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  1. Thanks everyone who helped here and for your kind words
  2. Thanks mate, I know what you mean, the more I read up the more I find more things I never even thought of before.
  3. Thanks very much guys, after reading all of your explanations I guess I can see how dumb my question was now :-) Thanks again guys
  4. Hi Folks, Still working hard to fully learn and understand my new Helix LT. I have noticed that there is a great difference in volume levels between some of the presets, I have tried to Google this before posting and saw that I needed to make volume global rather than per preset. I did this but still have volume differences between presets. I use xlr out to my yamaha hs7 monitors, set to line. Could anyone please let me know what else I should be looking at please in order to make volume levels consistent between presets. I notice channel volume levels vary between presets, and I have added volume blocks in my chain. Many thanks guys
  5. Thanks guys, youve all been mega helpful. I tried it as you suggested and it works a treat. But sadly I did a firmware update with the Ditto firmware updater and it completely "Bricked" my Ditto X2. So its on its way back to Amazon. I have now got the smaller Ditto stereo Looper on its way to me, so inputs outputs still the same, but I won't be upgrading any Firmware on the Ditto anytime soon :-) Thanks again, you're all top guys!
  6. A Thousand thanks kduck, great help from both you guys really much appreciated, I will follow your advice
  7. Hi Many thanks for your reply and the effort in detailing your help so well. Yes you're correct, it is Stereo I am most interested in and in particular which port on the ditto goes to which corresponding port of the send/ returns on the Helix LT. Pardon my ignorance here, but TC electronics who make the Ditto suggest a TS cable will suffice for Stereo from the Ditto not sure if it has some kind of processing? So basically I am most interested in which Port on the Ditto to which send/return on the Helix we have 4 on the Ditto and 4 on the Helix. Many thanks, Steve
  8. Hi folks, New Helix LT user here, I would be grateful for a bit of help please. I didnt really get along too well with the inbuilt Helix looper, but that doesn't bother me as I love my Helix LT I also wanted to load backing tracks too, so went ahead and bought a TC Ditto x2 stereo looper. Question I have, is to make the most of the Ditto looper stereo functionality how would I introduce this looper into the fx loop, send returns. As you are aware the Helix LT has 2 sends, and 2 returns The Ditto looper has 2 inputs, 1 is mono 2nd one is stereo The Ditto also has 2 outputs , 1 is mono 2nd one is stereo. So not sure how to connect this Ditto to the Helix LT. A photo attached of back of Ditto looper. I would be really grateful for any advice please, Many thanks Steve
  9. Thanks from me buddy, I came across this thread via a Google search and unlike the OP I AM grateful for all your replies, this went most of the way to answer some of my questions. So thanks from me :-)
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