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  1. Helix Rack+Control, 2.8


    BUG: I don’t have this available on my Globals


    Pedal Position Indicator

    Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control
    A new Global Settings > Displays > Pedal Position Display parameter lets you determine whether the scribble strip above the expression pedal temporarily displays the expression pedal position ("Temporary") or remains visible ("Persistent").

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  2. 9 hours ago, pinoy1 said:

    Hello folks, 

    I don't know if this is a bug or intended for ver2.0 in Powercab.  Before the new update, when I use my PowerCab + with backing tracking, the backing tracking sound was NOT affected when I'm in 'Speaker' mode.  Meaning, the backing tracking sound is clear and NOT muffled whether I'm using any of the speaker immolation.  

    Now, after the update, the sound of my backing tracking sounds like muffled when I'm on speaker immolation.  Basically, it is using whatever speaker immolation eq I selected.  


    My set up: Guitar -> Helix -> PowerCab (via digital cable) and computer via usb -> Powercab.  


    Please advise.  




    EDIT: sorry didnt see you posted the exact chain. So you are using the USB into the PC for the backing track. I tried the same, and it seems working fine here. Speaker models arent being applied to that.




    Everything that does go from Helix into the Powercab, whatever the connection between them (link, xlr, 1/4"), will be treated the same way from the Powercab simulation (not immolation, that's a wrong word).


    The only way I could think, would be to NOT use any speaker simulation on the powercab, set it up as FRFR, and then send the backing track from USB—> Helix to Powercab, without anything in the middle, and another path with your amp and cab, and effects, for the guitar.


    As soon as the Powercab it's simulating a speaker, everything you'll be sending to it, will receive that simulation.

  3. The point is, for me, that well above 1000, I cant buy a digital amp (the value lifespan of these products its waaaay shorter than a real amp). I love modeling, I love the Helix, but for 1400 Im not buying a line 6 amp, no way. :)


    Also, I paid 899 for a Fh1500, which is a complete system, dsp, W/D/W, variax support etc...


    Let’s see if it’s just a spike. For now it’s a no for me. :)



  4. 3 minutes ago, spikey said:

    Thanks for confirming that this is not on my end.


    OK and I understand this as you cant write over the Cabinet software in this way, but I wish that they (Line-6) would have explained this a bit better in the upgrade writeup under PC +'s, because had I not looked at the current cab after hitting the "select" switch on both PC+ units, I would never have known if it did indeed switch to the cabs I selected in HX-Edit. Obvious for some I guess, but not to me. The only clue was that it said: "edited". I worked back and forth for around 3 hours yesterday before I figured this out when a small paragraph (about 15 seconds for someone fast) on how this "specifically" worked now could have saved me (and maybe others) some time. Yea, I know they were busy and I appreciate everything- so don't anyone get their panties in a wad. ; )


    Thanks again PierM for confirming. 


    You're welcome!

  5. Yes, the update it's just amazing, and to me the new software in the unit does seems more responsive (also the boot it's quicker).

    It's 3 years, almost 4, I've been using the Helix....and I'm sure it's not placebo, but this update seems producing less latency. Dunno, but I feel like I'm more connected to the instrument during fast playing, which always been a feeling I only had with my tube amps. Could be my head, but don't think so, since I wasn't expecting that much on this aspect. Could be the new core removed some cycle from the calculations, I don't know, doesn't matter, works great!

    The powercab integration it's really making this a dream rig now. Really outstanding job! The Link seems way more stable than before, no more hanging powercabs, no more disconnections like I was getting before the update with my two PC+. New features like the rotary joystick assigned to left/right movements along the path, are just the cherry on the cake.

    Great job guys, I'm a proud owner. :)

  6. 18 minutes ago, spikey said:

    No one else is experiencing this?


    Yes I confirm the same behaviour.


    Looks like the communication isn't sending a real PC+ preset change, but it's just editing the preset you are on, when you boot up the speakers.


    If you ask me, this makes perfectly sense to me, since the Helix doesn't know where those speaker presets are on your cabs (for example, I moved those in different presets, and I renamed them, so they aren't matching stocks), and IF they are there still. The way they programmed this, isn't asking any arbitrary input from the user (you don't have to tell where your speaker models are, like with IRs). So it does just edit the preset you are on, sending and receiving only from that slot, which is probably the only way to make this working.



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  7. 2 hours ago, enjalt said:

    Just read the instructions..... the message "boot failure. entered update mode" is totaly normal......


    10 minutes ago, enjalt said:

    Did you at least read or follow the procedure mentionned at the download page?


    They're pretty clear about what (or not) to do


    The fact you didn't have the problem, doesn't mean people it's stupid. There is plenty of people (I'm one of those) that didn't get the Helix recognized again after the message, and this ends in a updater stuck at 50%. Try to be helpful, if you can't just don't post. I mean, downvoting a guy asking for help? Really?



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  8. 54 minutes ago, tstanfield said:

    Read the instructions for update numerous times, followed those instructions exactly and now i've been in 'boot failure, entered update mode' for well over an hour, should i keep waiting?  At what point should i take action and what should that action be?  Any help is appreciated and please don't ask if i followed the instructions, i did.


    What this update does attempt, it's a "hot swap" of the core, so at around 50% of the update, the unit it's being rebooted automatically, which means the device it's being pulled off from windows (and from USB port) and then pulled in again after the unit reboot. All this stuff happen while the updater stays in "listening" mode, waiting for the unit to come back, relink to the drivers, and complete the update.


