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  1. On 6/2/2022 at 9:53 PM, Klydelovell said:

    Was it via a midi cable?  It may be jitter, which I hope not, but the other device listening to the source (which is a Circuit Tracks) is an MC101, and it seems to be fine.  That said, maybe the 101 is really accepting, I'll have to do some experiments, because my RC202 can't take jitter from the Circuit Tracks.  That said, I've asked people more knowledgeable than me if the Tracks has jitter, and I've gotten that *if* it does, it's .1, maybe .2 off.


    The test I did between zoia and stomp was via two WIDI master, and really worked. I even tried with no subdivisions (1/1), and tremolo was pulsing in sync with blue flashing. Also tried setting a delay in the zoia clocked togheter with the Stomp tremolo, and they were locked properly. Of course this wont help you much as your setup is different, but imho that is how it should behave.


    As for the jitter, I remember getting problems with some hardware that I tried to use as clock source (via midi cable this time), and that Helix didnt manage to follow...but in that case I remember the blue flashing was clearly off and erratic (sometimes even flashing red in between blue, which means disconnections from the clock).

  2. Just go back to the store and pick another one. This is not something you can fix yourself, without voiding the warranty and stressing yourself for no reason. :)

  3. Description gave me an headache. These things, without a sound sample of the problem and a very specific documentation on power sources, routing, devices involved and settings, are just opening a door for an infinite list of assumptions, guessing or different interpretations of that "tremolo" effect.


    Never had/heard something similar tho.

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  4. On 5/12/2022 at 7:38 PM, willyjacksonjs22 said:

    But it’s a drastically change with helix native and not with other amp sims?


    Well, it depends on the frequency spectrum you are generating with any of those sims (**), and the dB at the mix output that it's hitting the speakers. There is nothing, native side (as any other VST), that it's changing when you change speakers.


    (**) that's A LOT of variables between the two different VST code and presets

  5. When you change the sound pressure, without compensate the volume delta, your ears will perceive the tone differently. Biggr the delta, the wider the difference. It's the Fletcher Munson curve.


    At low listening volumes – mid range frequencies sound more prominent, while the low and high frequency ranges seem to fall into the background.

    At high listening volumes – the lows and highs sound more prominent, while the mid range seems comparatively softer.


    Yet in reality, the overall tonal balance of the sound remains the same, no matter what the listening volume.

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  6. On 4/24/2022 at 12:38 AM, markwesse said:

    Sorry if wasnt clear.


    Previously on POD HD500/X




    So you had to use a separate midi to communicate with computer. 

    Could anyone confirm that Helix has a working midi port via usb (the hd500 even had a usb/midi port appear on computer but you couldnt use it??? Great ux that one)


    Ah ok.


    Yes, Helix has a full bidirectional MIDI and Midi Clock, over USB.

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  7. None of the PCs has slots to plug the casters. I guess you could easily mount something like these instead of the rubber feets, but then you'd probably lose the built in tilt feature;



  8. On 4/21/2022 at 1:12 PM, steve97 said:



    After doing a bit more research, is it possible that the issue may lie with the potentiometers, in that the Moog EP-3 has a 100k pot and the HX Stomp requires a 10k pot? 


    I believe it's a mix of both, pot value much higher than required, and the way the HX Stomp is sensing control voltage from that TRS, instead the expected TS. That EXP on the back is actually two TS ports (one feeding back to sleeve, and the other to the ring), not a single TRS pedal port. Not even sure how's possible you get it working without the 0/100/0 issue, but yeah, isnt really a ideal setup.


    Anyway, your pedal has nothing wrong. Is L6 that went completely out of standards with exp pedals.


    You could easily mod it with a different pot and wiring TS, but this would make it not compatible with other pedals.

  9. On 4/20/2022 at 3:47 AM, TomGriesgraber said:

    Hi all,


    I'm just starting to work with the looper in the HX Stomp. I've set up command center to have the three buttons as: Play/Stop, Rec/OD, Undo   Is there a way though to have a basic erase/clear/reset for the looper? I know in the one button looper setup it's simple, like (I may be remembering wrong) double click and hold? But I'm not sure there's a function like that with the Command Center 3 button setup? 


    Also, is there a way to setup one of the connected Expression pedals to control the loop output volume? Or is there a MIDI CC number that does that? 


    Thanks much!





    Unfortunately there is not a dedicated erase command for the Looper. If you loop has been stopped, as soon as you press rec again, previous one is gone and new is being recorded. It's a bummer, but it is what it is. Never tried that myself as I don't use that looper, but maybe you can program a sequence of CCs to simulate a Stop/Rec/Play/Stop. Not sure if this make sense tho, since - as said above - as soon as you press record after a loop stop, it's starting with a new loop anyway.


    As for the output volume of the loop, you could simply assign the Exp pedal to control the Playback parameter of the looper block. There is not a reserved CC for that, so you have to assign it within the block. I guess you could then save that looper block with the exp assignment as fav.

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  10. The stomp wont accept a TRS exp pedal without doing weird things. The TRS it's expecting two separate circuits, that you can set in the globals as exp pedals or footswitches. The dedicated Mission SP1-L6H has a TRS cable because the pedal has a toe footswitch, so its two circuits.


    Just wondering how are you actually connecting that TRS from the pedal, to the TRS on the Stomp...could be you are hitting 100% way before the end of the pot travel. 

  11. I do use a USB fixed cable than runs underneath my pedalboard, which has an angled USB B plug to prevent kicking damages. The other side of the cable (USB A) does pop from the other side of the board, ready to be used when needed (when not in use it's just velcroed on the side). Means you plug it once and forget. 






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  12. There are no "tricks" to do what you are asking. You can't bypass a cab within an Amp+Cab block, and you can't switch between Amp+Cab to the same Amp, without cab, on the fly.


    You can ask this on ideascale, but honestly I wouldn't hold my breath on this to be implemented. 

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  13. On 4/7/2022 at 12:27 PM, datacommando said:

    Allan Holdsworth’s SynthAxe was up for sale - it’s sold now, but quite possibly it was the wrong price for you. Crazy money!





    Actually it was a GREAT price, considering the previous owner. But importing this beast to Italy, would cost +~45% on top of that money.

  14. I had the luck to play a Synthaxe back in late '80, and was just a piece of alien gear. Stiff strings and very odd feeling at first, primarily because you have to forget about picking and use the fretboard more like a keyboard (also you have to learn new techniques for the right hand which needs some time).... but the responsiveness was just amazing. I honestly don't remember any latency or warble, or glitches. You could also set the instrument in keyboard mode, so you had to go into chord position on the fretboard, then play that chord through the little keyboard controller onboard, which was also sending velocity and/or expression. Just mind blowing. I wish I bought that stuff when I had the chance to. (it was for sale in north Italy, and pre-owned by the italian singer and great guitar player, Pino Daniele)


    I can't believe nobody did a replica of this instrument. I would buy it instantly (for the right price). 



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