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  1. 18 hours ago, conradmarshall said:

    Fairly new to this: i plug in my guitar, i caonnect my amp. Why cant i hear certain effects? (Yes they re in the chain and switched on). What to do?


    If you are connecting your amp via the Amp Out jack, then the signal it's spilled before your cab block. So if you put some effects after the cab, you won't hear them.

  2. 27 minutes ago, Vics53 said:

    Thanks Cristt. I'm going to do more research with the Pod Go. Right now at church all I need for tones is pretty much what most need. A clean sound, a semi-dirty sound, a distorted tone and the ability to boost all if needed. Got a Strymon Blue Sky and a Flashbackx4 delay also. As said before, my main gripe is doing the pedal dance and many times I've hit the wrong thing due to trying to change so much at once, including moving the guitars toggle switch. That's where the snap shot feature sounds nice. 


    So if I got one I would hope I could get the desired tones and effects "fairly quick." Yes, there would be a learning curve and that's understood.

    Once the main tones/effects are established for my immediate needs  it would then be nice to say "okay, let's see what else this thing can do." So it would be first things first. Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated.



    For your basic needs you wouldn't even need to use snapshots. You may just go with presets, so you'd have 4 presets buttons right at your feet with the ability to do clean, semi-dirt, distorted, and another "bonus" one. And for your boost needs you might use the volume pedal: if you don't do volume swells and stuff like that, just move it at the end of the signal chain (to have a proper volume boost, not gain/distortion boost) and set it to be like 80% volume at heel position, and 100% volume for toe. So if you leave the pedal at heel position by default, there you have your boost solution.



    please bear in mind that grdGo33 has always been very critical, since day one, to line6 pod go, especially about the interface. And pretty much he's the only one complaining.

    The pod go is really easy to use, say 8.5/10, if not more. You can watch one of the Line 6 youtube tutorial videos or other tons from common users. It's not tedious. And you don't need to have pod go edit at all (apart from the things I've already written). And as for the cab swap example he's mentioning, that is totally only need to select the cab block and scroll the cabs, and you instantly hear how the cab sounds, while you are browsing them. You DO NOT NEED to select mic and distance UNLESS YOU WANT TO DO THAT, all the mic and distances are already set for you to a typical suitable value. And that is true for all the other blocks.

    So 3 and 4 of his points are completely...pointless.

    Number 1 point either, you don't have to be a tech. 95% of the problems are because people don't do the installation properly. That is essentially, installing the software without pod go being connected, and connect the pod go right after, to a usb port (not usb hub).

    Number 2: is pretty much solved with firmware upgrade, but is true someone is experiencing some blocks anyway here.


    So If you have a kemper at hand it is a very good maching and very good sounding unit, but a totally different beast, and really not as easy as the pod go.

    So, good luck...

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  4. 40 minutes ago, moecal2 said:

    This is the main thing I request as well.  Having many buttons that are "Multiple (x)" in the same color means you're having to stick to a rigid method or you forget what they did.


    did you know that at least you can change the color of the multiple buttons? whatever last fx parameter you will save for that switch, that it will take the color (like green for delays, blu for modulations and so on). 

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  5. dropping to i3 is really not recommended! I would insted going up to i7! 8gb is minimum (I would go for more), the SSD is fine. plugins or VST instruments are pretty heavy, especially if you want to play with them in real time.

  6. yeah silverhead is right. if you think, your main out is connected to the fx return anyway, so even if you bypass the fx loop your signal will always pass through there. bypassing a block doesn't mean that the signal stops there, it just means is bypassed that signal elaboration point. 

  7. welcome aboard vics. well first good news is that you don't necessarily need  pod go edit to make your sounds on the pod go, the 95% of the stuff you can already do by tweaking the machine itself. you do will need to the software to upgrade the firmware, loading IRs (if you ever need them) and backup/restore your presets. it's pretty much it. Anyway the software is windows 7/8/10 compatible so you shouldn't have any problems, even if you are planning to use the pod go via usb as a USB audio device. 

  8. 1 hour ago, voxman55 said:

    Pod Go has all the current Helix amp & cab models. There are currently only 3 Helix FX not in Pod Go:  Clawthorn drive, Distortion > Tone Sovereign, Delay > Cosmos Echo


    you sure? I knew at least one or two amps are not there. if I go wrong, good to know. 

  9. the amp knob changes the volumes of your main outs but not for the amp out.

    for a live situation set your comfortable volumes on the frfr and try to set and forget the pod go volume knob. the sound guy will take care of your volume for the foh/mixer speakers during the performance.

  10. All of the above is correct, but apart from line6 reading this forum or not, the request for deleting won't be take in consideration anyway I guess. First, there's no point in "deleting" blocks, like you cannot delete presets, it's not inherent from a computational point of view.

    And if you mean "deleting" in order to free up space for adding blocks or blocks types, well, this is a Pod, and it's quite cheap, for a reason. If they'd allowed more freedom (i.e. a second DSP) the cost would had levitate and it would have been an helix series efx, not a pod. The design of this machine is meant to be simple.

    If you feel like being limited by the pod go, maybe it's not the gear for you, and you should aim from a helix stomp or another hx series unit.

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  11. Well the global eq default is just disabled (that is, all flat)! Global eq is applied to the final stage of the signal so it affects all the patches, but you don't need to pass al the patches and save them or whatever!! Just set the global eq to a flat line (and it does auto save whatever modification you do).

  12. none of that I am aware of being available. of course if you get some sort of slash custom tone, that would fit for sweet child.

    my suggestion would be to start from a custom tone (or build your own) and then shape it for the song, if needed. if you expect to bee spoon-fed, you're missing out a lot.

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