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  1. I used to buy this amplifier, the transformer was repaired. Eleva has a base, but if a loud guitar game is concealed. This would be good to reduce if possible. But my bigger problem is that if I set up with DT Edit program, any amplifier model will be very loud for the hissing. POD HD500x is from L6 links via high hiss, but if I'm going to jack the amplifier, you do not. Cabinet simulations in the head can be used, they do not hiss. Now only Cabinet simulations are switched on and I use the 4 basic topology. Unfortunately, the benefits of L6 Link can not take advantage of ... something confused in the electronics? I tried reset. I reloaded the firmware. Did not help. I really like the sound and knowledge of the amplifier! I would like to continue to use (with L6 link)!

  2. Anyone who is clever, attentive (like me), finds the bias setting (on white plastic 3 spikes next to each other on the motherboard - Bias 1, com, bias 2). Not far from a bluish rotating potentiometer. You can set it up with simple multimeter and phase-pencil . But it is necessary to take care of the risk of electric shock !!!


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