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  1. On 5/10/2020 at 9:19 PM, voxman55 said:


    However, having to press 2 foot-switches simultaneously live at a gig is a real issue for me & a lot of gigging players (based on  a lot of discussion over the years on various guitar forums on that theme) and I hope Line 6 can come up with a fix to address this.  Even Leo Gibson, in one of his vids comparing certain other pedals, expressed his preference for the pedal that had single foot switch capability because he would have similar concerns in a live gigging situation. If Line 6 can solve this, then I think Pod Go' will be the way to go for me and I suspect it would become even more attractive to quite a few others.  



    I got mine always in Snapshot mode. If you press UP or Down footswitch you can see the programs, and if you hit MODE you enter to Stomp mode. 

    Its a no brainer.


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  2. I get my POD GO last week and update  inmediately to 1.12 . It wasnt easy.. i ended up doing the ''manual'' option because always show me the ''error'' screen. After the update i played with it several times and seemed to be fine, but yesterday, when I power on, the sound was always the same. No matter which footswitch, button, i press... i had to restar.


    Anyone having this problem on 1.12??


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