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  1. 11 hours ago, Schmalle said:

    Here are the settings of a patch and clip on SoundCloud I did some time ago for another request by ear.

    Dual Pitch Stereo
    Interval 1: +0
    Cents 1: +10.4
    Delay 1: 13 ms
    V1 Level: 10.0
    Interval 2: +0
    Cents 2: -11.2
    Delay 2: 13 ms
    V2 Level: 10.0
    Mix: 38 %
    Level: +3.0 dB
    V1 Pan: Left 75
    V2 Pan: Right 75
    Dry Pan: Center

    There obviously will be a difference when used mono.


    Awesome, thank you.  I will try these settings in stereo.  I am currently using Mono.  Do you recall where you had this in your chain?  In front or in the FX loop/behind the amp block.    

  2. Trying to master the EVH detune sound with my LT.  I'm using the Helix as a pedalboard into my Splawn amp and real cabs doing 4CM, in place of my analogue pedalboard.  Before I get blasted for that, I paid $700 NEW for the unit, and I love my amps so it fits my needs perfectly when I gig.  I wanted to find a more flexible solution in an smaller pedalboard format and the price was great as are the features.   


    Upper path is into the front of my Splawn and my lower path is the my FX loop.  Right now I am using the Dual Pitch at -7/+7 on the Cents, VLevel is 9, Delay is 0, Mix is 50%, and it's right after the Wah in front of my amp.  I dig it, but it's a little more chorusy than Detune.  I read that I needed to add some delay to get it to be less chorusy.  


    I may have to try it going into my Loop.  


    We love to see how others are doing it.  I did find two youtube examples, one that I'm using, but I cannot find much info or suggestions in the forums!


    Anyone else mastered the EVH detune in the Helix?  



  3. I have a question.  When I do 4CM for my PG, it works, but I noticed something in Global Settings.  When I first configured it, the Main Out Level setting was set to Line.  This made the PG much louder and I could only run the volume around 2:00 for unity.  


    I switched it to Instrument and the PG volume is full maxed at 4:00 and it's a unity.


    Which is correct?  Should the PG Volume be maxed on Instrument or at 2:00 on Line level for Main Out?  ...Did I not hook it up correctly or something?  



  4. 20 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    I think it can be 'corrected' by placing a buffered pedal (eg a Boss pedal) in front of Pod Go, which you can leave switched 'off'.  I use a G10 Relay with my Pod Go which I believe does the same thing. 


    Yup.  Stuck my Perterson Strobostomp and it brought the clarity back 100%.  Thanks for the suggestion  

  5. Running my Pod Go in 4CM as my pedalboard: exactly as intended.  Cabs and Sims are off.  I love it.  Running wah, OD, phaser, flanger in front, then delay, reverb, eq in the loop.  Its awesome.  


    The only issue I'm realizing right now the high-end 'clank' and clarity I have when I'm plugged in straight into the amp OR when I'm using my analog Friedman pedalboard with the Buffer Bay, is gone.  That high end clarity is decreased by about 30% or so.  Same as using long cables, which mine are somewhat longish, and I'm using 3 into the amp, but they are higher end.  


    I looked at Global EQ settings, but wasn't sure which way to go there and I think I also read somewhere that I may need a buffer.  What say you folks?  How can I get my clank/clarity back?



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  6. Let me start by saying I bought the Pod Go to be used FIRST as an 'at-home' mini pedalboard to mimic my larger, more cumbersome gigging pedalboard.  I was looking at something simple like the Mooer Red Truck, but I wanted more options and an expression pedal attached.  Second, I bought the PG as I MAY try to use is as my live rig, including amps/cabs to FOH and/or Power amp/Real Cab.  Also, I'm a hardcore tube amp, analog/digital pedal guy, so this is my first experience playing with an owning a modeler, which I never liked the sound of before through powered speakers.  I wanted to ease into it and the PG seemed like a great first step and value.  


    I'm running it 4CM into my Splawn head.  


    So far, I love it.  It sounds great and I have all the FX on my gigging board plus tons of FX I've always wanted to try or cannot fit on my gigging board.  


    One day, I will try it with my Mackie Thump, but for now, I'm having a lot of fun with it 4CM through my Splawn.  


    Gripes So Far

    • It does add a little bit more noise than my gigging board, which is mostly analog and some digital FX, but not too much. I need to figure out how to add a Noise Gate maybe at the end of my pre-amp chain.  But I really need more blocks for that.  
    • If I were to have a wish list, it would be for just 2 more blocks and 2 more footswitch buttons and a larger screen to show for the additional blocs.  SO MAYBE if I love this thing, I will graduate to the Helix LT.  


    I almost went the Headrush route, but Gigboard didn't have the expression pedal and enough footswtiches for me.  The LT was too much for my needs at this time; I can upgrade later.  the Mooer stuff looked a little cheap and figured I'd want to upgrade to something like the PG later, so...


    That is all.  Thanks! 

