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  1. Hello Dragon, read your post on harmonizer I was wondering if the helix has a unison setting as I don’t see any setting for unison

    i had this setting on my boss gt100 and I’m trying to recreate a certain tone with the harmonizer 

    on the Gt100 I would set the harmonist  to unison and then select 1 voice and the Key I needed, and the select mix percentage as required

    then the pre delay and feedback I’d assign to the expression pedal


    so I tried to recreate something as such on the helix and well it didn’t actually work out

    any tips to see how I could port those settings into the helix


    thank you very much for your valued input




    1. DunedinDragon


      I don't think the Twin Harmony would be the right tool in this case since your not really creating a harmony, just an octave.  For that you would probably be best off using the Simple Pitch and setting the interval to +12 and the mix to whatever you need.

    2. Hatman777


      Ok thanks will def try that out 

    3. Hatman777


      Cool,That Worked Out Really Good 
      thanks so Much for the advice 

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