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Decent accuracy laser level for beginners: Makita SK103PZ 5-Point Laser Level Review

Lasers are extremely useful when you want to use it on the construction site or when work should be up to the mark. In that case, when you are not willing to compromise on the work situation, then Makita SK103PZ laser level is the right companion to fulfill all your working requirements. Let’s dig deep into the prominent features of this model.

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Weight: 1.03pounds

Battery life: 2.25hrs

Laser class: II

Leveling type: Self-leveling

Batteries: 3AA

Working Range: 50ft

Pros of Makita SK103PZ Laser Level


The accuracy of Makita SK103PZ laser level is up to the mark, and it can provide proper alignment, whether working in a horizontal or vertical position. The horizontal line accuracy is about +/-1/8” at the distance of 30ft. If you want to work on vertical position, then accuracy is about +/-1/16” at the distance of 30ft. You will be satisfied with the range and sharpness of the beam as well.

Pendulum Lock:

During transportation and storage, chances are that the device may get damaged due to falling or harsh weather conditions, but this model has a pendulum lock for protection purposes. This pendulum lock will keep the delicate internal parts protected, and when you are transporting, then the device will be safe from damage.


If you are searching for the versatile laser level around you but unable to find it, then Makita SK103PZ is the right match for all your needs. This versatile laser level can provide almost all kinds of reference lines you need in leveling, aligning, plumbing, squaring, and many more to solve as many problems for a user as it can.

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Visibility Range:

The visibility range of Makita SK103PZ laser level is up to the mark and you will be able to witness the desired results in the field as well. The line visibility range is about 50ft, and if you are using a point, then the range is about 100ft. If the light is way too bright and not in your favor, then you may have to wait a while to witness the beam properly.

Other Features:

Makita SK103PZ laser level has also come up with other features including manual mode to lock lines at any angle, magnetic bracket for strong grip on any surface, target card, and batteries for constant support to any complex application or layout.

Cons of Makita SK103PZ Laser Level

For Extending Range:

If you are willing to attempt outdoor projects including construction, then it may not be possible for you to witness the sharp beam in daylight condition. For extending range, you need to attach the receiver and range will be extended on the device.

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Makita SK103PZ laser level is one of the reliable and durable laser levels for all the beginners out there who are looking for something accurate along with reasonable prices. This has the potential to provide you top-notch operational functions.

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