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    9 hours ago, grdGo33 said:

    Just to be sure, did you record with a mic the sound of the studio monitors?  If not, if just recorded through DAW and Go, then has little to do with the studio monitors...


    Also I couldn't hear any crackling.  Are you talking about a sort of 'wobble' in the sound?  To me it sounds almost like a tremolo or like you have some sort of phase issue.  I can also hear some background noise, like some hiss in the background, is that what you're referring to?


    Also, either the issue is with the Go, with the speakers, or just with a special combination of both... If it's from the Go, you'd likely get the same issue with headphones or through USB.  Are you?  If it's the speakers, well, should do the same with just music.  Does it also occur on both speakers or just one of them?  All patches, or just that one patch?  If when you're getting the issue, you edit your patch to remove some of the effects, does it have any effect on the crackle?  If you switch patch, does the issue go away and come back 5m later?  If you turn the Go on and off the issues goes away and come back 5m later?


    When recording in my previous post, I recorded with a mic the sound of my studio monitors, not through DAW. The mic did not pick up the crackling very well, but it is incredibly noticeable when in the room with the speakers, the 'wobble' isn't the issue. It occurs in both speakers, and is caused by the use of high gain, or high reverb patches, but once it starts it happens with all patches. When I switch patches the issue doesn't go away, and the crackling doesn't go away when I turn the Go off and on again.


    From some extensive chats and testing with my local music shop, the consensus reached was that I am just slamming the speakers too hard. I have tried putting a compressor at the end of my signal chain to ease the strain on the speakers as well - which possibly has helped, but it only gives me an extra 5-10mins before the crackling comes back again.


    So yeah, the only option I think that is left is that I am just slamming the speakers, and they are too small for what I am trying to do with them.

  2. 2 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    Headrush FRFR108

    Thanks very much voxman55, I will have a look into this, it sounds like a good option for me.


    9 hours ago, grdGo33 said:

    So yeah, might not be super hard to want more volume than the  25w/side + smaller drivers can handle...

    Thanks for all the information there grdGo33, I think I am pushing my speakers too hard...


  3. Thanks very much for the help. Just to double check and get another opinion - do you think that the problems I am having with my speakers crackling after playing higher gain/ reverb tones would be caused by having 4.5" speakers? Does it sound to you like I am just driving them too hard for what they are built for? I had someone at my local music store check the speakers for me with their gear, and they couldn't replicate the crackling...

    Thanks for the help

  4. Hey all,


    I've been having big problems with my current studio monitors (Presonus Eris E4.5), I am pretty much just pushing them too hard for how small they are - after 10 mins of high gain playing they start crackling horribly. I have resigned to the fact that this is because they are too small, and the pod go signal is just too much for the small speakers to handle. All I want is for speakers that I can play in stereo, play reasonably loud (but only loud household levels), and have them not crackle. I only have a small budget so I am hoping to keep it under $1000 AUD (~$800 USD).


    Any suggestions for any type of speakers that would work for me would be greatly appreciated. I've spent way too much time trying to find fixes for my speakers crackling and I'm rather sick of it haha.


    Thanks for your help!

  5. Hey Everyone, I have got my Pod Go hooked up to a pair of PreSonus Eris 4.5 studio monitors, and I have been using this setup for about a month. Recently it started to really bug me that when I play on some presets that I have made, after I have played for ~3-4 minutes, the speakers will start to crackle when I hold a note. I have recorded the sound and put it on soundcloud, if you would like to listen here is the link (You can faintly hear the crackle at the end of the recording, it sounds worse in person): https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/eGpZ7

    I have been trying hard to find a way to fix it, have changed all of my leads, moved to different power supplies etc. to test if it was a grounding issue. No matter what I try, the crackle always comes back. Is it because the signal out of the Pod Go is too hot for the speakers in some of my higher gain presets? Or am I overheating my speakers? Would putting a cheap audio interface between the Pod Go and the monitors would help? I'm really hoping someone has an answer for me, thanks in advance. 

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