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  1. Think it has more to do with the potentiometer than the wattage.  With real electronics, sometimes 3/10 is really loud vs other times you have to get to 6/10 to get the same volume, and sometimes going form 7-10 yields barely noticeable volume increase vs giant increase.   Doesn't really have to do with watts, just the way the volume works.  Of course more watts has the potential to play louder, but the volume increase won't be directly correlated to the watts, ex; a 100 watt won't be 10x louder than a 10 watt, maybe I dunno like twice as loud;




    a doubling of electrical power only yields an increase of +3 dB. Increasing the power tenfold will yield an increase of +10 dB and is a doubling of perceived loudness.


    and yeah I think L6 tried to reproduce more how the original amp controls work, rather than having some sort of normalized volume for different amps.  But yeah I'm guessing that at the same time, at max volume, all amps should have similar volume outputted from the Go, like I wouldn't make much sense if you required a 100W amp to get decent volume out of the Go!

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  2. Jesus...!  Pod Go just exploded in my face.  I was playing with Snapshots, basically had 4 snapshots based on the Revv Red channel, 1-3 were very heavy distortion, some metal and lead tones, and the 4th had a clean tone.  So basically 0 distortion and pumped up volumes on the IR, reverb, etc., to get similar volume between snapshots.  Once I get something half decent, saved, and then...


    I had the misfortune to switch back to snapshot 1 and it literally exploded in my face.  The volume literally jumped from 3 to 100 for a sec...!  Almost gave me a heart attack...  That volume jump was CRAZY LOUD...!!!   My ears are still ringing... 


    So that's how it is huh?  PGO doesn't change all the snapshot parameters at once, it does it sequentially and during that time, you can get all sorts of nonsense happening as it's switching snapshots?  Any advice or rules as to avoid this occurring again?  I'm guessing it might be far worse depending on individual settings or amps... The more variation in parameter settings the bigger the 'in between' garbage can be...  


    Really surprised I've never seen this brought up in the past.  It's a pretty darn big issue with snapshots...  I mean, the snapshots are a workaround for the gap when switching patches, but they've got their limitative set of shortcomings also... That's a pretty big one, as snaphots aren't really as seamless as they should, and yeah honestly, that could damage speakers and the such.  Not to mention if it happened live for some reason..!


    (and to be clear, none of the snapshots were actually loud, just the in-between non-existent snapshot settings were incredibly loud..)

  3. If your monitors and your Go are connected to your PC you can output the sound of your Pod Go via the PC to your Monitors; using DAW; Audacity, Garageband or something of the such.  Have you tried this?   Does it sound the same?


    Does it sound anything like this or not?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V6-nCYt88A


    You could also try to use headphone out with adapter to Adams using unbalanced, see if it does a difference.. 

  4. Yeah a lot of people will act like 12 year old girls and buy all sorts of products their idols are selling, so you really have to be careful not to fall in the fanboy/fangirl trap, be it that your idol is a rock star, a boy band group, a teacher, a company, etc.


    So in your particular case, I think you should question the inherent value of choosing a product based on your idol's merch.  It might seem super exciting to you to sound like your favourite guitar player, but that won't happen by buying a pedal or a bunch of patches.  So I'd just cross that off the equation.  But hey, maybe that's really important for you, and if that's the only option you have to get specific sounds...  It may still warrant buying a Pod Go.  YMMV.


    As for which processor to buy...  It's really a personal choice, really depends on your personal taste & requirements .  You really have to do your homework, there's already a bunch of threads here discussing, there's lots of comparisons on YT, and like you said, every new unit on the market will have some hype attached to it which you have to try to ignore, and the worse, lots of paid reviews where shills are literally paid to give a great review for a product...!   Doesn't necessarily means that it's a bad product, just that you can't really trust everything you read or hear.


    Besides wanting to buy the patches, what are you looking for?  What are your specific requirements/uses?  What do you think your 500 is lacking?  What are you trying to improve?






  5. Yeah so 'small' weakness of PGO; as mentioned when switching preset, there's a cut out in the sound, something like 1/3 second, plus the delays/reverbs cut out... 


