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  1. On 11/26/2020 at 7:59 PM, jnix01 said:

    SO... just got a new HX Effects unit. Following the instructions in the manual, I downloaded the HX Edit software and tried to update the firmware with the Updater software.

    The update failed, and now the unit wont boot back up. I have searched this forum and found many examples of the same situation and followed all of the recommendations. I have unloaded and re-loaded the software, and tried every USB port on my computer, but the software always fails.

    I get a boot error when I turn the unit on... so I hold the right arrow while turning it on, and the unit comes on with nothing in the display at all. I run the installer, and have to select "unidentified HX effects unit"... it isn't recognizing the firmware on the unit. The installer starts, and the unit displays "updating". (so it must at least be actually connecting to the unit... right?) It runs for about 30 seconds or so, and then I get the error message that tells me to re-try the installation, try different USB ports, etc.

    So here I am, on Thanksgiving day, knowing that Line 6 support won't be back until Monday, and I have a $600 boat anchor. I intended on spending the holiday setting up pre-sets, and now the damn thing won't even boot up.. I could not be less pleased. This should not be that complicated, and Line 6 should not sell equipment that malfunctions so easily. For it to work fine out of the box, and then fail completely when I follow the instructions for updating the firmware is unacceptable.


    I can't even do a factory reset... pressing FS6 and TAP at the same time does nothing... (of course, the footswitches aren't actually numbered, and I don't see anywhere in the manual where it actually identifies exactly WHICH switch is #6... but I've tried them all anyway, so...).


    SOOO... does anyone have any ideas on what to do now?

    Hey I think I have exactly the same problem as you. I also did everything the instruction says. The only difference is that mine is HX stomp. Having played with the HX stomp for two days and expecting to get the newest functions but now it just turns into a brick. It's really frustrating! I start to consider returning it...

    7 hours ago, jnix01 said:

    OK... as a follow up. I finally got it to work. Why did it require finding a YouTube video to solve the problem? 

    Anyway, after uninstalling and re-installing the software 3 times, and trying just about every possible way of hooking things up, I saw on a YT video where a guy said you need to disconnect the unit from the USB port on your computer, THEN turn the unit off and back on, and THEN connect to the USB port on the computer. Tried it in exactly that sequence and what da ya know... it worked. Is it really that complicated? SMDH!

    Could you plz share the YT video? I did the same but the update still failed. Maybe I missed something.

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