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  1. I don't get it. Now it's working fine and I am able to see snapshots 1 through 4 within a preset on the Pod Go's screen where as yesterday I couldn't. Yesterday I tried pressing the Mode switch to see preset footswitch mode. Then I tried pressing both the up and down switches together to see the 4 snapshots within a preset. No dice yesterday, now it works fine. 


    Still wish I knew what happened so I would know how to correct it if it happens again.

  2. I don't know what happened. Got practice at church tonight and I spent the day setting my sounds up in Snapshot mode as I've been doing for months now. Had no problem today.


    Per the Pod Go's screen display I am in Snapshot mode. For an example, let's take one song I have in preset 22D. I set up a clean sound in Snapshot 1, there's a semi crunch sound in Snapshot 2 and a heavier crunch sound in Snapshot 3. Set it up with no problem. But when I go to the Mode switch so I can view Snapshots 1 through 4, what's displayed as if I were in Stomp mode. I can change from one Snapshot to the next on the Pod Go Edit on my laptop but not on the Pod Go itself.


    I turned the Pod Go off and closed the Edit program thinking it might be a glitch. Turned it back on and nothing has changed. Everything was fine earlier because I ran through all the songs with all of their Snapshots with no problem. Grabbed a bite to eat, came back to it with the problem.


    Any help would be much appreciated.

  3. I've had my Pod Go for a little over a year now and I am really enjoying it. I've been lucky in that I haven't had any problems with the initial downloads and with the last firmware update. My only "gig" is playing at church and I use it whenever I play guitar or bass. In terms of portability it's been a life saver especially on my back and knees. It's amazing to think that all of my amps, cabinets and effects can fit in a suitcase!


    It took a while to dial the sounds in. Meaning, I got some great tones at home through the Sony Studio Monitor headphones ((MDR 7506) but due to the acoustics of the church it was very different and I really had to work with the soundman to make these sounds presentable. Regardless of the tones being clean or overdriven, at church they came out lacking a lot of bass and had too much treble. So basically I had to go to the global EQ to add a lot of bass and had to decrease the treble. So when I'm now setting the tones up at home they don't sound very lively but at church it comes through pretty good. I played guitar there this past Sunday and one of the other musicians out in the congregation told me "your tones were killing it!" So I guess the end justifies the means. But of what I gather they are soon to be putting some sort of sound absorption material up on the walls so maybe that will help with some things.


    After 10 month with the Pod Go I thought I'd try some amp/IR packs from Worship Tutorials. It was very interesting seeing how they set things up, I learned a lot and I really like the IR's as they made a difference. I know some people here frown on this sort of thing and that's fine. Of course, I had to dial them in to my preference but I really like the results. My favorites so far are the Vox AC30 Fawn model (I used that one at church), the '63 Fender Bassman and the Fender Princeton. I bought a lot of other packs (Marshall, Matchless and others) and I'm slowly getting to those as well. Fun stuff!


    I can't compare the Pod Go with other units out there and can't say it's the best thing because this is the only unit of this nature that I've tried. But for my needs and wants I'm pretty darned happy with what I'm getting from it.

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  4. Thanks to my son, I was just now able to download the IR! Good grief! Well, I told you all I'm not a computer person! He pointed out how the patches and the IR were in a compressed zip folder, so he "unzipped" it and it was able to load just fine.


    I am SUCH a dunce with this stuff! Thank you all for you help.

  5. Well, I tried and tried and no luck with loading the IR. What you (Voxman) suggested is exactly what is shown in a YouTube video on how to load an IR. I mean, its not rocket science. Click on Impulses on the Pod, call up the IR from where its saved on my PC, click on and drag the IR into an available slot in the Impulse section and its done. Not so. As said before, the amp patches loaded just fine. Yes, the IR is a WAV file.


    But here's what's really odd. Assuming the IR loads you said: " go to the cab model in the preset, click on the 3 dots inside the white circle after the name of whatever cab it loads, and you'll see a normal red cab icon on the left, and a purple cab icon with a squiggly line on it on the right. Click the purple cab icon and on the left will be a list of the IR's you've loaded.  Double click on the IR and it will load into the preset. Save the preset and you should be good to go."


    All 128 Impulse places show empty. But when I did what you said (clicking on the purple cab with the squiggly line on ANY preset in User it now shows it has an IR. It shows IR 1024 whatever that is. But when I click on that it shows it as being empty and again, all 128 Impulse places show empty. So I don't know what the hell is going on here. 



  6. The preset and the IR were both purchased together as part of a package from Worship Tutorials. The IR is in its own folder. Double click on that folder and its in there as a WAV file. "60s AC Silver." I can access it just fine. Just can't figure out how to load the IR into the Pod.

