features of the Pageflip Firefly is its 'REPEAT' option.

    That way, when I HOLD a footswitch down, it keeps flipping through all songs until I release the pedal.


    Do you think something similar is possible with the Helix via MIDI?


    Never had a Pageflip or OnSong on my iPad, so not sure how this is working.

    From the sound of it, I'm assuming it's a macro available in the Pageflip firmware/software. You can't do these kind of macros with the Helix, you can just either send a momentary or a toggle CC, but the action to scroll through songs while pressing, sounds like a macro to me, something that waits a second or two, then start sending continuous commands to the OnSong application, until you lift.

    Again, just assuming here... no idea how these things are communicating, neither I know what kind of MIDI messages OnSong can manage. As soon as you have all the toys at home, you can start experimenting on your own. ;)

  4. Ok nevermind.


    I've found that disabling the hardware compatibility option, does allow me to assign same CCs as the hardware. Which is IMHO a nonsense, as they were already assigned and stored in the preset, exactly to respect the Hardware compatibility mode. Bah?!


    Anyway, at least this way seems working, even if I have to reassign CCs to blocks, to be exactly the same as they were in the preset, LOL. :)


    See in this pic. The original assignment are those with dimmed colors, and referring to hardware footswitches. Those can't be used... But then, disabling compatibility mode, does allow me to reassign those same CCs as the hardware, as in the pic. Looks like a bug to me, or a bad design.




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  5. Hi guys, 


    as the title says; is there a way to just use the same MIDI mapping as the Helix Control and Helix Stomp/Footswitch CCs? I mean, I do have my Rack in the studio, and Native at home. Is there a way to have my Native just using the hardware CCs, so that I don't have to use extra mapping? I have this option in other devices. For example, my Obehreim Echoplex hardware and its plugin counterpart (from the same engineer), they both use exactly the same stock reserved MIDI mapping, so the virtual version can just reuse same controller presets as the hardware, without have to remap MIDI controllers.


    I tried to do that, but seems only working for snapshots (they do act correctly, just using same CCs and values, as the hardware), while I can't find a way to do the same with Stomps/FS. They just seems ignoring those CCs that I've programmed in my controllers, and that are those used by the Helix hardware. What's the pros of this? Well, that I can create a virtual setup on my DAW (Ableton Live), that does (almost) perfectly mirror the hardware counterpart, without have to create dedicated mapping on my controllers, for the plugins. 


    Any solution, thoughts?



  6. 30 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    Hahaha actually my idea is slightly different though:


    I was thinking about keeping the H9 connected to my Helix with a MIDI cable (as is the current situation). 
    But since I’m now only using the MIDI IN of my H9, I’d thought I could connect a CME to the MIDI OUT of the H9 and thus connect to my iPad through the CME in the H9 instead. 

    So no USB involved in this scenario.


    What do you think? :-)


    If you are sending from Helix to the iPad, through the H9, that's a THRU not an OUT. The THRU mode is often filtered (especially on devices with a single THRU/OUT), so you can only hope that H9 has a clean and reliable THRU, otherwise it could be glitchy.

    Said that, if you are just sending couple of CC messages here and there, it should be fine.

  7. 7 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    Did you notice that he's using an iPOD, not an iPAD?

    The Camera kit works (I think) because the iPAD and iPHONE are full on computers, and act as USB Hosts to the Helix/HXS.

    Are you saying that you KNOW that the iPOD will work the same way?

    Not wanting to argue, I don't KNOW, and I WANT to KNOW!..... :-)


    Depends on the iPod.

    The iPod touch are indeed HOSTs, running iOS, and they can use a Camera Kit. They are like iPhones without Phone...:)


    If it's an old iPod classic, then no.




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  8. 39 minutes ago, AMountain said:


    Thank you for the link, but i already had in my first post here linked the mattering idea. Perhaps i should have highlighted it...


    So, again:




    All who think this idea has merit, please vote there for it.




    I think the core point here is if the Global EQ which is already available, with its own reserved DSP power and logic, could be hijacked to AES/EBU at the same cost, or if would need extra logic to be asked to the DSP...in which case would break presets. If the first, we have a chance to see it implemented in the future....if the second, I wouldnt hold my breath.


    Said that; without that option, I cant really see the advantage to use the Link with Powercabs (that are boomy by default, even with the low cut). Not advantageous enough to justify the absence of Global EQ (which is fundamental for gigging people).

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  9. 1 hour ago, Rezzy777 said:

    @PierM Tonight I couldn’t sleep well, so I have been thinking: how about if I just put a CME in the Output of my H9? Just daisy chaining my iPad? That’s an even simpler (and cheaper) solution, right?


    Buddy, you are killing me!


    That was my first suggestion in this thread....:D.


