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  1. Thanks rd2rk

    Much appreciated. I did a factory reset, installed 3.01 again then upgraded to 3.1 and noticed same issue until I pushed harder on the preset button. It turns out that it was probably ok the whole time but it needed a firm push to activate. Maybe just adjustment but its going fine. Thanks for your quick response:-D

  2. Hi 

    I just did an update from 3.01 to 3.1 Everything works fine except for the Preset bank selector on the pedal. I cannot not select preset banks (push down on preset knob and rotate to select bank) I can selct it using HX edit but no response from knob on pedal. Have I left out something?? Installed as per Line6 instructions. Can I do a roll back and try reinstalling 3.1 or is this a potential bug?

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