  7. I just went back to YouTube and watched a video on how to load IR's. Fellows name is Jason Constatine. As per his video, he opened up the IR section. He then opened the file with the IR, clicked and dragged the IR into an available empty bank. The thing I noticed was as he had the IR over the empty banks they were highlighted and he put the IR into the highlighted bank of his choice. I tried that and nothing is highlighted. Then I get a message that says:


    Pod Go was unable to import preset in this set due to the following errors. -400- file or direction path not found.


    Pardon my ignorance, but I'm am NOT a computer person and I don't know quite what this means. I take it there's something else I need to do but can't figure out what.

  8. Greetings! Hope all are doing well. I ordered a Vox AC 30 preset from Worship Tutorials on Friday. Never tried an preset like this before so I thought I'd give it a go and it's pretty cool. I was able to load the preset just fine but I cannot get the IR to load. They said the IR is the real star of this preset so I'm anxious to hear it. I have contacted their support site for help but haven't heard back from them yet.


    In the meantime, maybe someone can walk me though how to load the IR. Again, first time in attempting this.


    Also, I've been so happy with my Pod Go that I haven't bothered to do any upgrades to the latest Firmware. The current Firmware is what came on the unit which is 1.120. I watched a video on YouTube on how to do this and it looks pretty easy but it seems like some folks here are having problems when loading the latest versions. Is the latest version 1.130? I think that's what it is.


    Thanks in advance for your time. Have a good day.

  9. Thanks Voxman. If some folks are having difficulties with upgrading 1.21 I'm going to hold off for a while. Maybe there's some glitches that have to be ironed out and if so I'll wait. As said, it's working great so why tamper with success?


    But I am considering trying some IR's. Some folks say IR's make a huge difference, others have say it's minimal. Won't know till I try.

  10. Thanks for the tips. Right now the Firmware is 1.120 (as it came from the factory) and the Edit is v1.11. All in all it's been working pretty darned good for me other than the few periodic glitches I mentioned.

  11. Greetings. Hope all are well today. Got my Pod Go in January and for my needs (playing at church) I'm making good progress.


    Got a bit of a snag going today. For one of my patches I'm using the WhoWatt 100 model. I have three slight variations in a bank (A, B & C) of this model and am having trouble in C. The Drive is currently set to 1.5 and I needed to bump it up a bit. No matter what I try it keeps jumping from 1.5 to 5.9. When I try to take it back down it will only go down to 4.5. (I was able to use the back arrow to get back to 1.5 with no problem). Tried this repeatedly with no luck and then it started working correctly and I was able to increase the Drive to where I wanted, which is about 2.7.


    I get this periodic snags from time to time but not very often. One example is when I'm trying to select a different reverb. I'll omit the current reverb, go to the different reverbs where they are all displayed.  I can click on the icon for a particular reverb and it won't select. Then an hour later, no problem. This is all using to Editor program on my laptop.


    Again, very seldom this kind of things happens but when it does it's like....."what?"


    Anyone else get these kind of glitches from time to time?

  12. Thanks gang. I really appreciate all the info. Right now it's working fine so at the moment that's all that matters. I don't have much time today to dig into what you're showing me here, but next week I'm going to further investigate all you've shown me. The more I'll know the better!


    Thanks again and have a good day!

  13. The Big Sky is stereo, but I've never had a problem with it before and yes, the FX loop on the Pod is set to Mono.


    I think I may have this sorted out. In order to get this to work, it seems like I do have to engage the Mono FX Loop activated/illuminated. I also had to boost the Main Out in my signal chain to some degree as well as do some minor tweaks on the Blue Sky.


    So it does work but not as I was expecting it to per the video I watched when they said "it will work just as if you hooked up an external effect to an amps FX send and return". Apparently you have to have the Pod's Mono FX Loop switched engaged when using an external effect in the FX loop.

  14. I watched a video on You Tube to be sure I had the Strymon hooked up correctly, of which it is.


    I have a cord going from the Pod's FX loop SEND going to the RIGHT IN on the SBS.

    I have another cord going from the Pod's FX loop RETURN going to the RIGHT OUT on the SBS.

    (There is also a Left IN and a Left OUT on the SBS. I tried that as well but get the same thing.)


    According to the video, this should work the same as if you were plugging a pedal into an amps FX loop. He also said that no special footswitch assignments on the Pod Go were needed. Fact is, I just tried the SBS through an amp and no problem.


    There are some sounds from the SBS that have the "auto swell" effect, but no matter which sound I choose they all have have that effect through the Pod. 


    So what happening right now is: with none of the SBS's foot switches activated, I have my dry signal from the Pod.

    When I click any foot switch on the SBS I still have my dry signal from the Pod.

    When I click on any foot switch on the SBS AND click on the Pod's MONO FX LOOP foot switch, that's when the sound from the SBS and the Pod just fades in and the volume is also quieter compared to just the dry signal.


    If this is supposed to work as it did through my amp, I don't know what's wrong.