    On 1/28/2021 at 6:57 PM, PierM said:

    ...Id connect Helix to iPad via USB, and use a MIDI to BT for the H9. At this point the iPad can be used to propagate Helix MIDI to any other device (other than the H9), using a MIDI to BT converter/receiver. I use AUM to propagate MIDI, but there are many options.



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  10. 1 hour ago, somebodyelse said:

    You're not getting it.

    You CANNOT EQ a digital signal stream. If you want to EQ the audio, you HAVE TO either use DSP and do it within patches OR do it AFTER the digital to audio conversion.

    ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you do to a digital signal uses Digital Signal Processing - DSP.

    IF you're using a Powercab, you can EQ it at the Powercab side, uaing IT'S DSP and saving a little DSP at the Helix side.

    It's not a problem. It's not "patchable".

    It's like asking for dehydrated water. 


    Man, just chill, you risk a stroke lol!


    They could do it, just not a priority.


    On 2/13/2016 at 8:48 AM, Digital_Igloo said:

    But to be perfectly honest, the main reason we don't waste DSP on sending Global EQ via L6 LINK to L2/L3 is because those speakers already have 31-band Graphic EQs built into their DSP. StageScape M20d can remotely control this EQ right now, and Helix could conceivably do the same (I think, maybe?). I have the whole thing specced and designed—we just need you guys to prioritize it.


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  11. 28 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    Do you know if there are MIDI USB HOSTS without power adapter?
    I like to use as few cables as possible. Just comparing some solutions here... ;-)


    HOST needs power and there are not other way to feed it without a DC IN.


    ...and No, MIDI cant feed VA to an HOST, neither the Helix.


    And btw, you have already an HOST that can run "without" DC IN....that iPad with its battery. :P

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  12. 38 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    I’m glad I’m finally starting to make a bit of sense of MIDI :-D :-D

    It just occurred to me that both the CME and Thru Box will be using power from the MIDI Out of my Helix.

    Could that somehow be a problem, that the Helix MIDI Out won’t have enough power for both devices?


    Power is going nowhere, even if you had 100 MIDI devices in a daisy chain.


    It's current draw that matters, and those BT trasmitters are usually requiring small currents. Should be fine, but dont ask me 100% warranty, as I never tested this specific solution.


    On paper, it should work.

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  13. 25 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    @PierM How about this solution (something similar was mentioned earlier by others):


    I connect 1 Thru of this Box to my H9, and in the other 1

    I insert a CME WIDI MASTER Out for Bluetooth with my iPad. 

    This Thru box gets its power from the MIDI Out of my Helix, so no adapter required.


    What do you think?
    Or should I go with a USB solution instead?


    It should work yes.

  14. 19 minutes ago, Adam_F said:

    Line level is hotter that mic level, so sending line level into a device expecting mic level may result in clipping, is that right?


    Clipping? Depends; if there is a pad activated, or a low track volume, or negative gain (attenuation) etc... It could clip, and probably will sound awfully noisy....but that's not gonna explode anything.


    19 minutes ago, Adam_F said:

    But what about the opposite? 

    Will it have any negative consequences (other than lower volume) if you set output level to mic when plugging into, for example, active studio monitors which expect line level?


    Nothing bad happen. Just a very low level, since a MIC signal is expecting a preamp which won't be found in a device INput set at line level.

  15. 2 minutes ago, CraigGT said:

    There is a hardware test mode that can prove the function of all the controls, I can't remember what footswitch combo it is at the moment though.


    Rack doesnt have Test Mode.

  16. 1 hour ago, csantost said:


    Very true indeed!


    Thanks for the video and all the info.


    It would be cool if our l6 boxes could act as host as well (as I originally thought possible) but it is what it is and it is very cool already. :)



    Well, Helix has already a full MIDI DIN loop available (IN/OUT-THRU), so in theory a internal Host would have been a bit overkill for the average market of the Helix. Then, if as the OP you run out of MIDI ports, and you want to go wireless through Helix USB, you could buy a little MIDI USB HOST (a little computer that does the job of managing MIDI IN/OUT data flow), and plug your BT Wireless MIDI there. Like that one in the pic i posted. Helix USB cable goes into that box USB A Host, and there you go....you have 1 extra MIDI Loop available to go wireless. That's pretty much my setup, as my Helix MIDI DIN ports are connected to a set of loopers, and USB goes into iPad (my host), to control the Helix with hands, and propagate the Helix midi to other wireless controllers (like an old BCR2000 with a quicco, that I use to changes on the fly few Helix blocks params)... OP has an iPad, like me, so he didnt really need another HOST (hence my original suggestion)...



  17. 3 hours ago, nan_wpg said:

    Hi guys. I just got my brand new helix rack! 