    Looks like this process sometimes isn't working, as the unit isn't being pulled back and recognized properly after the reboot, so the updater stays in listening mode forever, or does fail to update at some point.


    Anyway, go in the above thread and try the solutions listed. 

  9. 1 minute ago, clamdiper said:

    I am 100% busted. Read through all this and nothing helps. Stuck in the Boot failure screen and can't even get Global Reset to work. Says it's initiating then it goes back into the same error.

    I take it I now have a $1500 boat anchor?


    If you run the Helix (it should put itself in update mode, since it's failing to start the firmware), and then the Line 6 updater, what does the updater says? Just start from there, and see how the updater see your helix.


    It should show you the firmware version (broken) on the unit. If does says 2.7, try reinstalling the 2.7.


  10. 10 minutes ago, MarkeG said:

    I have the Rack and I'm stuck and can't get past the above Boot Failure screen  

    I reinstalled HX updater and edit but still can't get past the Failure screen to reinstall 

    How do I Reset to Factory Defaults or initiate Manual Update Mode on the Rack any thing to get me past this Boot Failure screen so Update and Edit  can see the unit again ?



    Based on what happened to me today, I would suggest this;

    1. Start the Rack while pressing the encoders 1 and 6, this should put the rack into update mode (KEEP THE HELIX CONTROL OFF).
    2. Start the Line 6 updater 1.17 (the latest) and see how your unit is now enumerated (firmware version number)
    3. If does show Helix Rack 2.8, then you can try reinstalling the firmware and see what happens
    4. If does show Helix Rack 2.x, then you should reinstall THAT SPECIFIC firmware; for example, if it's showing Helix Rack 2.7, try reinstalling the firmware 2.7.
    5. If you manage to roll back to a stable firmware just try again the procedure but this time, when the helix reboot itself, DO NOT shut it off, just do NOTHING to it and wait for the updater to finish and/or fail.
    6. If the updater does fail, just keep the Helix as it is (DO NOT TURN IT OFF) and restart the updater.
    7. At this point go back to point 2 again.
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  11. This is coming from a FH1500 user, and that now also has two PC+ 112; If you want REAL stereo, you need TWO separate cabs.

    Having stereo in a single cab isnt really giving you proper air between the signals, doesnt really work imho.

    Also, that’s gonna be heavy as hell. My 2C...(Id be more interested to test them as mono 2x12)

  12. The new option to use the rotary joystick to move back and forth along the path, IT IS AMAZING!!! No more pain clicking left and right and turning the rotary by mistake...

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  13. 16 minutes ago, Rocco_Crocco said:

    I am. Been stuck at 50% for 90 minutes. Helix Floor. I am afraid to re-boot, and not sure how to access the manual update mode you refernced above. There are others with the same problem on TGP.


    The solution for me was TO NOT reboot the helix, but only restart the updater.

    If when you restart the updater, it will see your helix as 2.8, means it has been enumerated as 2.8, and you can try installing 2.8 again. It should then start quickly from there, and complete the process in a matter of minutes.


    Good luck!

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  14. 43 minutes ago, silverhead said:

    I encountered a similar (perhaps the same) issue during beta testing. The update stopped midway, as I was expecting, and then stalled. Helix Rack would not reboot, and the Updater program would no longer recognize it when connected (i.e. it was not 'enumerating' in Line 6 Updater). Here's the advice I received from Line 6 at that time, and it worked for me:


    .... if it is not enumerating in Line 6 Updater you may want to try to put it into manual update mode and see if it enumerates. I believe on Rack the shortcut to do so is holding down encoders 1 & 6 while powering on the rack. 

    If it still does not enumerate then you may need to try another computer if you have one available. 


    If you can get it to enumerate, attempt to upgrade to whatever version of firmware it is showing again. (If it shows 2.71 on boot install 2.71 again etc.)


    I put my Helix Rack in update mode. Line 6 Updater then recognized the device and showed v2.80 firmware installed (even though it did not complete). I restarted the v2.80 update and things proceeded smoothly from there. The update was successfully completed and the Rack was recovered.


    Hope this helps.








    It worked out! The rack wasn't recognized anymore after the reboot, so after a while the updater was stopping the installation with an error.

    This time I kept the helix where it was, as I've seen that after restarting the updater the helix was recognized as hosting a 2.8 firmware (even if failed at 50%).

    Kept the rack as it was, in its previous state and started the update again. The updater after a bit installed the remaining 50% and completed the process!


    I took a picture for every step above.




    Thanks everyone!! 

  15. 2 minutes ago, phil_m said:


    It take a little while from what I remember.


    Just failed again.

    Does fail on the rack before, and reboot, then after a while with the updater red bar (stuck at around 50%), does fail there too.


    So it's like that;


    1. Starts updating, the progress bar arrives at around 50%
    2. Rack show a fail and reboot
    3. Does auto enter in boot mode
    4. progress bar stay there, at 50% for a while (like 5 or 6 minutes)
    5. Updater declare a failed update
  16. I followed every single word and step as described in the sticky update post.


    I've got a install failure while updating to 2.8 (helix rack, with controller turned off). Also the updated stopped, for an error.


    Reboot in boot mode and tried again, the install does stop at 5% and fail again.

    Tried rolling back to 2.7 or an earlier firmware in boot mode, keep failing at 5%.


    Please help, this is a fresh unit with 3 days of life....

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