  15. Greetings! Loving my Pod Go so far. Tonight, I tried hooking my Strymon Big Sky unit into the FX Send & return of the Pod Go. Wasn't working at first so I tried this, that and the other thing. Well, it works but when I click on the Big Sky and strike a note or chord, there's a slight pause and the overall sound (including the Big Sky) fades in. When I click the Big Sky off there's no problem. The sound is there. I've got it hooked up correctly into the Pod, just can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


    My aim is to do some volume swells using the foot pedal while the Big Sky carries on. You know, those "churchy sounding swells."


    Thanks in advance.

  16. Sorry to hear some of you are having disappointing results. I received my Pod Go on 1/2/21 and this is a brand new experience for me. One advantage I have is that I'm retired (I'm 67) so I'm able to devote a good amount of time daily into figuring this out.


    As others have said, it's not a plug in and play unit and I wasn't expecting it to be either. I'm running mine directly into an Alesis RA/100 Reference Amplifier and 2 Alesis Point Seven Monitors. I've had this setup for years but hey, it works and works fine!


    As said, been at it daily, getting things to my liking, checking it the next day, tweak here, change this, try that......it's been a fair amount of work. But I'm liking the results. So far I have 2 clean sounds I like using the US Double Vib and the Cali IV models. Semi dirty sound using an Essex 30 and a Matchless Jump. Also got a Brit Plexi Brt model and a Brit Plexi Jump model that I'm really liking. 


    Again, this is brand new stuff for me so I can't compare it to this, that or the other thing. I admit it's been a lot of back and forth but for me its been worth the effort. But the real test will be when I use it at church for the first time and I'm already sure I'm going to have to fine tune things to some degree. But that's okay because this will lighten my load considerably. Got very tired of lugging my amp, 2x12 cab and pedal board around. 


    I wish you all well with whatever you decide upon.

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  17. I'm very new to the Pod Go. I really like factory preset 27D "Breaker Of Hearts." Sure, I tweaked it a little but for me it was "this is how I want a Marshall to sound!"  There's that underlying crunch and that crisp (not fizzy) top end. I copied it over into the user presets, tweaked it a little and I love it! Just before I got my Pod I learned "My Way, Soon" by Great Van Fleet and that sound works very well for that song in my humble opinion.


    I've found out there's a lot to learn even if you don't like some of the factory presets. I was going through some last night and it was like "why are they using two compressors on this one?" Turning them on and if and it was "okay, now I see what this does!" (Been taking notes lately!!)

  18. We're in the same ballpark age-wise! Sounds like I'm in good company! Thanks for the EQ tips. Yeah, I've mentioned before that the big test will be the first time I use it at church. I know I can tweak and try to perfect at home to my hearts content, but church will be the real test. I'm going to talk to our soundman this Sunday. Can't be certain but I think he periodically goes in throughout the week to take care of things. If so I'm going to ask him if we can meet one night to plug the Pod Go in the PA for a quick test with what patches have so far. Right now I have 3 that I'm fairly happy with. A Fender clean, a Vox semi dirty and a Marshall semi dirty. (Still working on a Matchless semi-dirty. That's a tough one). I've added a boost to all 4 of these also. I figure these are good starts to build snapshots with. We'll see how the test goes if I can meet up with him.

  19. Thanks for your understanding and for the additional info. I welcome all and any information that will help me. I've said it before, I'm 67 years old, retired and am eager to learn something new like this. Now that I can hear what I'm doing through my laptop I am loving the Pod Go edit. So much better getting a visual representation of the choices instead of guessing what they are.


    Lots to learn and lots of homework to do. Pretty much just sticking to the basics right now, using my ears the best I can in creating patches. But in listening to my efforts I can hear things that aren't quite right. This is where I need a much better understanding with things like compression and the parametric EQ. Particularly the Global EQ Window as shown on page 31 of the Edit Manual. (I think that's the page!). That looks like a very handy tool to understand.


    Thanks again for your help.

  20. Man, do I feel like a dunce! Thanks Silverhead. Works fine. Glad I had the necessary adapter on hand to do this.


    Thanks again and stay tuned as I'm sure more dumb questions will follow!

  21. Downloaded Pod Go Edit the other day onto my laptop. (Thanks again Voxman!). Loaded without a hitch. Haven't had a chance until tonight to try it out. Connected the Pod Go via the USB cable into my laptop, plugged in my guitar and turned the unit on. Once it fired up I clicked on the the edit program icon (edit program came up fine) and I get no sound. Didn't see anything offhand in the user or edit manuals regarding this. Help!

  22. Thank you, Voxman! Because of your help I was able to download Pod Go Edit Version 1.11 into my computer. Went through all the steps and there's an icon for it on my desktop. As you also suggested, I went into Manuals and now have the Pod Go Edit manual on my desktop. I have a few other things I must get going on right now. Hopefully after reading the manual I can try the Pod Go into my laptop later tonight. If not tonight then tomorrow.


    I truly appreciate your help!!!

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