    You can configure 'snapshots', allows you to change parameters of your blocks (ex; distortion pedal, amp drive (ex; drive 3 -> 10), reverb mix/time/etc), but you're not allowed to change blocks themselves, nor their order.  But, then there's no sound cut out and the delays and reverb carries.  So if you're using an amp which can go from clean to dirty, or a distortion pedal, you can use snapshot to go from lead to clean and whatnot.


    But yeah, that limitation is something I think many of its competitors do not have.

  6. On 12/24/2022 at 10:42 AM, silverhead said:

    Every class action lawsuit needs a first claimant. Seems you’re very confident about the outcome. Why don’t you start the ball rolling? For a few hundred dollars you could probably hire a lawyer to file the first claim. Seems like a good investment. As you say, you could end up with millions!


    Especially damages for pain and suffering...  It's not just the guitarists who has suffered, it's all of their audiences, as they were unknowingly exposed to this guitar tone which obviously was not appropriate.  Think of the children.


    Heh but yeah seriously likely is an issue with recalls, false advertising and whatnot.  Not sure many PGO users to benefit from the lawsuit, as always, the only real winners of the story would be the lawyers.

  7. On 12/13/2022 at 11:48 AM, adauria said:


    I was not aware of this and it was the nature of my question above. Do you know if it's possible (other than testing with a buffer, since I don't trust my ears entirely) if this has been fixed in a given unit? I just got mine a month ago from Sweetwater, but if there's an easy test or serial number cutoff, etc. I'd love to know. 


    I  mean, I can and should test with a buffered pedal, but regardless of the unit's status I fully expect that it will sound brighter just due to the nature of buffer. Brighter or louder may sound better in direct comparisons but might not really be fair or a good way to compare. I'm really just curious if my unit would improve with a "fix" or not give nthat it seems to be new production. 


    Thank you!


    The buffer should be pretty transparent; should not add brightness.  So your test could be simply to have a empty pod go patch (no amp, cab or any block) then output to amp, then plug your guitar direct to amp, and see if you hear a difference.

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  8. Whether you put a boost at the start or end would make a big difference; more distortion, boosts the reverb, delays, etc.,   The harder you hit an amp, the distortion increase, so it would not be the same. 


    But as for "at the end of the blocks or after the output?", you can't really put anything after the 'output' (the last non-editable block), so unless you're talking hacked patch, no idea what you mean!  But yeah, where ever you put you FX Loop block in your chain will have an effect, albeit to a varying degree.

  9. Quote

    I can't seem to get a reasonable Line Level out of the headphones.


    Weird...  How does it sound with headphones connected to the Go?


    There's a couple of places where you can increase volume;   the amp has 2 volume settings, cabs  you can get a +6dB, pedal blocks, there's the output block.  There's also a global EQ where you can add gain... (or could potentially have reduced your signal)


    I'm using my Go in hte exact same way;  headphone out -> adapter -> mini to RCA -> amp, and the Go's output level is more than sufficient!  Same issue on all patches? 


    Have you tried plugging a cell phone or other device in your stereo to see if the volume level you then get is the same or better?

  10. Fixed! I remembered that there are 2 FX loop blocks in the Go.  A mono and a stereo.  But the pedals hooked to the FX Loop aren't Stereo, and the patch had a Stereo FX Loop configured...  So it might explain why when you send a stereo signal to a mono pedal, only the left channel is returned... 


    So, fixing = changing Stereo FX block to Mono.  What's weird is that I don't remember having to do that in the past, maybe the default block is mono and that 1 patch for some reason had the FX configured as Stereo...  Yep, looks like that's the case, basically all of the patches I typically use the FX block with had it configured mono, and only a couple of others had Stereo...


    Strange I never noticed the issue before the amp change!

  11. [edit:  TLDR; Not an amp issue; FX Mono vs Stereo block issue.  Setting to Mono fixes left muted channel.]


