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  1. BlueSky is an "old" pedal, and has no MIDI support.


    As for the MIDI support with other Strymon products, you find all you need to know here (on the Helix you just send CCs and PCs as for any other MIDI device);






    Love me Strymon stuff! 




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  2. 35 minutes ago, Hatman777 said:

    Hello All ,So I Was wondering If the Poly Detune is also DSP Intensive  ? 
    and also what happens when you run out of DSP ?  Do the Effects that you want to use simple become greyed out ? indicating you can't use that effect in your current chain due to DSP Limit achieved ? 
    thanks  for the clarification


    Dont forget that as soon as you only need a single stereo signal, you can always use a super serie to use all the DSP power from all the paths. Plenty of room for amps and FX.



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  3. Since it's a mandatory sequence of actions, then just release any firmware update as a PC/MAC installer, which install latest HX Edit and then the Helix firmware. So, if you check for an update from the HX Edit, it does download and install the NEW HX Edit, prior the Helix firmware. Yes, it's easy as that. Otherwise it keeps being an extremely counterintuitive hacky solution, especially for non-forum readers.

  4. 1 hour ago, emagli said:

    I have tested the Poly capo and I have to say that for me it’s not working well (pretty much my only gripe regarding an otherwise excellent firmware update). I have used the digitech drop for a couple of years now. The drop has low latency, little tone loss (mostly high end loss) up to 2 or 3 half steps detuning, and no warbling at all. For me the Poly capo has audible warble, a note attack that I do not like much, and occasional artifacts on notes played at very low volume. I’d really love to love it, but so far it’s not happening for me. Maybe I am using it wrong, I’d love to be able to use it effectively. I’ll do more testing and comparison with the drop. If you have any usage tips, they’d be most welcome. 


    I've seen today that guitars and pickups are a big variable in the equation. I do get some warbling with my telecaster, and couple of les pauls with different humbuckers. I have a great result with my Gibson LPC RK '54, equipped with a staple alnico and a vintage P90. That one works smooth with Poly, and tracking seems spot on, with both pups. Telly is the worse.

  5. Had fun for hours with Poly, still, to me feels and sound amazing. So, again, thank you L6 for the huge bonus.


    I'm a player, so I'm not there sitting in front of my stuff, with an oscilloscope, to prove algo is glitching, I don't care honestly (unless it's borked, which is not). I do also have a JTV59 armed with a tripleplay, and in some condition those are way more glitchy and warbly than what I'm experiencing with that Poly algo.


    Said that, the only glitch I find a bit annoying so far, for my playing, is that a "pulse" kicks in, when you are playing a phrase, on top of open string notes. Pretty sure that's the tracking trying to keep the "drone" notes up to date, while complex stuff is happening underneath. If they improve that, I'm sold. :)


    Really, no offense to anyone, but it's about music and having fun with it. If the approach is to over analyze everything, you'll always find something to be picky about - especially on extremely complex algos like that. I personally don't care of this approach, it's not productive. It's a free toy, works great for my style of playing, all good stuff. Funny is, I was planning to sell my Helix Rack, after this I'm keeping it a little more. :P

  6. 4 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    How so? Don't you own a Helix?



    I don't. But in case someone claims that the shifting quality is not "warbly", that needs to be put into perspective.

    And IMO there's quite better pitch shifting available (for instance, the Kemper examples I heard were quite astounding). Personally, I'd even vastly prefer a more artificial tone - but without the warble (think along the lines of an EHX HOG or POG).

    Whatever, I didn't even mean to argue about this, especially as there's little to argue about. Using PolyPitch results in plenty of artefacts as soon as you play something else but powerchords, no way around it. Still very useful, though.


    Oh man  just shut up and play LOL!

  7. 36 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Hm. Ok, each to their own, but I think it's quite a warbly affair.

    Didnt heard any warbly affair, works great over here. Im testing it just after a subtle touch of compressor, and before anything else. :) (picking techniques, instrument setup, style....etc, are in the equation btw)

  8. 3 minutes ago, lock84 said:

    Well, as I said, it's more in the sensations in the fingers than in the sound itself that you feel a big difference. That's why I asked those who could, to try.

    I tried all I can do with LT and Hx Edit, bought Ownhammer IR etc... and the feeling remained "synthetic".


    Yeah, that's really a 100% subjective experience. Could be the latency in the Podfarm? Sometimes, for example, I do enjoy a very very bit of latency (few extra milliseconds) while playing complex phrases. This usually make me more precise for some reason, but I couldnt explain exactly why. I guess it's related to how we can improve focus, based on how we do perceive our own playing, while playing. Might be, in my case, that this little lag, does give my brain enough offset to auto evaluate the playing, improving control. Dunno, just thinking loud. :)

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  9. 7 minutes ago, datacommando said:




    I stole your wet and dry MP3 files and dropped them into Logic, and without doing very much apart from adding a plate verb in Helix Native - got this.

    O.K. if you get into doing a proper analysis then they aren't exactly the same, but for the less than a couple of minutes I spent in this - I could live with it, or spend more time getting it nearer.  Although as it isn't me that is so concerned that I would go back to POD Farm - Nah! near enough.






    Not really my kind of tone,  but to my ears, Native sounds way better. The original sounds like a 1Watt amp trapped in a tin can. Shrug. :)

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  10. This sounds like an issue that needs test cycles, a diagnosis, and a repair. If you dont have proper experience, and tools, to do that, I'd say just bring it to a repair depot. Chances you are gonna make it a lot worse, are pretty high.

  11. It's since march Im using my Iridium (and other Strymon pedals), and parked Helix modeling (imho Iridum plays in a different league). Using Helix primarly as a signal 'router' and to add some exotic stuff that I cant do with pedals. Really great stuff!

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  12. 2 hours ago, phowell said:

    ...stuff like USB flash drive support, wifi support, touch screen, etc.


    None of which would affect the tone. 


    ...miss the days where people weren't so obessed by "new stuff", and youtube reviews...


    /oldfart Mode Off

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  13. Dunno, but I've the feeling you don't really have a cable/adapter issue there. Probably just something basic and silly, like when you search for your glasses for minutes, then you find out they are on top of your head.


    Anyway, I'd suggest you to download the AUM app from the apple store. I think it's still free.


    This app route anything to anywhere, does recognize any device connected through the lighting port with the adapter, and does unlock every single USB channel from/to your Helix, other than opening MIDI i/o talk with it. You don't need this app for your final goal, but if you can't "ping" your Helix with this app, then means the iPhone is probably the problem.

    I'm an intensive user of these toys. I do have 3 iPad from different gen, and 3 different camera kits. I never, ever, had any problem in any situation. It's a compliant protocol that just works like plugging a light into a wall socket, so if you said your Helix USB works fine in any other I/O task, and your USB cable does just works (really, never seen one of those cables not working), then the isolated variable here it's the iPhone. Model? OS? Time for a reset?


    Give AUM app a try, and see what happen. http://kymatica.com/apps/aum

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