  7. On 4/24/2021 at 7:43 AM, silverhead said:

    Thanks for letting us know more about your context and intentions. That helps us provide better commentary.


    2) You certainly can use the POD Go in this manner. We just wanted to make sure you understand that there is  actually a better product for this purpose - the HX FX. If this were your sole intention you would be wasting $$ buying POD Go features that you won’t use (amps, cabs).

    1) If you are using this setup as a trial to help you determine if and when you should use it as your live rig one day I think you may doing yourself a disservice. Your conclusions will be based on a setup that you won’t actually be using. If you do want to use the POD Go someday instead of real amps and pedals you won’t be running it through a real amp. You will want to set it up to be used with PA speakers or studio monitors, which will deliver a very different sound than your guitar amp. It would be a shame to find yourself disappointed with the sound quality of your current setup and decide that the POD Go is not for you. 


    Thanks for the follow-up!  Yes, I agree with you on 1) above regarding how I would use it live.  But I never intended to run it live the way I am talking about at home first.  My live setup would be Pod Go through a Power Amp (not a typical amp, and perhaps the KSR PA50) and Real Cab mic'd or Direct to the FOH.  My buddy had a Pod Go and we played around on it a month ago.  We played it through a Mackie Thump cab and it was a bit different from what I was used to, but I really enjoyed the simplicity of it and saw the possibilities.   


    Thanks again for all the help and thoughts around my application.  I'll come back here for sure when I get one as I'm a total newb in the modeler world.  Cheers!

  8. 1 hour ago, silverhead said:

    Yes, that’s correct to do what you want. All FX from the POD Go will be applied before the amp input. No splitting of FX pre/post amp.


    However, this is a good question.....




    2 hours ago, voxman55 said:

    I hope this isnt a silly question guys, but I'm genuinely puzzled.  If all you want is an FX unit, why didn't you buy a HelixFX or similar, rather than an amp modelling unit with FX such as Pod Go, when you clearly dont want the amp and cab modelling? Particularly as you'd have far more fx combination options with HelixFX, whereas you're restricted to a maximum of 4 blocks with Pod Go.


    If you wanted an expression pedal these are an inexpensive add on to HelixFX.  


    So, why buy a Pod Go?


    Yeah, thanks for info.  So why PodGo:  1) I may use it as my live rig one day instead of real amps and pedals; I would start small with the PodGo as I like a simple setup and have no desire to go crazy with dual rigs, etc.. 2) I want to trial it at home as my 'easy rig' to plug in front of my at home practice amps without dragging out my huge Friedman Pedalboard.  So in this sense, it acts as my 'pedalboard' with wah, chorus, delay, flanger, OD/TS, etc.  

  9. I'm curious to do this as well.  I want to use the PodGo as my 'pedalboard' in front of my home practice amp: Randall Diavlo 1watt.  I could also do that by doing the 4CMethod.  


    So basically, no amps, no cabs, no sims: I want to turn those off.  I want to use an OD, delay, chorus, flanger, wah, etc.  


    So, my understanding to do this is: 1) Turn off the amp  blocks (pre and post amp) 2) Turn off the Sim/Cab block; 3) plug guitar into PG Guitar In; 4) From PG plug Amp Out into Input (Front) of the amp.  ...Does this look correct?  Thanks!

  10. Following.  This is a great thread!  My friend and I are interested in how to optimize using the Helix/Pod Go through a 'real amp', whether tube or SS.  Right now, he's running the PG through the loop of his Mesa Mini Recto with full amps and cabs on and it's  not grabbing him yet.  

  11. 10 minutes ago, voxman55 said:

    What is the best way to do this?  Guitar > Pod Go > Amp out > Input of the Mesa?  - Experiment - through the front end the preamp stage will colour tone, so you have to keep the amp clean.  If you want to use the Mesa's gain stage, 4 cable method (see Pod Go manual & youtube vids). Also, try Pod Go into FX return and use the Mesa as a power-amp only.  


    Also, do you guys still use cabs/irs when going through a real amp?  Yes, although past tense as I no longer put my MFX through an amp. I use my MFX units straight through the FOH PA, no amp.  I also have a Headrush FRFR108 to use as a monitor or for small club gigs - unbelievable volume & tone quality from such a small unit. 


    Very helpful.  Thank you!

  12. We invested in a Pod Go.  We plan to use it a few different ways: 


    1. Mesa Mini Recto Head + 1x12

    2. Duncan Power Stage + 1x12

    3. FOH PA + FRFR

    4. FOH PA + Duncan Power Stage + Real cab


    We are first going to use the Pod Go through the Mesa Mini Recto.  We want to be able to use the amps and FX in the Pod Go, but be able to get an 'amp in room' feel by playing the PG amp models through a real amp.  


    What is the best way to do this?  Guitar > Pod Go > Amp out > Input of the Mesa?  


    Also, do you guys still use cabs/irs when going through a real amp?  


    Thanks for helping!

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