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  1. Most of the above suggestions worked for what they did, just not exactly what I wanted which was go from 10-button stomp mode to snapshot select with a single button press. The closest was HonestOpinion's solution but unfortunately although that switched to snapshot mode it didn't auto-return to stomp mode after selecting a snapshot even with "Snapshot Mode Switches" set to "Auto Return"


    I ended up using a modified version of the MIDI control that switches modes on the Helix Stomp to do this. For anyone who is interested these are the MIDI CC settings which work with my Helix Floor model :


    CC 71

    Data:  0=Stomp mode, 1=Preset mode, 2=Snapshot select mode, 3=Edit mode, 4-127 toggles Stomp/Preset


    So in my case sending CC71 with a value of 2 dropped the Helix into snapshot mode with all the snapshots flashing. Selecting a snapshot returned to Stomp mode


    DIsclaimer - The CC details are from my own experimentation and are undocumented. If you try this and your Helix blows up or starts pulling faces at you it's your own fault :)


    -- Mike

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  2. I want a 2.20 party too! Really excited for the midi clock feature I've been missing.


    A Friday software release would be really unusual. As a dev, I'd not be surprised to see this pushed until after early April spring break vacations... Hopefully, the longer it takes, the more bugs are getting worked out. :)


    I'm looking forward to the MIDI clock support too, I was really surprised it wasn't in there earlier.  And why not Friday releases?  Lunch at the pub, a couple of last minute tweaks followed by a quick build and release the software just before going home.  What could possibly go wrong?  :lol:



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  3. Yes your much better off with the 110 Ohm cable as it meets spec for AES/EBU. You don't want to be wondering where the heck a future pop or click came from!


    Good Luck,



    This is pretty much the same as DMX cables for lighting. The technical spec is for 110 ohm cables, but over short distances standard XLR mic cables work fine. The specs cater for all sorts of transmission line effects over long distances which don't have a significant effect over a short cable



  4. I've not tried it, but you should be able to add a MIDI track, route it to the Helix and use it to send the CC.  From memory here, so might be missing something, but this is roughly how to do it I think ...


    Create the MIDI track and add a MIDI event to it (Draw tool)

    Double click the event to open the MIDI editor

    Add a new controller lane -it'll default to velocity. Click where it says "velocity" and it'll give you a list of MIDI CC and other control types. 69 probably isn't listed but I there's an option to add it, I think it's in setup on the dropdown menu. Select CC69, add it to the list the go back and select it.

    Use Draw to add the CC events and you should be able to add/change the snapshots



  5. I know there's never any official "we're implementing this" comments from Line6, but does anyone have any hints ir inside information as to whether buying a MIDI clock pedal is likely to be a waste of money? I want to sync various effects (Beat Buddy, Infinity looper, H9 etc) using MIDI clock but obviously what I don't want to do is spend a bunch of cash then find out 2.0.x finally implements MIDI clock which would mean it wouldn't be needed.



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    I've noticed that changing snapshots only lets you change the Value parameter, and the CC# stays the same no matter what on the MIDI CC commands. Is this a bug or is the helix not capable of doing this?


    Also the timeline and the mobius both use tap tempo controls but because they are on different midi channels I can currently only assign one or the other to the tap tempo footswitch. Is there a way around this that anyone knows about?


    Most problems I've had with MIDI controllers not being able to do quite what I want has been solved with a MIDI Event Processor (  Might be worth checking this out if you're not familiar with it. You can probably use it to duplicate the Tap commands onto another MIDI channel.



  7. Unfortunately Helix only recognizes James Tyler on Standard Variax not Variax 300, 500 or 600. I can't understand why Line 6 released Helix without supporting older Variaxs or even intergration of Workbench. I hope they fix this.

    I can understand why they might not support the original Variax (I have a 700) as it's a pretty old model now, but I'm hoping that the workbench integration comes along at some point for when I get a new one. Just need to find a store near me (Leicester UK) that has the JTV models in stock. Plenty of places will order but I want to play them first.



  8. There, you can set the Variax model (e.g., acoustic-2, reso-4), the desired positions of the volume and tone knobs and whatever tuning you'd like to use.

    There's other stuff to play with there too.


    Save it and you can recall any and all Variax settings whenever you want.




    Sounds good


    Does the updating work the other way around?  If I change the model settings on the guitar (not the Helix) and save the patch does it save the changes or do you have to make the changes on the Helix? It'd be nice to be able to tweak the guitar to get the right sound rather than have to bend down to the floor unit.



  9. Is it possible for the Helix to remember the current settings on a JTV Variax and store them with the patch. For example, if I'm working on a new song and I find a tone I like can I save this as part of the patch (not on the guitar) and have the Helix recall it when the patch is selected. I'm thinking saving mainly the guitar model and volume/tone setting and possibly alternate tuning.



  10. I've currently got my looper in FX loop 3/4 along with a BeatBuddy, but I'm thinking it'd be just as easy to put them after the main 1/4" outs and save the FX loop in case I add other stuff. Also, it saves needing a send return block at the end of all the patches.  Is there any particular reason that might cause a problem?  I can't think of anything but a second opinion is always good.



  11. Is it possible to send the MIDI program changes from Helix BEFORE the instant actions kick in?  I'd like to use the program change to reset all my MIDI gear to a default (off) state, then have the instant actions set up the units I want to use for that patch. At the moment that's not possible as the Helix PC seems to be sent after all the instant actions have been sent.



  12. I'd love that, although I'd actually take it a step further. Why not allow any switch to display a "sub-page" of controllers, that way you could put controls for a looper on one page, a drum machine (BeatBuddy in my case) on a second page etc



  13. I have Glenn's complete patch set. For the price they're absolutely worth it for me, both as a set of out-of-the-box effects chains and also for "how to design patches" ideas. 



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