    I don't get it...  I just switched amp, everything is working beautifully, except now when I turn on the FX loop, which is sitting at the end of my block chain, now the right speaker goes mute...  What's really strange is that with my previous amp, it did not do that..  Turning on/off the FX Loop did not mute the right speaker, so it must have converted the signal to mono for the FXLoop Out, and then played the FX Loop In (mono) but through both speakers, which it is no longer doing...  And I can't really figure out what could be causing it... 


    On my previous mini-amp, it was:  

        Go headphone out 6.35mm -> adapter ->  3.5 mm cable ->  Amp 'Audio Input'  (3.5mm)



       Go headphone out 6.35mm -> adapter ->  3.5mm to L&R RCA -> amp L&R RCA in


    Any idea?!  Thanks!


    Check out this page:  https://helixhelp.com/models?categoryId=2&subCategoryId=6


    It's actually something that's pretty fun to do;  looking up which is the original pedal/amp in the Go, doing some research on the original and watching videos about them, then using the Go as if it was the real thing, which it is but at the same time isn't.


    Some of the newer models are documented in the release notes of the patch.  But yeah, that sort of documentation is lacking, as L6 doesn't really have one place with the info.

  13. On 11/7/2022 at 1:02 PM, daveaphotopod said:

    If those are good specs


    Sensitivity ~= how loud they play given a signal.   Higher = less loud.  So it's not whether it's good or bad, just how hard they are to drive.  You have $5000 headphones that are 80 ohms and $30 headphones which are the same, doesn't mean much other than the higher the number, the harder to drive and the more likely you're to require an headphone amplifier to drive them properly (loud).


    Did the test and reported the results in a previous thread, basically, you should be able to go deaf with the Go + V6.  I had acceptable volume with 600 ohm headphones, but it was not loud; like almost bare minimum.


    Note that the Go is a bit ...... lame when it comes to volume, some patches are loud, other are not, so you might have to fiddle with amp & cab & effects volume to get 'normal' volume.  And don't be afraid to go 100% volume on Go.  It's not worse than 50% volume, hell, Line 6 should have the foresight to make the volume go to 11.  11 is always better than 10 or 100%...

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  14. On 11/4/2022 at 12:32 AM, voxman55 said:

     historically we could be looking 4-6 months for the next Pod Go firmware update. 


    Version 3.50.0 -  Released 11/3/22 ->  ??? 

    Version 3.15.0   Released 2/8/22 -> Version 1.40.0 - Released 7/19/22 

    Version 3.10.0  Released 4/15/21 -> Version 1.30.0 - Released 10/5/21  

    Version 3.01.0  Released 12/4/20 ->  Version 1.21.0 - Released 3/25/21 


    Yep! 4-6 months is pretty much spot on!


    For which will make it in, traditionally, it's been 'everything' except what is too intensive to fit in the go, so you could use this to see what costs what, comparatively tow what we got or didn't, can give a good idea:   https://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/


    For the new cabs, reduction in DSP sounds great.  If I'm reading the table from above correctly, it appears that an IR costs 10% more DSP than using a cab, so yeah saving that 10% for an IR plus whatever new cab saves, would add up to a ton of DSP!  Hopefully it makes it..  And yeah more tweak ability can't hurt.



    New Cabs and IRs now use 66-80% Less DSP

    Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, Helix Native, HX Effects [IRs only], HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL




    Due to further improvements to Helix Core, new Cabs and 1024-point IRs use roughly 66% less DSP as older Hybrid cabs and IRs in 3.15 and earlier versions. A new Cab > Dual block uses less DSP than a single Hybrid cab block and the new IR > Dual block uses less DSP than a single IR block in 3.15. 2048-point IRs use roughly 80% less DSP, although they still use a lot of memory, so they're still limited to one instance per path. NOTE: Older Hybrid cabs use the same amount of DSP as in earlier firmware.


  15. Different ways; simplest is simply disabling the cab block in all of your patches.



    Do you use Amp out into the PCAB or main out (mono)?

    Yes.  In the global settings, you can set in  "ins/outs", "amp out source" "pre cab/ir" to disable everything before the cab block, but you'll lose any effects blocks after cab, but if this is set to "main out", ti's the same as main out.



    Where does CAB go in signal chain in Podgo?

