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  1. Actually, i just fixed it, and amazed myself in the process

    i copied the msvcr100.dll from the

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Line6\Line 6 Updater" directory


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Line6\POD Go Edit" directory

    why it was missing still remains the core issue here, something for the boffins

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  2. On 7/6/2020 at 6:31 AM, foxtrottNB said:

    I just installed Pod Go Edit 1.11 on a Fresh installed Windows 10 (1904). Pod Go Edit does not start because of a missing dll (msvcr100.dll).

    Is the VC++ Redist not included in the installer?


    Same here........any fix?


  3. Hi, not sure if Line 6 or Cubase issue, thinking the latter, but try here anyway


    Up until 2 days ago I had PF2 working happily in Cubase 9.

    Now all of a sudden it is no longer supplying the effects to the recorded guitar track.

    Its there.

    Cubase still has PF2 in the inserts, but its almost as if it has bypassed the insert, (although it hasnt)


    So now I have a weak track missing all its Pod Farm delicious-ness.


    Being that Pod Farm ( and the respective patch) still works as stand alone, me thinks Cubase is up to something.

    But I also reserving my anger for random Windows 10 update, suspiciously about he same time.


    I am using UX2, btw.


    Please help stem the tears

  4. Hi, long time member , first time post...unfortunately


    Have had a break for about 4 years to raise some children , and upon returning to all my gear (UX2/Pod Farm/XTLive) I could not turn up Gearbox.

    I have trawled these forums for a while and it seems there are a lot of dissatisfied customers who just want to see the return of a reliable satisfactory piece of software.


    I have also had the problem of not being to download the Gearbox from the suggested links supplied here from Line 6 experts. I get the standard The webpage cannot be found message.


    The Real Zap says something along the lines of " no need for it when there are other software available that can do the job" (paraphrased). But there is no mention of names. That would be a bit more helpful. Or is this just Line 6 policy not to mention them as the are not Line 6 products.


    Its not my thing to be grumpy on blogs/forums, seems like a waste of time  talking to a computer monitor, so I would just like to strongly urge some more helpful support in

      - getting gearbox upright again,

    and or

    - explaining why it no longer is available (real reason)

     - what are the real alternatives.


    Of course, any help or positive reinforcement will be warmly appreciated.


    I've just spent 10 days trying to get a Roland Juno-D midi to work with Cubase, and only had my Eureka moment last night after 50 or so you tube vids and what seems like a 1000 forum visits. And as soon as I got it singing, the Pod Farm drivers decided to drop off my recording.... really! are you serious!! :( so I am conditioned to frustration being "business as usual" wrt audio software. 

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