    I just did the obligatory fondling of the product, played with all the buttons, dials, etc. sat and looked at it thinking “man am I lucky!”


    one thing I did notice and maybe it’s nothing, but the joystick “clicks” once when I push up, and also left. When I push down there are 2 “clicks” but when I push right there’s no click but rather a “scrunch”


    it appears to be working I.e it dials what it’s supposed to and clicks around the menu as it should. I just imagined it would “click” all the way around. 

    defective, and possibly ready to break, or no big deal. 

    this is my first “big” line6 purchase. It’s a floor model (still with new warranty) so it’s possible someone “did” something, but I was assured the rack was not on full display


    mine does 100% the same as your, still works fine.

  18. 26 minutes ago, csantost said:

    In the interest of continuing this conversation and learn a bit more about our devices uses and its functionalities...


    I read the below statement on the hx stomp manual regarding midi:

    "HX Stomp transmits and responds to MIDI messages over USB in the same manner as via its MIDI connectors."


    This confused me a bit as my understanding from it is that the USB MIDI functions just like the regular MIDI connectors, and hence direct connection between devices using USB would be possible.  However, this contradicts what PierM explained above, which btw made sense to me.


    Any thoughts on this one anybody?


    There is no contradiction, if you understand what have been said.... :)


    Just watch that video. Hope this finally make things clear.....lol




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  19. 39 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:


    @PierM I am really truly grateful for all the offered suggestions, also for all your MIDI tips and tricks!


    In my last post I didn't mean to be stubborn, I just concluded that the needed MIDI knowledge for this solution appears to be pretty big,

    while I thought this would be 'another easy MIDI question' to ask. Apparently I'm the first person who has ever come up with this stupid idea :-D


    My sincere apologies if I sounded ungrateful, this is certainly not the case! 

    I just received so many in-depth technical solutions that I really have to make up my mind to pick one! :-D 


    Many thanks again, you (and all of the other guys) are of great help!


    No worries. Once you get the concept, it's easy to follow the logic;


    USB A = HOST

    USB B, USB B micro = USB Peripheral


    USB MIDI Comunication = USB Peripheral <---------------------------> HOST = USB B <-----------------CABLE--------------------> USB A


    NO USB Comunication (WRONG CONNECTION) = USB Peripheral <--------------------------->USB Peripheral = USB B <---------------CABLE-------------->USB B


    Helix = USB Peripheral = USB B

    H9 = USB Peripheral = USB B Micro

    CME WIDI USB = USB Peripheral = USB A direct (Since doesn't need a cable and goes directly connected to HOST)


    iPad = HOST (USB A, through the Camera Kit adapter)

    Laptop = HOST (USB A)

    PC = HOST (USB A)


  20. 29 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    I really thought this whole thing would be so easy: just connect a CME WIDI BUD USB Adapter to my Helix with a USB A-to-USB B-converter so I can connect my Helix to my iPad. And that would be all :-D


    Even after reading those articles about MIDI it’s hard for me to understand why this won’t work :-D


    CME WIDI USB is a USB device, and needs an HOST (You plug the WIDI to a laptop [HOST], you connecto to a BT keyboard [USB Device]...and stuff like that). Helix is NOT an host, is another device. So, as well as with the H9, connecting helix usb to CME WIDI USB, is like connecting a Printer to a Mouse....You keep thinking an USB port design, as just a matter of design. It is NOT. The design changes, as the purpose is different. Just read the info I linked, it's all explained. ;)


    ....At some point, since you seems lacking MIDI and USB basics, you have either to believe users here who knows that stuff, or experiment yourself your own route, at your own risk.

    At this point, you've been suggested with many options available, but I see you keep searching for something different, so yeah, feel free to experiment buying random stuff and connecting random adapters to random ports. ;)

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  21. 49 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    Oh that’s a great idea as well, never thought of that. But that means I need a very specific USB cable...


    It's not gonna work.


    USB Midi (as any other USB protocol), needs a device to Host communication. Helix and H9 are devices, Host is a computer, or a tablet, an ipad, etc. This is why you have different USB ports there.


    When you inter-connect two USB peripherals (helix and H9) via USB (forcing the connection through adapters), you have two peripherals with nothing to say each other, since it's the HOST that manages and translates data traffic between USB peripherals. Connecting Helix with H9 is more or less like connecting a Printer to a Mouse.




    EDIT: Also, in general, never force a direct link between USB devices, unless you don't know what you are doing. Not the case here, as USB B doesn't transport voltage, but USB A does, as well as many other protocols and ports. So, my advice, if you don't know how things are working, never try to force a connection between two devices with different ports, as happens that those ports are different for a good reason, and you may fry something just messing around... ;)

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  22. 23 minutes ago, Rezzy777 said:

    Is a loop necessary? Currently I only use the MIDI Out of my Helix. I don’t use the MIDI In. Is that bad somehow?


    MIDI Out is mandatory yes, as it's giving the power to the transmitter. So, if you dont need to send anything back to Helix, you can just plug the Helix out. For the H9, if you need to control it through the Helix MIDI commands, down to H9 MIDI IN , you need both IN and OUT connected (on the H9).


    Now I need to go. :)

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