    Off; if you're using external cab emulation and you don't need podgo cab emulation.


    Typically;   OD/compression pedal -> amp -> cab -> modulation/reverb/delay.  It does make a difference where the cab is in sound, so if you decide to go always last, it is a compromise in terms of flexibility. (not that it'll sound 'worse', but it has an effect on tone, so just different, ppl typical are more used to this config, although Go allows anything)



    Am I able to keep the cab active so I can take the PODGO home and plug it directly into my DAW, or do I have to toggle it back on when I don't have my powercab? 

    Yep..  Unless you setup the cab to be the last effect of your chain in all of your patches and use the "pre cab/IR" settings in the ins/outs, you'd have to manually turn the cab block on/off depending. 


    With the setting on, you'd just have to plug the cab with amp out when you want no cab.  But, you need cab to be your last effect since you`ll lose all effects after cab.

  16. On 9/13/2022 at 11:32 AM, voxman55 said:

    I use simple pitch for Eb tuning, eg 'Sweet child of mine', and have played it with a band. Works perfectly. 


    Yeah I think the issue I was mentioning was more specific to the String Synth, the tracking itself (which note) seemed to be working well.  Maybe SS related to pickups or usage too;  location of the block, etc.  I remember seeing a vid about optimizing the synths; basically was all about creating a square wave before it hits the synth.  But anyway, totally different from just pitch shift!  For tracking, it was pretty good. Not perfect perfect, but very likely 'good enough'.


    Did you end up trying it @daveaphotopod

  17. On 9/30/2022 at 5:20 PM, Sky_Island said:

     Right now I've got it plugged into my MacBook Pro (Monterey M1 OS) via the USB cable that came with it and have it running into GarageBand as a DAW. My Pod Go and Pod Edit software are both updated to Version 1.40, and my laptop and GarageBand are both up to date. Is anybody else having a similar issue, and if so, is there any troubleshooting I can try? I really want to like the Pod Go but this problem is pretty big, because as is I can't count on this thing for live play or recording. A full second or two of latency isn't exactly workable!


    Are you sure it's not an issue with the software side of things?  Because it kinda sounds like it is...


    I would try to plug in just some headphones or output the sound directly to some other device; amp or monitors or something and see if you can reproduce the issue.


    When you're having the issue, restarting the software and unplugging the Go USB cable would be a good test.


    Also reminds me of an ultra cheap 15$ USB guitar adapter I once bought, works for 10-20m then it because unusable.  Just have it in a box somewhere..


    And last also, a DAW is not typically used for live, I think the delay thing is pretty much 'built-in', it can be minimized using different drivers and settings, but from what I recall, it'll never be perfect; it's more for recording than anything else.  But I might be wrong as I'm on expert in the field!  "A DAW or "Digital Audio Workstation" is any digital software or device that allows you to record, edit and compose your audio tracks."


    Confident this is your issue.  Using audio out of the Go, I'm pretty sure it'll work correctly, so DAW latency = DAW issue...  I tried and pretty much gave up the idea when I got the Go myself; when with amp/speakers setup.


    IMHO, For live, outputting audio from Go would work.  Go -> laptop -> house audio / speakers very likely not best route.  But laptop/DAW users might chime in and contradict this though!

  18. It's not, but it tracks pretty well 1 note.  My extremely limited experience with strings is that it often seems to bug out though; sometimes where it's supposed to go from soft to loud it doesn't go loud, just stays soft.  So...  I guess could work for recording or to play around, but I wouldn't say it's reliable enough for live or the such.

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  19. On 9/4/2022 at 9:07 PM, silverhead said:

    I’m not persuaded but don’t want to debate it. There may be others who share your opinion on this. Why not post the suggestion on Ideascale? 


    I'm cynical, so doubtful it would change anything.  I was mostly curious if other users thought it was as much as a PITA to use as I do. 


    Maybe I'll re-check it out, last time I tried posting I couldn't due to account validation.  But honestly... I have zero faith, so the only motivation I would would be rather embarrassing and puerile; à la "See?  I knew it wouldn't work..."   :/

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