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  1. Well, me and my pod go, we never got along so we parted ways… cant understand why some say this sounds better than individual pedals. I have some ok guitars, an ok amp and thus bought some pedals (mostly boss) and waw… thát is what i call sound. Open for debate though.

  2. still on my good tone quest. 

    Can someone explain if (and in what way) the in/out settings “main out” and “guitar in pad” affect the tone? 

    the past hour i ve been playing with the different global settings “guitar in pad” and “main out level”. The different settings change the tone: to me setting “main out” to line gives a clear sound but harsh when used with distortion. 

    Im using an acoustic amp, main out of the pod go into the return of my marshall. This sounds better imho than using the amp out…

    is there a difference (soundwise) in just bypassing the cab block and selecting pre cab IR in the settings? 

    I just want to understand what the settings above are real meant for. For eg a bike is meant to be used on 2 wheels although you can do cool tricks on 1 wheel. I first want to understand the basic settings so i can fiddle with those. 





    After 4 months with the pod go i still get a crappy tone when compared to my vox pathfinder.


    What i dont understand is how i can use the amps from the pod go: 4cm? Fx loop?

    this video shows the three ways of using a pod go but unfortunately he doesnt show how you connect the cables. 

    Now im using a marshall 50as amp with fx return. I thought an acoustic amp wouldnt color the tone as much.

    so, how do i connect the cables and what settings do i have to have in the system menu to use the pod go, its amps and effect? 

    and what is the difference between using the fx loop and 4cm? 


  4. 7 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    What version of Pod Go Edit did you originally have installed on your Mac?  


    Did you get the link from the official page here - if so, are you upgrading from v1.11?  If you had an earlier version of Pod Go Edit installed (or no Pod Go Edit installed) then you need to install v1.11 first, and THEN upgrade to v1.21 - you can't upgrade straight from eg v1.01 Pod Go Edit (or no installation) to v1.21.  I'm guessing the downloader has possibly detected you weren't on v1.11 and is taking you through that upgrade first.  Thereafter, you need to repeat the process and v1.21 should then be installed: 



    that’s it! Superb! Thanks a lot!! When the update failed the first time, i deleted the pod go edit and from then on it wouldnt update to 1.21 until i reinstalled the 1.1... 

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  5. On 2/28/2021 at 9:07 PM, voxman55 said:

    Exactly, amp out is for connecting Pod Go to the front of an amp.


    Noise gates cut your volume as the output drops below the gates sensitivity threshold. So for maximum touch sensitivity and control when using your guitars volume controls, either turn the noise gate off completely, or if you are getting too much noise, set the noise gate threshold low.


    One of the problems of going through the front of an amp is that you'll likely get some noise, particularly on higher gain patches, as you're going through its preamp stage so use the noise gate only as much as might genuinely be needed. It's exactly the same if you were using stomp pedals in front of your amp.


    All effects in the Pod Go chain can add noise, especially distortions and compressors. So only use pedals if you really need them, not just because you have a spare slot. And don't overdo amp gain, distortion gain or compressor levels.


    All my amps have fx loops so if I put my MFX through an amp I go through the FX return and use the amp as a power amp only, although it depends on the type of fx loop. However, when playing live I don't use an amp and I just put the MFX straight through the main board PA. 


    For times when there's no PA, or when I need a monitor cab, I put the MFX through an FRFR ( Full Range Flat Response) powered speaker.  I recently got a Headrush FRFR108 which is superb. Can be whisper client for home use, or incredibly loud for rehearsals or club gigging (when we get back there post lockdown). Incredible clarity and bottom end from a compact unit that weighs just 19lbs. And in the UK its under £200. Your Pod Go will never sound so good. 

    So, when bypassing the amp and cab of the pod go, i get great sound, but then i m just using the pod go as a pedalboard.


    is there a way to connect to the front of the amp and using the preset amps and stuff? Everything i try with those sound horrible.


    so does this mean pod go doesnt fully work with amps that dont have a so called fx retry ?


    Is there a way besides an frfr? And can an frfr be used on normal house volumes? I read there pretty loud?

  6. Hmm that headrush looks tempting indeed...

    thanks for all the insights, your other posts have been really helpfull as well (like: pod go is not plug n play, now i get it).


    so going further on the matter: how would you create a perfect john frusciante sound on a pod go?


    I mean his clean sound of course

  7. My problem: 

    With guitar at volume 10, i cant get a clean sound on lets say a fender deluxe preset amp. With less than 10, theres no distortion.


    my set up:

    - strat/tele/eastman

    - vox pathfinder amp (15w, gain and volume controle)


    I use the main out, minimal gain on my amp but still almost every preset sounds distorted when my volume on the guitar is up at max. With pod go it sounds as if with every amp selected is at gain 10 (which isnt the case if you look at te setting).


    but when i select a distortion or fuzz, nothing comes out unless i put my guitar at maximum volume. So to obtain a clean sound i lower the volume of my guitar but when i select a distortion, there s no distortion unless i go to volume 10.


    should i just lower the drive on every amp?


    my issue is there s too many gains or volume settings involved when using a pod go: volume on guitar, on the selected amps, on the pod go itself, on the output amp.


    what settings should i select to be able to get a clean or distorted sound without lowering the volume on my guitar? 
    and how do you mange al volume settings? Are there volume guidelines so to speak?



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